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"This is as formal as it gets"

Knowledge, it is a beautiful thing that this wiki tries to attain. Perhaps order fits in there too, though that would disregard the user pages. Look, mine is already a mess. Still, it is a valid question: Why decide to work on the UESPwiki? For me, the answer stands above.

About me[edit]

I have always had a passion for reading/writing more so than any of my other hobbies like Parkour, Muay Thai and Gaming. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I started editing here as well. Although seeing as how I am from Belgium writing in English is not exactly ideal. When it comes to books I mainly read fantasy including the work of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Markus Heitz, George R.R. Martin etc...

I have also been fairly active on the Bethesda Softworks forum (account), started some writing blogs (the most important being about Morrowind's Deadliest Warrior (MDW) which I still hope to continue one day) and helped building the Risen wikia.

Also, I am really not good at this kind of stuff so I'll let these do the talking.

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