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Modryn Oreyn
(RefID: 00023510)
(lore page)
Home City Chorrol
House Modryn Oreyn's House
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 40 Class Knight
RefID 00023510 BaseID 000234C0
Other Information
Health 295 Magicka 157
Responsibility 60 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Follower Azani Blackheart
Faction(s) Chorrol Citizen; Fighters Guild Champion(Champion Champion)
Modryn Oreyn
Where have all the contracts gone?

Modryn Oreyn is the Fighters Guild Champion, and member of the Chorrol Chapter. He acts as Vilena Donton's second-in-command, and gives out quests to Fighters Guild members. He spends most of his time managing guild affairs in Chorrol, but he will venture out and do some fighting during the Azani Blackheart quest.

He wears an iron cuirass, laced leather pants and a pair of iron boots. He also carries a paint brush, the key to his house, the Guild Hall key as well as a small amount of gold. In combat Modryn relies on a steel mace as well as a set of leveled Knight spells. During the quest Azani Blackheart, Modryn asks you to retrieve Azani's signature ring, which he will wear for the rest of the game.

Due to the Blackwood Company's increasing popularity, Modryn lives a rather quiet existence in Chorrol and spends all of his waking hours wandering around on the ground floor of the local Guild Hall. At noon and 6pm he sits down and enjoys a two-hour meal accompanied by the other guild members. When the clock strikes midnight, he walks through the empty streets of Chorrol and enters his cabin for six hours of sleep. His monotonous behavior will continue until he hands you the Azani Blackheart assignment; at this point, the shady dealings of the Blackwood Company and the increasing inactivity of the Fighters Guild become a serious problem for Modryn, who participated in an earlier attempt to kill Blackheart. When you ask him for a contract, he will request a secret meeting in his cabin and immediately break off his routines and wait for you there, day and night, without ever eating nor sleeping. During this quest, Modryn will join you in the field, starting with a long trip to the Leyawiin Fighters Guild. After that, he will follow you to the Ayleid ruin of Arpenia and, when he realizes that Azani is not there, lead the way to Atatar. After the quest, he will resume his usual life in Chorrol.

After the quest Trolls of Forsaken Mine, when Viranus Donton is found slain in Forsaken Mine, Modryn is expelled from the Guild and forced to live his life in his cabin in southwestern Chorrol. Desperately trying to come up with a plan to expose the Blackwood Company, the now-former Champion will simply wander around the cabin 24 hours a day, neither eating nor sleeping. During this time, he will start his own personal investigation against the Blackwood Company and will hand you several "unofficial" assignments, eventually leading to the end of the rival company and your promotion to Guild Master. After the undercover infiltration and inevitable exposure of their insane business methods, the Blackwood Company will finally fall. Still demoted, Modryn will stay in his cabin while you deliver the news to Vilena Donton. After she resigns and you name Modryn your second-in-command, he will pick up on his big passion, painting, carefully depicting your interrogation of Ajum-Kajin from memory. When not busy practicing his art, he will visit the Guild Hall between 9am and 6pm then eat dinner in his cabin until 9pm. At 11pm he finally goes to bed for six hours of sleep. At all other times, he will either paint or wander around in the cabin, waiting for you to give him another assignment.

Modryn's initial response to you depends on whether or not you have joined the Guild; if you have yet to register, he will act like all other members and tell you about the benefits of membership, which will cause you to miss his greeting to existing members: "I'm the Fighters Guild Champion, Modryn Oreyn. I don't believe we've met." In both cases, and if his disposition is higher than 50, Modryn will, when asked about Chorrol, tell you about another problem in town: "Those Odiil boys ought to know better. Leave troubles like that to the town guard. That's what they're paid for. Odiil boys say creatures of some sort are attacking their farm. Went off on their own to stop them. Poor father's worried sick."

