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Home City Abah's Landing
Location Spotless Goods Shipping Concern, Thieves Den, Hubalajad Palace
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Forever Hold Your Peace
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Silver-Claw is a Khajiit merchant associated with the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing he owns the store Spotless Goods Shipping Concern and a warehouse.

You will initially meet him when you pay a visit to Velsa at her villa where he is asking her for help. She will make you get his Ledger with her assistance instead.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-related Events[edit]

Cleaning House[edit]

As you approach the garden of Velsa's Villa, you can overhear the two of them talking.

Velsa: "Did you fall and land directly upon your skull? I … am … retired!"
Silver-Claw: "Velsa! Do not make me beg. It is unbecoming of our most profitable history."
<She notices you.>
Velsa: "And who is this, Silver-Claw? Who else befouls my garden?"
Silver-Claw: "In all truthfulness, I have no knowledge. A friend? But … you have no friends. Beyond my humble and mercantile self, of course!"

If you talk to him first, he will be puzzled by who you are.

"Are you some sort of … freelance gardener The first I have met! A most effective entrance.
Er … can you not feel Velsa's glare upon you? Oh, it is upon me! I … ahem … perhaps you should speak with her."

After blatantly eavesdropping on your conversation with Velsa, you can ask him why he came to her for help in the first place.

"The Thieves Guild, restored to Abah's Landing? I am most grateful for your timely and unexpected assistance!
You see, my bountiful warehouse was taken from me by some conniving and nefarious individual."
Who took your warehouse?
"That is the question I keep asking myself. One day I arrived to find unfamiliar guards. They chased me from my own warehouse like a common dragon frog!
Someone must have bribed my overseers. It does not matter. I need you to recover what was lost."
Are you asking me to steal your warehouse back?
"What? No. Did I fail to mention the ledger hidden in my office? I may have lost my warehouse, but the ledger is worth twice that entire rickety building.
If you help Velsa restore it to me, I shall be most grateful to the Thieves Guild."
I'll meet Velsa at the warehouse.

Once you have spoke with him, he will bid you good day.

Silver-Claw: "Then I shall look forward to our next, most auspicious meeting!"

After you have snuck through his warehouse and retrieved his ledger, Silver-Claw can be found with Velsa next to entrance to the Cistern.

Silver-Claw: "Ah, you return! With good news, I hope!"

When you talk with him, he will attempt to read your expression to learn if you succeeded.

"Do you have the ledger? Was it all for naught? Oh, there is so much naught on your face! My heart shrinks in despair.
But … I am quite bad at reading faces. And in this place, my nose doesn't help. So? Does the stink of victory waft about you?"
I have your ledger. Here you are.
"Wonderful! Were my perfidious overseers inconvenienced in any way? I do so hope they are bereft of convenience!
Yet, the others who labored for me are blameless. Should they desire it, they shall have a place in my future endeavors."
I need to speak with Zeira.
Silver-Claw: "And now, to restore my fortunes from my humble shop. It is near the docks—you can't miss it! Well, you can easily miss it, it is hard to find. But you are always welcome!"

The Long Game[edit]

After some eavesdropping or theft in Abah's Landing to learn more about Cosh, you can head to Silver-Claw's store to talk with Velsa, but the Khajiit will greet you with some bad news.

Silver-Claw: "Ah, my larcenous friend! Quickly, we must speak!"
"A most regrettable welcome, for I have such unfortunate tidings! What I soon reveal shall be quite distressing to hear—for this, I offer my gravest and most humble apology!"
What do you mean?
"Ah, the look on your face is unmistakable! It says, if I may speak for your most resplendent face, "Peace, my exceptionally sleek mercantile friend. Take a series of deep, relaxing breaths so you may reveal the matter at hand."
In, out. In, out."
Silver-Claw. Tell me what's going on.
"Velsa left for No Shira Citadel!
She made me promise upon our long and profitable friendship not to reveal this, but your vigorous interrogation left me no choice. I do not know why she travels to the headquarters of the Iron Wheel, but I fear for her safety!"
What should I do?
"Go after her, of course! But you are so striking. The Iron Wheel will know you don't belong.
It is settled—you shall meet with the illustrious Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble. He shall help you obtain an appropriate disguise. Tell him I sent you!"
All right, I'll get moving.
"Velsa assured me she would not venture beyond the outskirts of No Shira Citadel. Assured me!
Oh, my. With all certainty, she is already captured."
Who is Percius Loche?
"A cherished friend! Though not always. Once, we were fierce rivals for the importation of fine silk—yet he proved the gracious victor, and reimburses for any referral, to this day!
A cherished former rival, in all truth. But quite magnanimous."

