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Artifact: Trueflame (nerevarblade_01 / nerevarblade_01_flame)
(lore page)
Type Long Blade One Hand
Damage Damage
Chop 15-60 / 20-75 Slash 40-50 / 45-60
Thrust 3-30 / 4-40 Ratio 81 / 75 (105)
Health Health 2000
Health Health 2000
Speed 1.35 / 1.0
Speed 1.35 / 1.0 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 20.0 Value Value 15,000 / 150,000
None /
Cast When Strikes
Fire Damage Fire Damage 30pts in 1ft on Touch
Charge/Cost = Uses 100/5=20

Trueflame is obtained through completing The Blade of Nerevar quest during the Tribunal Main Quest. It is one of the best one handed swords in the entire game (including all official expansions and plugins), and according to Almalexia is twinned with Hopesfire. This weapon is first identified as Odd Dwemer Weapon, which is missing a few parts. Once you get the parts and have them forged together, you will get the first version of this weapon, which has no enchantment, though it is significantly faster. It is ill-advised to enchant it yourself, as this will make it impossible to complete the Main Quest of Tribunal. Once you have completed the quest, you will have the full version of this sword, complete with enchantment.


  • The sword also functions as a torch when drawn. If you have hotkeyed another weapon and switch to that without sheathing Trueflame, the light it generates will remain.
  • Despite the unenchanted version of the weapon having a speed of 1.35, the enchanted version has a speed of 1.00, which is significantly slower than all other long blades. It is unknown whether this is intended, or if it is a bug.
  • Enchanting the base version of the sword actually nets a higher amount of fire damage if enchanted, on top of a higher swing speed. However, doing so will break the quest.