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Seal the time breaches which have opened all across Valenwood.
Faction: Psijic Order
Quest Giver: Loremaster Celarus in the Ceporah Tower's main hall
Location(s): Ceporah Tower, Grahtwood, Greenshade, Malabal Tor
Prerequisite Quest: The Shattered Staff
Next Quest: A Time for Mud and Mushrooms
Reward: Unidentified Summerset Waist Armor
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Loremaster Celarus charged me with sealing more time breaches for the Psijic Order—this time in the Wood Elf homeland of Valenwood.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Loremaster Celarus in the main hall of Ceporah Tower.
  2. Talk to Josajeh and take the Psijic Map of Valenwood.
  3. The map with red crosses on it will lead you to the time breaches to seal them. The map remains in your inventory, under Quest category.
  4. Travel back to Artaeum and talk to Loremaster Celarus.
  5. Talk to Loremaster Celarus.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Loremaster Celarus in Ceporah Tower to start the quest.

Yes. Where do you need me to go?
"Another cluster of time breaches appeared in the Wood Elves' homeland. Valenwood. We need you to seal these breaches, just as you did before. Josajeh will provide the tools you need.
May I ask another favor of you?"
Of course. What else do you need?
"Please, just take a moment and discuss this matter of the staff with Josajeh. I fear that she still resents my decision to lock the fragments away.
She suffered a ... trauma. The promise of this staff could create an unwelcome distraction."
All right. I'll talk to Josajeh and seal these breaches.

You now receive The Augur of the Obscure. Talk to Josajeh.

"It's good to see you again, initiate. The Loremaster told you about the breaches in Valenwood, right? I have your equipment here."
Are you all right, Josajeh? Celarus is worried about you.
"I'm fine. I wish that he'd stop, I don't know ... hovering.
I won't lie to you. I'm disappointed that we won't have the opportunity to study the staff and its time-distorting properties, but that's ultimately his decision. I will abide by it."
He said you suffered a trauma that might cloud your judgment.
"He's referring to my family's fall, no doubt.
My family dealt in trade—ferrying goods from Sentinel to remote Imperial holdings. My father was always selective when it came to contracts. My brother, Afarh, never took those lessons to heart."
So he made a bad deal?
"Yes. A disastrous deal.
Shortly after I left, the Longhouse Emperor, Leovic, put out a call for an Alik'ri trader to transport a shipment of arms across the desert. Afarh leapt at the opportunity. He used our entire estate as collateral."
What happened?
"Exactly what you'd think. The caravan was waylaid by bandits, and the Empire seized our lands, our businesses, everything. My family fell into abject poverty—some turned to begging, theft ... or worse. So now you know.
You should get going."
All right. I'm sorry about what happened.

You receive Psijic Map of Valenwood and 9 Psijic Seals. Examine the map in your inventory.

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The following table lists the locations of the breaches, and the quotes from the Augur of the Obscure when you get near. Use the Augur when you are near a breach to be able to see it and seal it. Sealing a breach uses one of the Psijic Seals.

Location Map Quote
In a ruined structure on the west side of the Ossuary of Telacar (map) I think there's a breach here. Hard to say with all these Ayleid ruins lying about. You would not believe how many ghosts are asking me for favors right now. Ghosts, am I right? They're never satisfied!
Inside the stump of Gil-Var-Delle, west of the Dolmen (map) Gil-Var-Delle. Of course a breach pops up here. You know that blowhard, Molag Bal, sat on this place a while back, right? Or stepped on it or something ... I don't know. Anyway, be careful!
Inside the largest tower at Reman's Bluff (map) Definitely a breach here, mate. First rule of finding rifts in time: always check the creepy, decrepit towers first.
On a promontory north of Maormer Camp (map) Wow. Lots of people gathering around this breach. Odd ... they've all got little tails. Wait, wait, I get it now. They're monkeys! I'm telling you mate, it's impossible to tell you all apart!
North of Fisherman's Rest (map) There's definitely a breach around here somewhere, meat-brain. You don't mind me calling you meat-brain, do you? I mean, as mundane physical brains go, you're really top of the class!
Within the Labyrinth, just north of the center (map) Looks like there's another breach here in what can only laughably be called a maze. All right, mate: if you get lost in this thing, I'm going to have to take a long, hard look at our relationship.
Malabal Tor
Under a bridge south of Treehenge, west of Ragnthar (map) Breach ahead. That Celarus is a real stick in the tree, eh? Er ... stick in the dirt? Or something? Look, I can't keep track of all your ridiculous idioms. It doesn't even make any sense ....
In the middle of Horseshoe Island (map) More than a few snakes around this beach, mate. Ugh. Surly little beasts ... always wiggling along with no arms or legs. I don't have arms or legs either but you don't see me biting people.
On an island northeast of Xylo River Basin Dolmen (map) Might want to hurry, mate. That boney gem-collector, Molag Bal, has his eye on this breach. Bit of a cat-lady, that one, eh? Stuffing his plane full of sad little souls ... It's a mess is what it is.

After closing all breaches return to Artaeum and talk to Josajeh to complete the quest.

"There you are. I was wondering when you'd return.
Did all go well in Valenwood?"
Yes, I closed all the time breaches.
And by the way, I'm sorry about how I've been acting. You've done nothing but help the Order. I had no right to take my frustrations out on you."
It's all right. (if you agree with Josajeh)
"It isn't, but thank you all the same.
Honestly, it was good to speak about my family again. The Psijic code makes conversations like that...difficult. Thank you."
Yes, you have been a little difficult. (if you agree with the Loremaster)
"I know. Believe me, I'm going to make a good faith effort to see things as the Loremaster does. I'm sure it will make sense ... eventually.
Anyway, thank you for your patience."
You're welcome. What's next?
"The scryers are already clamoring about all the information coming back from the Psijic Seals you placed. We'll locate the last four pieces of the staff soon, I know it.
In the meantime, take this. I'm sure you will put it to good use."




Malabal Tor[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

A Breach Amid the Trees
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Celarus would like me to talk to Josajeh before I set out. I can find her in the Athenaeum.
Objective: Talk to Josajeh
I should review the map of Time Breaches in Valenwood and plan my route.
Objective: Examine the Psijic Map
I must travel to Valenwood and use the Psijic Seals to close the time breaches that appeared there.
Objective: Seal Breaches in Valenwood: 0 / 9
I successfully sealed all the time breaches in Grahtwood, Greenshade, and Malabal Tor. I should return to Josajeh to inform her of my success.
Objective: Talk to Josajeh
☑Finishes quest I should talk to Josajeh to receive my reward.
Objective: Talk to Josajeh