In Chorrol, the citizens will discuss the Fighters Guild Champion with utmost respect: "Have you met Modryn Oreyn? Quiet man, but apparently he's an incredible fighter." and "That Modryn Oreyn has got no sense of humor. Hell of a warrior, though. No wonder he's done so well in the Fighters Guild." Others will reply: "I don't know much about the man, but I've heard he is an excellent warrior." and "I haven't really spent any time around him. I find him a little frightening, actually."

Related Quests[edit]


Quest-Related Events[edit]

Unfinished Business[edit]

After completing a few quests for Azzan and Burz gro-Khash, you will be directed to Chorrol, where guild master Vilena Donton will point you towards her second-in-command, Modryn Oreyn, for contracts. When Modryn spots you, he will ask "Ready for duty?" When approached, he will treat you like a rookie: "What do you want? I suppose you've come looking for duties, huh?" When asked for duties, he will rudely tell you about Maglir, another newcomer in the Guild: "Duties for you. Fine. I'll speak slowly so you can keep up. I want you to contact Maglir. He's one of your Fighters Guild brothers, but he's defaulted on a contract. We can't allow that. Makes us all look bad. He didn't finish out a contract in Skingrad. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's raw, like you. Go and find out what's wrong with him." He will also elaborate on Maglir: "Yes. Maglir. Find him. See why he defaulted. I swear, I've scraped things off the bottom of my boots that were smarter than you." When you exit conversation, he will add: "Don't just stand there. Move." If approached again he will impatiently ask: "Why are you talking to me? Shouldn't you be finding Maglir?"

After talking to Maglir, you can return to Modryn before exploring Fallen Rock Cave. Telling him that Maglir defaulted deliberately will cause him to say: "He's not doing the job? The little vermin. It still needs to be done. You get back there and make sure that job is finished! Get moving!" When you return to Modryn with Brenus Astis' Journal, he demands to know why Maglir defaulted: "So, I assume you've dealt with Maglir. Tell me about why he defaulted on his contract." Choosing the 'defaulted' topic will cause Modryn to ask: "You've got the journal. Good. So, what happened in Skingrad?" At this point, two choices are available; you can either choose to rat out on Maglir or tell Modryn that Maglir didn't default. Choosing the former will cause him to say: "You did it? I'll be talking to Maglir soon. I don't need one wet-ear covering for another. Still, the job got done. Here's the reward." If you choose the latter, Modryn will reflect a bit and hand you the reward anyway: "He didn't? Hmph. This doesn't sit well with me. Not well at all. Still, the job got done. Let's hope your friend Maglir has learned a lesson here."

Drunk and Disorderly[edit]

Unemployed Guild Members

After taking care of Maglir's Unfinished Business, Modryn will have another contract ready for you, and a new greeting: "Back again, huh? What is it?" When asked about a contract, he will tell you about three Fighters Guild members causing trouble in Leyawiin: "Back for more work, are you? Good. Some of our boys are causing trouble in Leyawiin. Looks bad for the guild." When you show interest, he will elaborate: "Some of your brothers have been getting rowdy at the local tavern. I've got no problem with cutting loose, but I don't like it when we all look bad. You're looking for Rellian, Vantus Prelius, and Dubok gro-Shagk. I haven't had any trouble with them before, so find out what's going on." When you leave him he will just say: "I'll be waiting." If you approach him again, he will respond: "I'm looking for results from you. What have you found out?"

In Leyawiin, the three drunken Fighters Guild members have scared all the customers away from the Five Claws Lodge. After speaking with their leader, Vantus Prelius, it becomes apparent that these members are simply restless due to lack of work and they will all blame the residing Blackwood Company. They obviously need something to do, an idea backed up by Modryn, although rather aggressively: "Fine. You know what's wrong. How about you go and fix it? NOW!!!" When Margarte agrees to employ the three members, Modryn will be happy, or at least attempt to: "I assume you've taken care of this issue. So, tell me what happened. Why were our men causing trouble? And what did you do?" When you tell him, he will get angry but will not forget your reward: "The Blackwood Company has taken that much of a foothold in Leyawiin. Those sons of.... Never mind. You've done your job. Here's your payment for it." This ends Modryn's first batch of quests; if you ask him for more duties he will send you elsewhere: "I don't have anything for you right now. Speak with Azzan or gro-Khash. Get some more seasoning, and maybe I'll have something."

