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Viranus Donton and some Fighters Guild members were sent to eliminate trolls at Forsaken Mine, and now you must find them.
Quest Giver: Modryn Oreyn in the Chorrol Fighters Guild
Location(s): Forsaken Mine
Prerequisite Quest: The Fugitives and The Wandering Scholar
Next Quest: The Stone of St. Alessia or The Noble's Daughter
Reward: None
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
ID: FGD06DeadViranus
What went wrong at Forsaken Mine?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Modryn Oreyn to receive this quest.
  2. Travel to Forsaken Mine.
  3. Explore the mine and kill the remaining trolls.
  4. Find Viranus Donton's body and his journal.
  5. Take the journal and return to Modryn.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Trouble with Trolls[edit]

Upon speaking to Modryn Oreyn after completing The Fugitives and The Wandering Scholar, he'll reveal that a group of Fighters Guild members headed by Viranus Donton have not been heard from for a few days after setting out on a contract. Their contract involved clearing out a nest of trolls in Forsaken Mine, located just south of Leyawiin. This lack of communication is particularly troubling and Modryn requests that you travel to the mine and determine what is going on. He'll mark the location of Forsaken Mine on your map.

Worrying Evidence[edit]

Once you start exploring the mine, it becomes apparent that something has gone awry with the mission. In the first zone of the mine you will discover the bodies of Ariente, Ashtus Chenius and Cartrus Gavinius - some of Viranus's contingent of fighters. As you travel deeper into the mine, you will discover more dead Fighters Guild members - those of Cargas Laftrius, Mattius Wotrus and Lashana, but also the corpse of a Blackwood Company member. This is a puzzling and troubling sign. As you travel towards the entrance to the second level of the mine you'll encounter your first troll - actually a leveled Savage Troll - so commence completing the unfinished contract in your search for survivors.

A Savage Fate Revealed[edit]

The mine's second zone is infested with eight more Savage Trolls. Move carefully through the mine to ensure that you aren't overwhelmed. Drawing them off one at a time where possible is the best strategy. Another strategy that works is to hit the troll and then step back. As they often use their power attack, you can dodge it and attack them again as they recoil.

In an upper chamber of the Lost Passages, you may notice pools of blood against an apparently blank wall. Closer examination of the blood reveals a movable stone wall and a passage leading downwards, with a trail of blood. The final chamber reveals Viranus's sad fate. His body lies near that of Eduard Hodge, the final missing member of the Guild party.

Searching Viranus's body will reveal a bloodied journal. Within its pages you will discover the younger Donton brother's troubling final months and moments, including the fate of the party and his companion Eduard Hodge. It seems Viranus's party were in the middle of clearing out the trolls when Blackwood Company members suddenly appeared. The Blackwood members unleashed hell, killing both Fighters Guild members and trolls alike in a frenzied but short-lived attack, departing as fast as they appeared. Viranus was gravely wounded in the attack, penning his final moments in the journal as the surviving trolls approached. A sad fate for a troubled warrior.

Bearer of Bad News[edit]

Delivering the tragic news and Viranus's journal to Modryn elicits an angry response and a condemnation of the Blackwood Company's latest exploits. Your only reward is one Fame point. Modryn wants you to "lay low for a while" and indicates he will break the news to Vilena Donton concerning the loss of her last remaining son. Modryn hints that this latest tragedy may signal an end to his career in the Fighters Guild and refers you to Azzan or Burz gro-Khash for further contracts.


  • You do not have to kill all the remaining trolls to complete the quest.
  • If you have not sought advancement to the rank of Guardian before completing this quest and speak to Burz before Azzan for contracts, you will never be demoted to Defender and won't be able to advance to Guardian even by completing The Noble's Daughter and Mystery at Harlun's Watch. This in turns prevents you from starting The Stone of St. Alessia and from completing the Fighters Guild quest line. It is thus recommended to either advance to Guardian rank before the quest is completed, or to make sure you speak to Azzan for contracts.
    • PC Only The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, version 3.5.3, addresses this issue. Burz gro-Khash will now demote you when you speak to him.
  • The dead "Blackwood Company Member" found in Forsaken Mine during this quest is wearing a full suit of Blackwood Armor. This heavy armor is between Dwarven and Orcish in quality and therefore can be particularly valuable for low level characters.
  • It appears that this quest was originally supposed to take place in the Ayleid ruin Veyond, as multiple markers for gates and switches in that ruin are prefixed with "FDG06" internally. There is even a marker called "FGD06DeadViranusMARKER" present in Veyond Gandrasel, the last cell of the dungeon.
    • Additionally, Veyond is populated by unique, leveled Trolls identified as Azhklan Trolls, much like the Trolls at Forsaken Mine.
    • The town of Blankenmarch that is near Veyond would've also played a role, as there is a single rumor in the final game that still mentions it "I think Oreyn is planning to send Viranus out on the Blankenmarch contract. I'm betting Vilena is not happy about it... if she knows." This rumor is conditioned to only play after the completion of Azani Blackheart, but before the completion of Trolls of Forsaken Mine. Blankenmarch in the final game is the only settlement that isn't connected to a quest of any kind.


  • When reporting back with the journal, Modryn Oreyn will comment " I should have known the Blackheart Company was involved." The audio and subtitle are both incorrect, as the group in question is called the "Blackwood Company".
  • In Viranus's journal, he compares himself to Vitellus - his deceased brother. Instead of writing Vitellus, however, he writes his own name twice.
  • You can enter Forsaken Mine before being given this quest, in which case you will still encounter trolls, rats and mud crabs. However, Viranus Donton and his companions will not be present and neither will the diary. However, if the mine is cleaned up afterwards (during cell reset), the dead bodies of the companions and the dead Blackwood Company Member will be removed too. When you reach Stage 10 of this quest and enter the cave again, only large (static) bloodstains will appear, and you will find only Viranus Donton and his diary.
  • If you run at the trolls with 100% Chameleon they will run away and will not stop, thus it can be hard to find them if you let them go too far.
  • When finding the dead body of Viranus Donton it may take time for the quest to update to the next stage.
    • If it doesn't update to the next stage and just has the green quest indicator on him then reload a previous save.

Journal Entries[edit]

Trolls of Forsaken Mine (FGD06DeadViranus)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 I have been told to report to Modryn Oreyn for assigned duties.
10 Modryn Oreyn has given me another duty to perform. A band of fighters was contracted to clear the Forsaken Mine of trolls, but none of them have been heard from, including Viranus Donton. I am to go investigate.
20 I found Viranus Donton dead. I should look for clues as to what happened here.
25 I've told Oreyn that Viranus Donton is dead. He wants me to go back to Forsaken Mine and find proof of what happened.
30 I've found a journal that Viranus Donton kept during his final days. In it, he describes how the mission went well until the Blackwood Company arrived. They battled, and he survived, gravely wounded. It appears he finally succumbed to his wounds. I should report this to Oreyn.
100 Finishes quest☑ Oreyn was both angered and saddened by what I told him. He has asked that I allow him to tell Vilena Donton the news about her son. Until then, he suggests I find contract work to do.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  • On PC It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage FGD06DeadViranus stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.
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