Forever Hold Your Peace[edit]

After speaking to Zeira, you will see Silver-Claw for details on acquiring an invitation to Magnifica Falorah and Cosh's wedding. Velsa will be with him and Silver-Claw will be uncharacteristically despondent.

"Oh. Hello. Zeira sent word I should expect you."
Silver-Claw? What's wrong?
"Every important merchant in Abah's Landing received a wedding invitation. Every single one.
But not Silver-Claw!"
Which merchants, exactly?
"Lord Wallavir, for one! That paranoid cheat lounges about the market as though he owns every tile on the walls.
Or that lush Lady Balina. She won't even attend! Just use it as an excuse to buy another dress from Percius Loche. She's, sweet on him, you know?"
I need to get an invitation. Who should I steal it from?
"Hmm, I dislike them equally. Lord Wallavir would keep it in his pocket. Were you subtle enough, you could take it from him?
Lady Balina would certainly leave it upon her bedroom dresser. Slip past her mansion's servants and house guards to retrieve it."
I'll get that invitation.
"Good, good! When you do, meet me at your Thieves Den.
I may have experience in … duplicating official documents. For my records, you see."

Velsa will then interject.

Velsa: "How can we expect a decent forgery? I can barely read your writing."
Silver-Claw: "That is intentional. I write defensively! It keeps prying eyes from deciphering my ledger."

If you talk to him again leaving he will hope that you inconvenience one of them.

"I do not often rejoice in the troubles of others. But those two … they are "barnacles on a horker's bow locks," as the sailors say.
Such an expressive profession."

Once you have an invitation by whatever means, you can return to the Thieves Den and hand it over to Silver-Claw. He will be really excited.

"Did you get the invitation? Whose did you acquire? No, don't tell me, I want to see it with my own eyes."
I have the invitation. Here, take it.
"Let me see here … "and guest"! This is good, the invitation allows for a single companion.
Once you select your guest, you should visit the Diamond Thimble. If you aren't clothed in one of Percius Loche's outfits, you'll stand out like a sore claw."
I have to dress up?
"You don't "have" to dress up … you "get" to dress up.
But your companion will need to acquire an outfit as well, so go on! I'll be over here."

He will then begin his work at the central table.

Silver-Claw: "The invitation will be ready in no time at all."

At this point, you will need to pick someone to accompany you as your date to the wedding, Silver-Claw is one of those options.

"I'm not entirely proud of my … accomplished penmanship, but it was necessary to protect my business in Abah's Landing."
Do you want to be my date to the wedding?
"But … I am not a member of your Thieves Guild! And these forgeries will take time. How will I find an outfit?
Though I would like to see the inside of Hubalajad Palace. Very much so."
You're right, I don't want to distract you.
"Yes, that is … for the best.
After, you must tell me how many fountains you see. A three fountain palace is barely a palace. You need at least five to be respectable."
You're the best choice to be my date.
"But why? I don't understand."

The Hubalajad Palace[edit]

If Silver-Claw was chosen to be your date, he will meet you at the gates after you have picked an outfit from the Diamond Thimble. needs all silver-claw dialogue from this section.

Back at the Den[edit]

After attending the wedding, discovering the truth and escaping the palace you can return to the Den to find the others in a morose and demoralized mood.

Velsa: "That could have gone better."
Quen: "The Iron Wheel has Zeira. Aren't we going to do something?"
Silver-Claw: "Not until we know where they have her. But we will, I promise you that."