The Master's Son[edit]

"Vilena coddles the boy too much."

At the beginning of this quest, Modryn is clearly tired of the many rumors floating around town due to Vilena Donton's lack of leadership. As a result, he decides to go behind her back and do something about Viranus Donton, who has been kept away from guild duties since his brother, Vitellus Donton, died during a failed Fighters Guild attempt to kill Azani Blackheart. When you show up at the Guild Hall, Modryn will fill you in: "I've got another job for you, slightly off the record. You'll be going on a mission with Viranus Donton. Yes -- the Guildmaster's son. You're to accompany him, and make sure he succeeds. He needs some time in the field, to get his confidence up, or he'll never become a good warrior. Vilena coddles the boy too much. Doesn't want him in the line of fire. Suppose it's no surprise after Vitellus." When asked about Vitellus, Modryn will tell you part of the story, but not all: "Vilena Donton's eldest son. Good man. We lost him on a botched mission recently. You've probably seen the other wounded around. If you're smart, you'll steer clear of the subject around the Guildmaster. Perhaps you and I will have time to discuss it more later." On Viranus' confidence, Modryn will say: "His mother's been holding him back, protecting him. You'll go to Nonwyll Cavern with him. Galtus Previa was lost there, and you're to find him. And not a word of this to the Guildmaster! Go find him. He'll be in the Donton house, most likely. And bring him back in one piece!" When asked about Galtus Previa Modryn will reveal: "We got the contract from his aunt. Was in Nonwyll looking for gems of some sort. Never heard from again. You and Viranus go find him." When you exit conversation Modryn will remind you: "Time's wasting." If you approach him again, he will angrily ask: "What is it? You've got duties to attend to." If you talk to him with Viranus by your side, he will be equally angry: "You and Viranus have business to attend to. Why are you wasting time here?"

When you return from Nonwyll, a curious Modryn will ask: "You're back. What have you found out about Galtus Previa's disappearance?" When you tell him, he will reply: "Dead? Damn! What got him?" If you never picked up Galtus' broken shield, you can only choose to tell Modryn that trolls killed him: "I suppose that's it, then. Odd that there weren't creatures around the body, though, and that it hadn't been eaten. I'll pay Donton for his contract, and I've got this for you. Good work getting him back in one piece. I might make a real soldier of you yet." If you picked up the shield and tell him that trolls killed him, he will be suspicious, although he will not reveal why: "Could be that. But you said the corpse was intact. Nothing had dined on the gem-hunter. Something doesn't sit right with me about this." If you present him with Galtus' broken shield, a curious Modryn will take it from you with the words: "Let me see that. Interesting. The symbols on it are familiar to me. I'll be looking into this." Two options are available at this point; if you ask him to elaborate about the shield, he will reject you and finish the quest: "Nothing we need to talk about now. I'll pay Viranus for his contract. This is for you. Who knows. I might be able to make soldiers out of you both." If you ask 'what now?' after handing him the shield, he will also finish the quest by saying: "That's all. For now. Good job, though. You got Viranus home safe, and I think it'll do him good. I'll pay him for the contract, and this for you."

More Unfinished Business[edit]

Immediately after completing the previous quest, asking Modryn for duties will net you a new contract; unfortunately, you will have to contact an old friend: "I'm going to need you to find Maglir again. The little fetcher." When asked about Maglir, Modryn will hatefully say: "That's right. The little vermin has defaulted on another contract. I need you to go babysit him again." When asked to elaborate, he will be unclear: "Wish I knew what happened. He had a contract for a local mage in Bravil. Didn't seem like a particularly difficult assignment. He hasn't reported to the client at all. Get yourself down to Bravil and find Maglir. Make sure that contract of his gets done. And send him to me." He will send you on your way with the comment: "Stop staring at me. Let's get to work." If you address him again, he will say: "What is it? You're supposed to find Maglir." If he catches you fooling around in the guildhall, he will ask: "What's the story on Maglir and his contract?"

