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Home Settlement Artaeum
Location Ceporah Tower
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order
Josajeh holding the Staff of Towers

Josajeh is a Redguard member of the Psijic Order and apprentice to Loremaster Celarus. She is initially found at the Athenaeum of the tower. Before you start the guild questline, she'll say if talked to: "Greetings and welcome, friend. I'm glad you've come! Seeing a new face is a refreshing change of pace."

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Psijics' Calling[edit]

"Yes? Can I... can I help you?"
Your master sent me. He told me to collect a map, some Psijic Seals, and the Augur of the Obscure.
"Right. You're the Order's new initiate. I didn't expect you so soon. Things here on Artaeum are normally, you know.. snail-ish. I transcibed our seers' visions onto the map there and collected these Psijic Selas. The Augur, however..."
Do you have it?
"I don't. Please don't tell the Loremaster! It tricked me into dismissing the binding charms that keep it here in the Athenaeum—then it popped like a bubble and vanished! It's escaped before, but never on my watch."
Do you have any ideas where the Augur went?
"Mercifully, yes. I just scryed its location. It looks like it reappeared somewhere on the shores of Wasten Coraldale. Didn't take long for some Sea Elves to scoop it up and squirrel it away. You'll have to steal it back. I am sorry, truly."
All right. I'll go to Wasten Coraldale and recover it.
"I'm indebted, You'll definitely need the Augur on your quest. Without it, you'll never find those time breaches."
What exactly is this Augur of the Obscure, anyway?
"The Loremaster didn't tell you? All right. How to explain it... The Augur is a skull. Sort of. It's really a crystalline entity that resembles a skull. Some think it's from the head of an ancient mage, but I don't believe that for a minute."
Why not?
"It's hard to say. Once you have a few conversations with it, you'll see what I mean."
Wait, the skull talks?
"Yes. Incessantly. I think that's why Loremaster Celarus made me its caretaker—no one else wants to listen to it. You should know that it lies constantly, unless you ask it a direct question. If you do that, it's compelled to always tell the truth."
Good to know. Now, you're sure it will show me these time breaches?
"It will! Stirring up the Augur's power will give you a second sight. The skull sees time differently. Well, it sees practically everything differently—but time most of all. I think it's fascinating! I just wish the little bugger wasn't so sneaky."
What can you tell me about these Psijic Seals?
"The seals are one of the Order's oldest tools. They act as a sort of anchor—shoring up any wayward spirits or forces in a given place. When Nirn was still young, the veil was much looser. More unpredictable, you know? So the Aldmer made these."
Is there a trick to using them?
"None at all. We've been refining them for thousands of years, remember? Just take one in your hand when you reach a tear and the seal will do the rest."
So you're Celarus's apprentice?
"I am. You look surprised."
I just haven't seen many non-Elves here.
"Right, of course. It's not racial bias. The Psijic Order doesn't have any axes to grind. It's just a matter of circumstance. Psijic study is an Aldmeri tradition for one thing. High Elves also live a long time and have more natural aptitude."
How did you wind up here on Artaeum?
"It's a long story. I was the heiress to a Crown magnifica. Our house was prosperous, well-respected... When Celarus offered to take me to Artaeum, I cast off my duties immediately and left the family's fortunes in the hands of my brother."
"He drove our family into shame and poverty—pretty much immediately. I try not to think about it. Let's change the subject, all right? You have lots to do and very little time to do it!"

Breaches on the Bay[edit]

Initial greeting when starting the quest:

"First rate work in Summerset. Really, first rate. Unfortunately, we have another problem.
Are you ready to set out again?"

Breaches of Frost and Fire[edit]

Initial greeting when starting the quest:

"Are you prepared for your next task? I'm afraid we need to quicken the pace.
Was that too pushy? Sorry, I'm just a bit anxious, you know?"

The Shattered Staff[edit]

Optional dialogue during quest:

Celarus told me that the Augur will light a path to the fragments. What does that mean?
"Ah, right. Finding these pieces of the staff will require a bit more legwork.
As I said, each of the fragments emits a unique temporal wave, but the point of origin remains hidden. We were only able to locate points where those waves crash."
So I'm looking for these places where the waves wash up? More breaches?
"Exactly. Once you find a breach, you can use the Augur to track the waves back to their source—the staff fragment.
The trail should manifest as a series of lights. Just follow the lights and you'll find what we're looking for."

A Breach Amid the Trees[edit]

"It's good to see you again, initiate. The Loremaster told you about the breaches in Valenwood, right? I have your equipment here."
Are you all right, Josajeh? Celarus is worried about you.
"I'm fine. I wish that he'd stop, I don't know ... hovering.
I won't lie to you. I'm disappointed that we won't have the opportunity to study the staff and its time-distorting properties, but that's ultimately his decision. I will abide by it."
He said you suffered a trauma that might cloud your judgment.
"He's referring to my family's fall, no doubt.
My family dealt in trade—ferrying goods from Sentinel to remote Imperial holdings. My father was always selective when it came to contracts. My brother, Afarh, never took those lessons to heart."
So he made a bad deal?
"Yes. A disastrous deal.
Shortly after I left, the Longhouse Emperor, Leovic, put out a call for an Alik'ri trader to transport a shipment of arms across the desert. Afarh leapt at the opportunity. He used our entire estate as collateral."
What happened?
"Exactly what you'd think. The caravan was waylaid by bandits, and the Empire seized our lands, our businesses, everything. My family fell into abject poverty—some turned to begging, theft ... or worse. So now you know.
You should get going."
All right. I'm sorry about what happened.

A Time for Mud and Mushrooms[edit]

Initial greeting when starting the quest:

"From what the Loremaster tells me, the scryers are nearly halfway to locating the last four pieces of the staff. Placing another batch of Psijic Seals should give them all the information they need.
Are you ready for another trip to the continent?"

The Towers' Fall[edit]

In the Time-Lost Throne Room, when starting the ritual, she remarks:

"I use this staff to make right what once went wrong!"

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