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Captain Jimila
Location Shattered Shoals, Cat's Eye Quay, Vulkhel Guard, Lilmoth
Ship The Prowler
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Captain Jimila

Captain Jimila is the Khajiit captain of the Prowler, a ship initially found wrecked on the west side of Khenarthi's Roost, in the Shattered Shoals. Two of her crew are missing, and you are tasked with saving them from a Maormer ritual. Later, the repaired Prowler will take you to Auridon after you have saved Khenarthi's Roost from another Maormer plot.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

If you meet her in Vulkhel Guard while The Interim Suitor is docking in the harbor instead of the Prowler, she'll only ask:

"What can I do for you?"

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Cast Adrift[edit]

If she is spoken with before starting Cast Adrift, she will refer you to her quartermaster.

"I don't have time for you right now. The Prowler's damaged and unless we get some help, she'll founder at high tide.
You want to help? Talk to Quartermaster Oblan."

Once you have been directed to the Prowler she will not be friendly to you before you help get her ship seaworthy again.

"If you're not here to help, get off my ship."
Captain Jimila surveys the Shattered Shoals from the Prowler

Afterwards helping with the repair efforts, Oblan will direct you to her for her final word on reinforcements. She instead has important information.

"Due to your efforts, the Prowler is free to sail once the tide comes in. Those marines did their part as well.
I have no reinforcements, but I offer something better. I know who's killing the Dominion soldiers. And I know how to stop it."
What do you mean?
"Our lookout watched the Sea Vipers drag a Dominion marine into a cave. Later, he saw your friends remove the marine's body.
If we weren't so short-handed I'd have ordered his rescue, but three of my own crew were missing."
What happened to your crew?
"Before we understood the danger, I sent my crew to scavenge among the shoals so we might repair the Prowler. We thought they'd disappeared, but one just returned—and she tells a harrowing tale."
What happened to her?
"The Sea Vipers happened. Now there's a new storm brewing, and I fear they're the cause of it.
Mastengwe recovers below. Hear what she has to say for yourself."

Once you have spoken with Mastengwe, you can return to Jimila and ask her some questions about herself and the Prowler.

"You heard Mastengwe's story. If the Sea Vipers call up another hurricane before the tide rises, the Prowler will be smashed to pieces."
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
"Of course. What do you need?"
Where are you from?
"I spent much of my youth in the Summerset Isles, amongst the Altmer. My parents were travelers who always had an ear to the ground. If you understand my meaning.
After they died, I went to sea. It's how I ended up on the Prowler."
Is the Prowler a Dominion ship?
"No, but she serves the Dominion. Queen Ayrenn gave me our letter of marque herself. We were asked to scout for the fleet.
The only thing we spotted was a hurricane."

After saving her crew members and stopping the ritual, you can can return to Jimila.

"Suhr and Virkvild returned just after the skies cleared up. They're a bit damp, but otherwise all right.
My lookout says I have you to thank."
Yes. I stopped the ritual and freed your crewmen.
"Then we'll finish repairs and shove off at high tide. Oh, your marine friends fended off Sea Vipers while you rescued my crew. They're welcome aboard as long as they want.
Perhaps we'll see you at Mistral. You'll always have a place on the Prowler."

You will then receive some gold and the Broadhead Shield as a reward.

Afterwards, you can ask her about Mistral and the Maormer.

"We'll take the marines with us when we sail to Mistral. I hope to see you there."
What can you tell me about Mistral?
"Small port, serves as a trading hub for the moon-sugar plantations on Khenarthi's Roost. Home to the tastiest double rum in the southern seas.
Lots of Maormer there. They even have an embassy. That means problems for the Dominion."
Why are Maormer a problem for the Dominion?
"Maormer are Sea Elves. The High Elves kicked them off their island, so they found a new island. But for some reason, even though nobody's around to remember any of this, they want the first island back.
Elven feuds. You know how it goes."

To Auridon[edit]

Jimila and Quartermaster Oblan at Cat's Eye Quay

After preventing the Maormer ritual, you find her at Cat's Eye Quay. She is willing to take you with her when the Prowler sets sail for Vulkhel Guard.

"The Prowler is headed to Auridon, and we're happy to ferry you there. When you're ready, hop in the launch. We'll set you up with your own bunk."
Why are you heading to Auridon?
"Chests full of gold. Owning a sound ship after a hurricane can be quite lucrative, even when the only cargo is Dominion luminaries seeking passage.
Don't worry, I won't charge you. Without your help, the Prowler would be a mass of broken timber."
Is your ship ready to sail?
"Aye, the Prowler is fully restored and ready for heavy seas. Quartermaster Oblan even managed a few improvements using some Maormer … donations.
Have no fear, she'll get you safely to Auridon."