I'm Blackwood Company now!

In the final stages of the Unfinished Business quest, you had a choice; either to rat out on Maglir and take credit yourself, or tell Modryn that you finished the contract alongside Maglir. If you chose the former option, a hostile Maglir will greet you inside Bravil's Lonely Suitor Lodge and will, when confronted with his failure, reveal some surprising news: "Defaulted? That all you talk about? I'm Blackwood Company now. Plenty of work, the pay is good, and I don't have Oreyn on my back all the time." If you question his honor and loyalty, he will say: "That means a lot, coming from you. You think I didn't hear about you ratting me out to Oreyn? Now get out of here before my friend and I get angry." If you choose to tell him the job needs to be done, he will not mention the client: "Oh? I know you're the one who ratted me out to Oreyn about that other contract. Go back to Oreyn. Give him my regards. We're done talking." Back in Chorrol, Modryn will have the same reaction, regardless of your previous choices: "Yes? I assume you've spoken to that lout Maglir?" When you tell him about Maglir's newly found friends in Leyawiin he will become furious and ask you to finish the contract yourself: "The little bastard! We took him in when no one else would. This is how he repays us? Talk to Aryarie in Bravil. She's our client." After you have spoken to Aryarie for the first time, a return to Modryn will net you: "What is it? Shouldn't you be taking care of Maglir's contract?" When you mention Maglir, Modryn will just say: "Take care of his contract. We'll discuss him later."

After delivering the Imp Gall to Aryarie, Modryn will welcome you back to the Guild Hall with two different reactions, depending on how you received the information about the client. If Maglir himself pointed you towards Aryarie, his membership of the Blackwood Company will be news for Modryn: "I can't believe we lost another to that bunch. Well done taking care of the contract, though. We can't afford to lose any of them, these days. Here's your payment for completion of the contract. I think it's time for us to discuss the Blackwood Company a bit." After that, he will be ready to discuss the Blackwood Company: "They weren't always a threat. Small scale mercenary band, until Ri'Zakar took over. Then came the fat Imperial contracts. After a mission in Black Marsh, they set up shop in Leyawiin. More ruthless than ever. It needs investigating. First, though, you need advancement." After promoting you, he will start his undercover investigation of the rivals: "I've got something for you, but we're not going to talk about it here. I want you to meet me at my house after sundown. We'll talk more then." The quest Azani Blackheart will then be initiated.

Azani Blackheart[edit]

After initiating the quest, Modryn will turn around and head right back to his cabin, waiting for you to arrive. Regardless of his statement, the time of day doesn't matter; when you approach him at home, he will welcome you: "Good. You're here. We've got duties to attend to." When you ask about duties, Modryn will state, "Duty. That's what all this is about, isn't it? The Blackwood Company is destroying us. They steal our contracts; they steal our members. It's our duty to strike back. We need to make a move against them. And we need to do it now." When asked about the Blackwood Company, he will explain: "I've been looking into them. Heard some disturbing things. We know they're a danger to us. And we know they're good at what they do." When asked about their effectiveness, Modryn will be as puzzled as you: "Good question. I've heard stories, but nothing I can prove is true. Maybe they've got a mage working with them. Maybe they're just well trained. All I know for sure is that they'll accept any contract, and they'll do anything to complete it. And they don't care who gets in the way." When asked if they can be stopped, he will angrily comment: "Vilena's gotten tentative since the Blackheart mission. She's worried about getting us killed. But we're just getting killed a little bit at a time." On the topic of Azani Blackheart, Modryn will let the cat out of the bag: "That mission was the start of it. That was when Vitellus was killed. We were contracted by a wizard, Argoth, to recover an artifact from Blackheart. I went in there with twenty men. I left with five. Vitellus wasn't one of them. He died covering our retreat." Apparently, the Blackwood Company succeeded where Oreyn failed: "I snooped around. Apparently, they completed that contract for us. I went in there with twenty good men. I can't believe that bunch finished the job. There's more. Argoth -- he's dead, the artifact gone. Sounds like a set-up. Maybe they made a deal with Blackheart. I don't know. But I'll find out." In the end, he will finally reveal his plan: "Now we find out what really happened. And we let it be known. I want to show the people who the Blackwood Company really are. I can't order you do this with me. It's dangerous, and Vilena isn't going to know about it. It's your choice." If you reject his offer, he will say: "I'm sorry to hear that. Sooner or later, the contracts are going to dry up. Maybe then you'll reconsider." He will then wait in his cabin until you change your mind: "We leave as soon as you're ready. I want to investigate Blackheart's stronghold at Arpenia. Meet me at the Leyawiin guild hall. We'll go from there." His final thoughts on Azani will be: "We need to find out what happened with him. It's all suspicious to me."

