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Though the above-ground works of No Shira Citadel are largely in ruins, the corridors beneath are in much better repair—and the Iron Wheel has adapted them to their own purposes.
No Shira Citadel
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Hew's Bane
South of Abah's Landing
No Shira Citadel

No Shira Citadel is a ruined fortress located south of Abah's Landing. It is the stronghold of the Iron Wheel, with the Iron Wheel Headquarters located at its center and the No Shira Prison found inside the eastern wall. The No Shira Workshop can also be found here.

Inside No Shira Citadel

Related Quests[edit]


Iron Wheel Headquarters[edit]

The Iron Wheel Headquarters is a series of underground chambers located beneath No Shira Citadel.


No Shira Citadel Wayshrine

The No Shira Citadel Wayshrine can be found outside the citadel.


  • No Shira means "noble person" in Yoku.
  • According to datamined content, the original name was intended to be "Hiradirge Citadel", and is still used in some map files. In lore, the Hiradirge were a little-known rogue band of Sword-singers.


No Shira Citadel
No Shira Citadel hidden rooms
No Shira Citadel
No Shira Citadel hidden rooms
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