Silver-Claw will promise to help you however he can, "I'm so sorry to hear of what happened. I will give what aid I can—I promise you." (If he didn't attend the wedding.)

After you talk with Walks-Softly, Silver-Claw will express his condolences, "As a merchant, the most I can lose is my business. But your guild has lost so much more than that. I am truly sorry."

Prison Break[edit]

Silver-Claw has some news

Once Thrag or Andarri tell you that Silver-Claw is looking for you, he can be found at the Den's Library, agitatedly pacing back and forth.

Velsa: "Silver-Claw, stop pacing! You'll wear a rut in the floor."
Silver-Claw: "It helps me think! Now, where is the guildmaster? Or acting guildmaster? Or whatever you call it?"
Velsa: "Look who's here! Your long wait is over."

You can then ask him about his news.

"I have good news, my friend! Chief Inspector Rhanbiq and the Iron Wheel will soon depart Hew's Bane.
And the bad news … Zeira will be sent to Taneth, where she will stand trial for raiding al-Danobia Tomb."
Where is the Iron Wheel holding Zeira?
"Somewhere in No Shira Citadel. The Iron Wheel's preparations to depart causes much distraction. There is no better time to slip among their ranks!
But I am not a part of your guild. You would know best what to do, of course."
I'll put this information to good use.

Before you convince the others to help, you can ask Silver-Claw some questions.

"You should discuss the matter with your guild. It is not entirely my business.
Although I will stand over here and pretend it is. So exciting, what you all do!"
Will you come with us to rescue Zeira?
"Regretfully, I am but a humble merchant. Though I can provide information, the merchant lords cannot believe me to be in the glove of the guild."
What does that mean?
"A saying. You know, like "hand in hoof?" Wait, that isn't right.
Look, the merchant lords used to fear the Thieves Guild. If I am seen to be a part of you, they may take more away from me than a warehouse."
How did you learn the Iron Wheel plans to depart?
"As with many things, the answer is food. Little grows in Hew's Bane, so food must be imported. The Iron Wheel shipped in their own supplies, but the shipments have stopped.
This means they plan to leave. No more food, no more Iron Wheel."
Then how did you learn their plans for Zeira?
"Here, the answer is drinks. With the Iron Wheel's supplies low, some grew restless.
They may have discreetly attended local taverns. And I may have bought them many rounds to learn such things. For which I require no reimbursement, I assure you."


After The Long Game is completed, Silver-Claw sometimes can be found in the Thieves Den in the main chamber.

"I am happy to be an honorary member of this august organization.
There aren't any dues to pay, are there? I don't pay dues. It's a religious thing."

You can also overhear various conversations between him and other members of the Guild.

Silver-Claw: "You once asked me about … Saroldo, was it? I think I met an elf with that name."
Quen: "You did? Where? When?"
Silver-Claw: "Years ago. He had a gift he wanted shipped to the Summerset Isles. A doll, I think—was it a dragon frog? A very pleasant man. Warm smile."
Quen: "Thank you, Silver-Claw."
Silver-Claw: "You're welcome, child. May it give you peace."

Silver-Claw: "Your time is precious now, I know. And valuable, most valuable."
Zeira: "And you'd like some of it."
Silver-Claw: "Not without redress, of course! It's just … the Thieves Guild did good business with me, before—though I did not know it at the time …."
Zeira: "And you'd like to continue that arrangement."
Silver-Claw: "Just so! A reader of minds, you are! A good trait in a business partner."

Silver-Claw: "Your agreement with (?) is wonderful for business. Spotless Goods is most profitable!"
Zeira: "I always wondered why you named it that."
Silver-Claw: "Oh? What do you mean?"
Zeira: "It's just that you … your fur has all manner of …."
Silver-Claw: "Oh! Ha! Yes, I can see how it might be confusing. I named it in honor of my mentor, Golden-Fang—she was quite sleek."


  • Although not a member of the Guild for the majority of the questline, Silver-Claw is eventually given honorary membership.
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