Modryn shows you the way to Atatar

In the Leyawiin Guild Hall, Modryn will be standing on the second floor, waiting for you; when approached he will say: "We need to check out Arpenia. Come on. I'll follow you." As promised, Modryn will then follow you to Arpenia, an Ayleid ruin northeast of Leyawiin. When you get there, he will only say "Let's look around", and help you fight the residing animals while doing his best to avoid all the traps. In the second large room, Modryn will realize the search is in vain: "Nothing! I knew it! Azani Blackheart isn't here, alive or dead." He will, however, come up with a theory about what happened: "The bastards! There was no battle. Azani must have made a deal with the Blackwood Company. My guess is that they paid him off. They get the weapon for Argoth, collect the payment, and tell Azani where the mage is. Easy for Blackheart to retrieve the weapon and collect on it." He also knows of another Ayleid ruin where Azani may be hiding: "We find Blackheart and get that weapon. We'll finish this contract and let all of Cyrodiil know what happened here. Blackheart has a fascination with these Ayleid ruins. There's one northeast of here, Atatar. My bet is that he moved his base there. I'll lead." At this point, you will have no choice but to follow the determined Modryn all the way to Atatar. If you approach him along the way, he will say: "We don't have time to talk. I want to find Blackheart. What do you need?"

Modryn fighting Azani Blackheart

When you finally enter Atatar, Modryn will let you lead the way with the words: "He's here somewhere. I know it." He will then follow you all the way to Atatar Loria and help you dispose of Azani. After the battle he will say: "Azani Blackheart is dead, and our brothers avenged." He will then ask: "Dead, finally. Good work. Did you retrieve his ring? I want that as proof that the Blackwood Company didn't defeat him." When you hand him Blackheart's Ring, a pleased Modryn will inform you: "You've got it. Good. I'll use it to prove it was we, not the Blackwood Company, who killed him. Good work on this. Now, get out of here. I'm going to head back to Chorrol. When there's more to do, I'll let you know." He will then leave you and Atatar behind, and travel all the way back to his usual routines in Chorrol. After the quest, Modryn will wear Azani's ring for the rest of the game, although only for show; you can't steal it from him, nor will it turn up in his inventory.

Trolls of Forsaken Mine[edit]

Unveiling the truth about the questionable Blackwood Company finally causes positive rumors to circulate around town, and a satisfied Modryn will relax in Chorrol and let you complete a few contracts for Azzan and Burz gro-Khash. Meanwhile, Viranus Donton has disappeared without a trace while on a mission in Forsaken Mine south of Leyawiin. As a result, you will be pointed towards Modryn in Chorrol to sort things out. When you greet him, a seemingly nervous Guild Champion will say: "I've got another job for you. It's a sensitive one. I need you to find Viranus Donton." He will then proceed to explain: "I sent him on a mission to Forsaken Mine. He and some others were supposed to clear the place of trolls. Haven't heard back from them in days. I want you to go check it out. I don't need to tell you how sensitive a matter this is. Get moving, and report back to me as soon as possible." On Forsaken Mine he will explain: "We'd been contracted to clear the place of trolls. It was a tough job, but I felt the men I sent were up to it. I want to know what happened." If you approach him again, he will get angry: "Why are you here talking to me? I need you to go investigate the Forsaken Mine. And now!"