Once you arrive in port of Auridon, she can be found on the deck of the ship.

"It's good to see you, friend. You will always have a place aboard the Prowler."

The Great Tree[edit]

Queen Ayrenn directs you to her for passage to Elden Root. She is found in Skywatch, apparently because of the festivities, while her ship is safely leftin Vulkhel Guard.

"It's good to see you, friend. You will always have a place aboard the Prowler."
Queen Ayrenn said you could take me to the port of Haven.
"The queen? Of course we can do this! We shall set out for Haven at once, if you are ready."
Where is your ship?
"Where we left it, I'd hope. But come, join me for a drink! It's good luck to share a glass before a long voyage. Unless you can't handle the stuff. Then you can meet us in Vulkhel Guard."

You can choose to have a drink with her, or meet her later in Vulkhel Guard.

No thanks. I'll meet you in Vulkhel Guard.
"Suit yourself. The Prowler will be ready to sail when you arrive."
All right. I have time for a drink.
"How about a friendly wager? We match each other, glass for glass. Win, and you travel to Haven in the privacy of your own cabin.
But if I win, you launder our clothes for the entire voyage. Deal?"
On second thought, I don't have time for a drink. I'll meet you in Vulkhel Guard.
"Suit yourself. The Prowler will be ready to sail when you arrive."
If you buy the drinks, we have a deal.
"Ha! Deal. Bottoms up.
And speaking of bottoms, my quartermaster prefers a crisp fold in his breeches."
Ready when you are.

If you decided not to drink with her, you can speak with her again.

"Meet us in Vulkhel Guard. We'll head there right away. As soon as we finish our drinks."

If you have a drink with her, you will have a blackout, and when you regain your senses, she is already in Vulkhel Guard. Talking to her there, it is evident she does not remember what happened during your wager:

"My head feels like a thunderbug crawled inside it. But I did win our contest. Oblan will bring the laundry for you. Every morning."
[Intimidate] That's not true! I won the contest! Don't try to cheat me!
"Fine, fine! You won, as long as you promise to be quiet.
Now it feels like the thunderbug lays eggs in my head."
It's good that we understand each other.
[Persuade][Lie] What? I clearly remember you making a fool of yourself.
"Yes, well I was hoping you'd forgotten that raunchy song about the queen.
But what else could I rhyme with "Vulkhel Guard?"
That would have been a sight to see.
I'll take your word for it. I don't really remember.
"Are you ready? And can you stop thinking so loudly?"
I'm ready to leave for Haven.
"Yes, yes. We'll cast off as soon as the Prowler stops spinning ...."
I have to take care of some things before we leave.

If you did not accept the wager, she'll be ready to sail and free of a hangover:

"The Prowler is ready to sail when you are."
I'm ready to leave for Haven.
"Then let's be off!"
I have to take care of some things before we leave.

Unsafe Haven[edit]

You find yourself on the Prowler and amidst the evidences of a pirate attack. Captain Jimila can be heard shouting.

Captain Jimil: "Roll the bloody pirates over the side!"

Talk to her and find out what's going on.

"Haven is under pirate attack! Worse, they climbed in through our portholes and breached the hull.
I'll use their blood to swab the decks. Think they'll put more holes in my hull, do they? We had just finished repairs on the last ones!"
What can I do?
"We can't shore up the keel with saboteurs around. But we spotted a soldier nearby ... looks like Khajiit royal guard and some refugees.
We'll keep the pirates off our own backs. Head to that soldier and see if you can help the refugees!"
I'll talk to the soldier.

Leave the ship to talk to Lieutenant Kazargi. There is no way to return to the deck of the Prowler once you leave.

After completing the quest, she is found in Haven's harbor on Jeer-Tei's ship, The First Witness.

"This ship ... she's impressive. Maybe someone will give her to me.
"Commodore Jimila." Ha! What do you think of that?"

Before the Storm[edit]

Just outside Serpent's Grotto, you'll find the captain with Major Cirenwe and a group of Dominion soldiers:

"With you here, maybe I don't need to worry so much about getting my ship back from these cursed Sea Elves."

