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Lore inconsistencies are occasions when previously supplied information about the setting is contradicted, regardless of whether the contradiction is explained, corrected, or otherwise addressed. There are often (but not always) considered to be retcons. This page categorizes the inconsistencies by the first appearance of the conflicting information.



  • Many of the races' designs were drastically changed, in particular the Argonian and Khajiit. The difference in Khajiit was later explained by the introduction of 'furstocks'.
  • In-game lore and game code describes Barenziah as a Dark Elf, however, her in-game art portrays her as a Breton.


  • The name of the Daedric Prince Vaernima is spelled "Vaermina", a change which became permanent in later installments.


  • Despite previous descriptions describing it as jungle, Cyrodiil is a temperate woodland.


  • Keening is able to be used without Wraithguard, without suffering the consequences of doing so.


  • Volkihar vampires do not have several previously described characteristics which were first mentioned in Immortal Blood. These include living under frozen lakes, being able to pass through ice without breaking it, and freeze targets with their breath.

Divine CrusaderCC[edit]

  • An inexplicably "reforged" set of the pieces of armor of the Crusader's Relics appears alongside the original set. Additionally, both the original shield and its reforged Fastened variant can be equipped at the same time.
  • Two bandits wear both sets of the Crusader's Relics, despite their first appearance in Oblivion's Knights of the Nine official download specifying that they can only worn by someone of upstanding morals.

Elder Scrolls Online[edit]

  • Many books appear that were written after the game's chronological setting. It is explained that an Ayleid worshiper of Hermaeus Mora created magical halls that would attract books from across Tamriel, no matter where—or when—they were published.
  • All mentions of the character Ebonarm are removed from any materials that previously mentioned him.

Imperial City[edit]

Dark Brotherhood[edit]


  • Despite previously being marked as unsettled by non-Dunmeri people, Vvardenfell has many locations that would not be present until later.
  • Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran is named after a character that doesn't exist until the Third Era.
  • Despite Hlethena Vando's claim that Ald'ruhn is inhabited by the Redoran, it is instead inhabited by Ashlanders.
  • Seyda Neen is Imperialized in the Second Era. Lawrence Schick explains that it was built by the Gold Coast Trading Company who have a trade deal with the Hlaalu and that is why the architecture has Cyrodilic influence.


  • Summerset Orrery depicted fan-made maps of Akavir and Pyandonea. They were later removed from the card art.
  • Red Bramman depicts an Argonian, despite Red Bramman being described as a man.
  • Redoran Enforcer featured a Dunmer wearing Thalmor robes. The card was later altered to depict a bonemold wearing guard.
  • Alduin and Wildfire Dragon were depicted with four legs. Their art was changed to depict only two legs in Patch 1.66.0.
  • Legate Rikke previously identified her as an Imperial rather than a Nord. This was changed in Patch 1.66.0.
  • In the The Forgotten Hero story, a Daedric Invasion called "The Culling" is launched, despite the Liminal Barriers being altered to make such an invasion impossible at the conclusion of Oblivion's main quest.
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