When you return from the mine, Modryn will be greet you with: "You're back. What have you found out?" If you only found Viranus dead but didn't pick up the journal, he will yell: "Dead? It can't be! What happened? You didn't think to find some evidence? Get back there. Find out what went wrong, dammit!" When you return with the journal he will be devastated, knowing it will cost him his position and job in the Fighters Guild. "Dead? Dead! What happened? A journal? Let me see that... Blackwood Company! Bastards! Rank amateurs! I don't like to think how Vilena is going to take this news. He was my responsibility. I'll be the one to tell her. I want you to lay low for a while. Talk to Azzan or gro-Khash. Let me deal with Vilena. You've still got a career ahead of you." After this conversation, Modryn Oreyn will be expelled from the Guild right away and return to his cabin.

Information Gathering[edit]

With Modryn expelled and Vilena Donton mourning over the loss of her second son, rumor on the streets suggest that the Fighters Guild are finished. Modryn however, concealed in his little cabin, is not done yet and is determined to pick up the fight. When you enter, he will ask you to do a series of undercover missions in an attempt to pick up the pieces: "These certainly won't be official duties. Fact is, you'll likely be expelled from the Guild if Vilena gets wind of the fact that you're here. And I've already been expelled. Doesn't mean I'm done, though. I'm taking down the Blackwood Company, and I want your help doing it. To bring them down, I need more information. My sources tell me they're trying to expand, and they've set up camp in Glademist Cave. I want you to go there and capture Ajum-Kajin, one of their leaders. Bring him back to me. I'd like to spend some time... talking to him." On Ajum-Kajin, Modryn will explain: "He's the one in charge of this expansion. I know he's a high-ranking member of the group. An Argonian mage, from what I hear. Go get him!"

Modryn's got plans for Ajum-Kajin

When you return to Modryn's shack with the noble Argonian Mage, Modryn will commend you for bringing him back: "You've got him. Let's talk about Ajum-Kajin." He will then reveal it is torture time: "You've brought him back. Good. I want to know the size of their forces, and who is leading them. I also want to know the source of their strength. Do what you must to make him talk. If you can smooth talk him, fine. If you need to rough him up, so be it. But don't kill him. We need him to talk. Now, go tell him to sit down. If he tries to get up, I'll kill him myself." If you approach him again, he will say: "Work on him until he talks. Try not to kill him." After you have made the Argonian mage sit down in the chair, Modryn will comment: "Make him sing." Two different outcomes is now possible; if you accidentally kill Ajum-Kajin, Modryn will get very angry: "Since you managed to make a mess of the interrogation, we've got extra work to do if we're going to stop the Blackwood Company." On 'duties' he will then say: "We obviously didn't get enough information from the Argonian. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside.", thus starting the next quest. If, on the other hand, you work more gently on the Argonian in the chair, and receive the necessary information, with the unfortunate result of Ajum-Kajin's suicide, Modryn will coldly respond: "Damn. Killed himself. Must have had some sort of magic item we didn't notice." He will then continue and hand you the Amulet of Interrogation with the words: "You got some information out of him, which is good. We can use it. Here, take this. It might help you some time." This will finally end the quest.


A pint of Hist Sap

With a dead Argonian still sitting in his chair, the eager Modryn will assign you the next quest right away, this time to infiltrate the Blackwood Company headquarters in Leyawiin. When asked for duties he will now say:

"While the information we got from the Argonian was valuable, we need more. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside."
"I want you to get to Leyawiin and join the Blackwood Company. Find the secret of their success. You'll be on your own. Steer clear of me and all of your Fighters Guild brothers. It'll be rough going, but you can do it."

He will send you on your way with a simple:

"Good luck."