A Storm Upon the Shore[edit]

Major Cirenwe will send you to The Prowler to talk to the captain:

"There you are! Impressive work back there. The Maormer didn't know what hit them when our forces stormed in—and I've got my ship back!"
And you're ready to set sail?
"Of course. The Prowler's been sitting at dock too long. She's ready to pounce on that bastard Pelidil as soon as we catch him.
And catch him soon we will—you have the captain's word on it!"

Pelidil's End[edit]

Jimila will immediately start the next quest:

"Good. The sooner we're underway, the sooner we can catch Pelidil. Raise anchor!"
Let's set sail!

Things go dark and you awake in the hull of the ship. Go on deck and you'll hear:

Captain Jimila : "Watch out! It's going to ram us!"
Captain Jimila : "Brace for impact!"

When the sea serpent shows up, she'll yell:

Captain Jimila : "Load the fire launchers! Burn that beast down before it sinks us!"
Captain Jimila : "It did not like that! More incoming! Watch out!"
Captain Jimila : "Man the fire launchers! Destroy that damnable snake!"

Once the serpent is down, the Maormer will start teleporting aboard.

Captain Jimila : "Mage gates? They are teleporting. Prepare to repel boarders!"
Captain Jimila : "Mages, capture those portals! We'll use them to launch an attack!"

Once you've teleported to the Maormer ship, defeated Vicereeve Pelidil, and returned, Jimila will be there to congratulate you:

"You made it! I was beginning to have my doubts, but I trust that the vicereeve will no longer be a threat?"
Yes. Pelidil is dead.
"Then this is cause for celebration! Let us return to the shore and share the good news with Major Cirinwe.
Are you ready to return?"
Yes. Let's sail back.

Back in port, she'll say:

"By Jone and Jode, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of that one, but you never cease to impress. Things are always exciting when you're around, it seems."
Are you coming ashore?
"No. I will stay aboard the Prowler. I miss her greatly when we are apart, so I will celebrate our victory here on deck with my crew … and several bottles of Moon-Sugar Double Rum.
You go on. Savor this victory. You certainly earned it."
"We've got some repairs to do on the Prowler, but maybe we'll sail together again soon. Until then, stay safe."

Gold Coast[edit]

A Profitable Venture[edit]

Board her ship docked in Anvil and she'll at first be ready to throw you overboard — until she recognizes you:

"Oh, Jone and Jode, a friendly face! For a moment I thought you were another Red Sails extortionist come to get more blood from a stone.
Doesn't take long for pirates to warm up to the idea of tariffs and taxes when they're the ones collecting them."
The Red Sails have been shaking you down?
"I can abide fees at an honest port, but Anvil presents a non-stop barrage of whatever the Governor's lackeys feel like enforcing! Uneven gangplank fees, loose mooring taxes, barnacle inspection!
Hmm. You're not from around here, are you?"
No, I'm not from Anvil.
"Care to help me turn the tide on these crooks then? I happen to know that their swindler of a Dock Master doesn't trust his gold to Anvil's banks.
If you help me pay the fool out of his own pocket, you can keep the lion's share of the bounty."
I'm game. What's your plan?
"I don't know precisely where Qamar hides his gold, but I do know the lazy oaf uses a few trusted lackeys to deliver deposits when he can't be bothered. They often dice on the docks.
If you're convincing, I'm sure they'll reveal the location to you."
What will you be doing while I'm locating the dock master's stash?
"I'm going to be your distraction. I'm expecting the dock master to make his rounds soon, and he's not going to be happy that I haven't paid my fees yet.
I'll keep him here, arguing with me, while you secure his ill-gotten gold."
Why come to Anvil, if it's so much trouble?
"It was supposed to be a simple run. Pick up silks and spices on the way and turn a tidy profit. But the Governor and her minions are more greedy than a caravan full of High Elf nobles.
She'll never learn, even when the docks are empty."
Who is this Governor you keep mentioning?
"Fortunata ap Dugal, Anvil's 'provincial governor,' but she's still the same old Red Sails Pirate Queen to anyone who really knows her. Half the Gold Coast struggles under her thumb.
Fool's Gold Coast, if you want to be more accurate."
How did you find out about Dock Master Qamar's stash?
"Qamar's a braggart and he drinks like a Nord. That's a combination for folly if ever there was one. He gave away his secret while trying to drink me under the table.
I remember the exchange, he does not. Too bad for him, yes?"

