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Thieves Guild
Home City Abah's Landing
Location Thieves Den
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Zeira, also known as Danizeira, is the Redguard guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing. You will first meet her after you've helped Quen with a heist at Fulstrom Homestead.

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Partners in Crime[edit]

When approaching her in the Thieves Den:

Zeira:"Over here. We should speak."


In the Den[edit]

"It's been a while since I've pulled a simple job. Maybe I'll go down to the harbor, see if anyone has laden pockets. Something to warm up the blood, you know?"
I had some questions about the Thieves Guild.
"Of course."
Do you have any work for me?
"Start with the tip board - there's always something coming in. Also, Spencer Rye is a friend of the guild who could use our particular skills. IF there are any larger tasks, I'll have Thrag or Andarri get word to you."
What can you tell me about the tip board?
"The more we steal, the better our reputation. Best way to draw in more recruits after taking such a hit from the Iron Wheel. Kari has more to say about it. Word of advice? Don't rearrange her tip board - she'll smack your hand something fierce."
What sort of work does Spencer Rye offer?
"He can explain. It's the sort of work I'd normally turn down, but he always pays. And he stuck with us, even after the Iron Wheel's raids. He's welcome to trade gold for useless trinkets as long as he cares to do so."
Explain what you meant by "larger tasks."
"At times the whole guild works toward a single goal. Driving the Iron Wheel from Hew's Bane, strong-arming a merchant lord... big stuff. But that takes time to plan. If it's happening, I'll get word to you the next time you stop by the den."
What are the biggest threats to the guild?
"The Iron Wheel, without question."
What do we know about the Iron Wheel?
"They're bastards. Oh, you want more? Magnifica Falorah sent them to punish us for failing to steal her dowry. It's a bad deal all around, except for the Iron Wheel - they're paid to knock our heads together, and keep anything they confiscate."
Tell me about the Iron Wheel's attack on the Thieves Guild.
"It had already started when I returned from the dowry heist. The merchant lords let it happen. They called their guards off the streets - let the Iron Wheel smash down our doors, pull us from our homes, and slaughter anyone who ran. Bastards."
What does the Iron Wheel want from the guild?
"I haven't asked them, but I can guess. The Iron Wheel will leave Abah's Landing when they find every member of the Thieves Guild, ship us to Taneth for show trials, and fit our heads to pikes. Second thoughts? Too late to back out."
I want to know more about the guild in general.
"What about?"
Tell me about the guild's recent history.
"Before the Iron Wheel? We ran the shadows of Abah's Landing. Played the merchant lords against each other. We were looking to expand - take the Thieves Guild beyond Hew's Bane. But the dowry heist put an end to those plans."
Who was in charge of the Thieves Guild before you?
"Nicolas. A good man, sorely missed. Sorry, I don't want to talk about him. It's still fresh, you know?"
How big is the Thieves Guild?
You're looking at it. We're a shadow of what we were before the Iron Wheel cracked down. And without us to bridle them, the merchant lords are flexing their muscles. Picking up the rackets we used to control."
An interesting collection of thieves you've put together here.
"You think so? Sometimes I'm not so sure. I try to remember everything that Nicolas taught me, but I don't always have the time or opportunity to consider every option before I make a decision. Still, I couldn't ask for a better crew."
What do you think about Quen?
"She reminds me of myself when I first hooked up with the guild. She's young and inexperienced, but she has some real skills. I just hope we come through all this so she has a chance to hone and develop her natural talents."
What do you think about Walks Softly?
"I don't know what I would have done without Walks-Softly. After the heist went so bad and we lost so many of the crew, he helped me figure out to hold what was left together. And he has a great fashion sense, I let him pick out all my outfits."
What about Velsa? Sounds like the two of you have a history.
"I guess you can say that. Velsa was old, grumpy, and difficult when I first joined the guild - and that was a long time ago now. Believe me, retirement hasn't improved her disposition. I'll deny I said it, but I'm glad she came back. We need her."
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