If approached again, he will repeat his orders:

"I need you to get down to Leyawiin and infiltrate the Blackwood Company."

After joining, if you pay a visit to Oreyn, it becomes clear that you are on your own:

"I don't want to talk to you, traitor."

After the horrible events in Water's Edge and the discovery of the Blackwood Company's secret weapon, the Hist Sap, a spooked Modryn Oreyn will wake you up back in his cabin, seemingly nervous about the events:

"Good. You're finally awake. I was beginning to get a bit concerned about you."
What happened?
"That's what I was getting ready to ask you. You were found unconscious on the streets in Leyawiin. Some of your Guild brothers found you and brought you to me. Good to see some of them think like we do. Now, what happened out there?"
Hist Sap
"They're using Hist Sap? And they claim to have brought a tree into Cyrodiil? Amazing. I can't imagine what the sap might do to non-Argonians. I'm not surprised you were found the way you were. I imagine those men have built up a tolerance to the stuff. I'm concerned about Water's Edge. I want you to go back there. Make sure the Company hasn't ousted the residents. Lay low."

If asked about the Hist Sap again, he will reply: "Amazing. And insane. I'll look into it further." On the tiny settlement of Water's Edge, he will comment: "I'm worried about those people. The Blackwood Company can't be trusted with their lives and homes. Get there and look into it."

After your heartbreaking visit to Water's Edge, and your conversation with sole survivor Marcel Amelion, Modryn eagerly waits for news:

"Well, what did you find at Water's Edge?"
Waters Edge
"No. The entire town... I realize you must be disgusted with yourself. I'm sorry for that. It was the Hist Sap, though, not you. We now know the threat this group poses. Perhaps better than they themselves know it. We must take decisive action now."

This will complete the Infiltration quest.

The Hist[edit]

The tree must be destroyed!

Finally, Modryn will have gathered enough information to know what will destroy the madness of the Blackwood Company and avenge the many deaths they have caused. When approached he will lay out his plan:

"It is time for decisive action. I have one more duty for you to perform. It is clear to me what must be done. The Hist tree must be destroyed."
Hist Tree
"This tree is the source of our problems. It is an abomination of nature, and it must be destroyed. As long as the Blackwood Company has access to the sap, we are all in danger. I fear they no longer know what they do. You must find a way to destroy the Hist, though I can imagine Ri'Zakar will have it well guarded. Expect an unfriendly welcome at their hall."
"He's a warrior, a battle-hardened mercenary who's spent time all over Tamriel. He'll keep his prize tree locked away. You'll need to find his key."

He will let you walk away with the words:

"Finish it."

If approached again, he will say:

"I need you in Leyawiin to take care of that Hist. What is it you need?"

After the inevitable battle against the Blackwood Company and the destruction of the Hist Tree, returning to Modryn's shack will net you a curious Modryn Oreyn:

"Have you done it? Have you destroyed that foul tree?"
Hist Tree
"Well done! With that tree gone, the Blackwood Company is just another band of mercenaries. Cyrodiil is a safer place for what you've done. I want you to take this. May it serve you well. Now, you should tell Vilena Donton what has happened. Perhaps she will understand what it is we have done. I believe our work is now finished. You are a fine soldier, my friend. You've made me proud."
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
"It belonged to an ancestor, Oreyn Bearclaw, but was lost for centuries. It was found only when Malacath wrongly believed my family line ended. It was returned to me by a stranger from my homeland, Morrowind. Wear it proudly. Perhaps you can help restore the glory of my family's name."

He will then tell you to rush to Vilena Donton to bring her the news:

"Tell her right away."
Modryn's found a new passion

Back in the shack, you will find Modryn seriously occupied with his new hobby; painting. From poor memory, he depicts your interrogation of Ajum-Kajin. He will, however, pause to talk to you:

"Did you speak with Vilena? How did she react?"
"Ha! Made you Guildmaster? Amazing. You earned it, though you'll likely muck it all up. So, what are you going to do with your newfound rank?"
Make you my second-in-command.
"Me? Pah! I was just getting used to being retired. You can see how good my painting is getting. I'm an old man. I've done my time. Then again... someone has to keep you in line. Make sure you don't bring the Guild down around our ears. I'll do it... Guildmaster. Just come to me when you want to assign duties to the Guild. I'll make sure they get done."