Retrieve Qamar's stash and return to The Prowler. As you board, you'll notice the Dock Master and the Captain are finishing a conversation:

Captain Jimila : "Next time, I'll wound more than just their pride! A moment, Qamar. I have a visitor."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"My friend, you've arrived at a bad time. I'm playing host to the king of skeevers and he hasn't the sense to know that he's outstayed his welcome."
I just wanted to see how negotiations were going. <Slip Her Qamar's Stash>
"Ha! Negotiations? Call it what it is! Ransom! Extortion! It would save us so much time if they just dropped the pretenses and robbed me!
Good work. Let me pay this fool and get rid of him."
I'll leave you to your business then.

Qamar will then interrupt:

Dockmaster Qamar : "I'm tired of your complaining. Pay what you owe or the Red Sails will seize this ship."
Captain Jimila : "Fine! Take your ransom and choke on it."
Dockmaster Qamar : "There now! Was that so difficult?"
Captain Jimila : "Difficult is keeping my claws from ripping out your throat."

Speak to her again and she'll tell you:

"I almost bit my tongue trying not to laugh! Qamar doesn't so much strut as slosh about like a half-filled waterskin.
He's completely oblivious to the misfortune that just visited him. It's too much!"
Wasn't it a bit risky to threaten him like that?
"It was what he expected of me. Being too quick to accept defeat may have aroused his suspicion.
He seemed convinced, so he may not notice the theft for some time, let alone suspect us as the culprits."
I'll take my share now.
"Here. That's most of what's left after I paid off that walking canker. Thanks to you, I might break even on this voyage.
Enjoy your time in Anvil, friend. I hope to never see these despicable docks again."

After finishing the quest, she will stand in the middle of the Prowler and you can talk to her again.

"It'll be good to have the wind in my fur and sea air in my nose again. I can't wait to set sail and put Anvil behind me."

Optional dialogue if you completed the Aldmeri Dominion quests.

How's the life of a privateer in Queen Ayrenn's navy?
"Profitable and dangerous. I'm happy to continue ferrying troops for the easy gold, but when the Queen commands us to show our claws, we oblige.
Many a captain has made the mistake of dismissing the Prowler as a threat, to my benefit."
Have you encountered any Sea Elves since we took down Peledil together?
"Ah, the tale of the Prowler and the fierece Maormer sea serpent. It grows with each telling! You might be amused to hear what the crew claims happened that day.
It's quite a popular story in the port towns."
What are people saying about me?
"We were set upon by one hundred Sea Elves, surrounded with no hope of escape. But you defeated them soundly with one bare fist while swinging from the rigging.
Then you hopped onto the sea serpent and rode it into the side of the Maormer ship!"
That's ... very dramatic.
"You think? That's the tamest part! By all accounts, your battle with Peledil rocked the seas and reshaped the coast. They say you turned the sea serpent into a mount!
Ah, I'm glad you're still well, my friend."


The Sounds of Home[edit]

Captain Jimila in Lilmoth.

Captain Jimila can be found in the Lusty Argonian Footman during The Sounds of Home when Nesh-Deeka wants you to deliver the vossa-satl to her. If you have worked with her before, she will greet you saying:

"I'm surprised to see you in this part of the world, old friend. Not that I'm complaining. It's always good to see you. But what are you doing in this land of mud and bugs?"

Otherwise she will say: (?)

I'm here on behalf of Nesh-Deeka to offer you a deal.
"Intriguing. Deals keep bringing me back to this swamp, after all. So many captains consider Lilmoth to be beneath their notice, but their loss is my gain.
Very well, speak. What's your proposition?"
First, Nesh-Deeka wants you to have this vossa-satl as a gift and to display the depth of his skill.
"Vossa … what now?
Tell me more, envoy. What is this contraption and why should I care?"
The vossa-satl is a musical instrument. Argonians in other lands would love a little sound of home.
"Hmm. The sound of home. Yes, I can see the profit in that. I'd target tavern owners with Argonian clientele. But what sort of instrument is this? I've never seen anything like it."
It's a sort of wind and keyboard instrument. It uses frogs to make its sounds.
"I think what you just said will make more sense after another couple of drinks. Still, it's exotic, I'll give it that. And I love a good challenge.
Very well. Tell Nesh-Deeka we have a deal. Let's start with five of these and see how they sell."
I'll let Nesh-Deeka know he has a deal.

If she is spoken to again, she will say:

"It sounds like … well, a bunch of croaking frogs to me. But I suppose Argonians might find the noise to be soothing.
We'll see how it sells and then decide whether or not to expand our arrangement."


  • Captain Jimila only appears in Lilmoth once The Sounds of Home reaches the right quest stage.
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