Skyrim:Ashen Grass Pod

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Ashen Grass Pod
Ashen Grass Pod
Value 1 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Resist Fire Resist Fire (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value)
2nd Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock
3rd Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking
4th Fortify Sneak Fortify Sneak
# Samples 2
Plant Spiky Grass
Spiky Grass (ashen)

Ashen Grass Pod is an ingredient harvested from Spiky Grass plants unique to Solstheim. The plant looks similar to the grass pod found in mainland Skyrim, only this type is grey in color and has different alchemical properties.

Guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations:


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Ashen Grass Pod can be combined with 36 other ingredients.

1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Resist Fire Resist Fire Ash Creep ClusterDB, Berit's Ashes, Bliss Bug ThoraxCC, Bone Meal, Dragon's Tongue, Elves Ear, Fire PetalCC (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value), Fire Salts, Fly Amanita, Gnarl BarkCC (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value), Mudcrab Chitin, Sload SoapCC (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value), Snowberries, Spawn AshDB
Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock Bee, Giant Lichen, Hagraven Feathers, Ogre's TeethCC (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value), Stoneflower PetalsCC (1.33×Magnitude,1.36×Value), Trama RootDB, Void Salts
Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking Falmer Ear, Namira's Rot, Pine Thrush Egg, SpadefishCC, Spider Egg, Worm's Head CapCC (1.5×Magnitude,1.56×Value)
Fortify Sneak Fortify Sneak Abecean Longfin, Beehive Husk, Frost Mirriam, Hawk Feathers, Human Flesh, Kresh FiberCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Powdered Mammoth Tusk, Purple Mountain Flower, RoobrushCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value)