After accepting a position as your second-in-command, Modryn will return to a more normal life, occasionally visiting the Guild Hall, but spending most of his time improving his painting skills. He will, however, explain your new duties as Guildmaster when you approach him: "Well, you're in charge. You won't be doing the contracts, but the Master is always paid a percentage of the Guild's monthly take. Check with me monthly to give orders for the month. I'll make it happen. If I don't hear from you, I'll follow the previous month's orders. You can find your monthly stipend in the Master's Chest upstairs, along with anything we find that you might find useful. Here's the key. So, what are your first orders, Guildmaster?"
From this point forward, you always have three available choices and Modryn will give different replies:

Focus on recruitment.

"Not a bad idea. We can use more men in the ranks. It has its advantages. It gives the guild a greater presence. Makes people notice. Plus, members often find items in their travels they can't use, and they leave them here for other members to use. Sometimes there's nice stuff."

Focus on getting contracts.

"Works for me. More contracts keep the men busy and out of trouble. It also helps bring in more gold, which benefits us all. When more men are out there completing contracts, we all make more money. Including you. I'll get on it."

Focus on both equally.

"That's fine. We'll still get some solid revenue, and pick up some new recruits along the way. Not a bad strategy. More revenue means more gold in all our pockets. More men means that we're likely to have more spare equipment around here."

When you have given an order, Modryn will not speak with you any further: "I've got my orders for now. Check back in a month or so, and we can talk about what to do next."

OB-npc-Modreyn Oreyn Painting.jpg

Quest-related rumors[edit]

"Vilena is pretty useless since Vitellus died. Thank gods Oreyn is around to keep things together."
"I don't know what's going on, but Oreyn said Maglir has the contract. Has he lost his nerve?"
"Oreyn is pretty steamed up about Maglir. He can get expelled for that, can't he?"
"Our new recruit says Maglir completed the Fallen Rock Cave contract. Oreyn refuses to talk about it."
"Some of the Leyawiin boys are cutting up pretty bad. Oreyn is not happy."
"Oreyn says the new guy went down and sorted out the problem in Leyawiin. Trouble like that is just making things worse."
"Oreyn is trying to get Viranus out in the field, but Vilena keeps interfering."
"Oreyn is in a foul mood lately. I think he's just about out of patience with Vilena and the whole Blackwood Company situation."
"I think Oreyn is planning to send Viranus out on the Blankenmarch contract. I'm betting Vilena is not happy about it... if she knows."
"So Viranus is dead. Modryn Oreyn is gone. We are in real trouble."
"Viranus, the Fighters Guild son-and-heir, is dead, and Vilena kicked Modryn Oreyn out of the guild. The Fighters Guild is falling apart."
"What chance do we have without Oreyn? Poor Vilena is completely useless. I don't see how we survive this."
"With Modryn Oreyn gone, and Vilena Donton mourning her lost sons, who's left to lead the Fighters Guild?"
"Modryn Oreyn got kicked out, and Vilena Donton thinks only about her dead sons. The Fighters Guild is finished."
"We just need to keep our heads down and try to do our jobs. Oreyn's doing what he can from the outside."
"Oreyn has a plan. Just keep your mouth shut, and stay away from Vilena."
"We can't talk about it. Just go about your business. If Oreyn needs something, he'll let us know."
"We'll just have to trust Oreyn, and keep our mouths shut."
"We have a new master. And with Oreyn to run daily affairs, we should be in good shape."
"Oreyn and the new master have saved the guild, sure enough. But we can't let it go to their heads."
"Goodbye, Blackwood Company. The Fighters Guild has a new master, and Oreyn is back."