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The Scenarist Guild is an ancient guild with a presence across all of Tamriel.[1] The Guild is for troubadours, bards, and minstrels; guild members are called Scenarists. The guild has a presence in every significant city across the provinces, but it is based in a citadel nestled in the Dragontail Mountains, which is protected from trespassers by a magical barrier.[2] The guild was ruled with an iron fist by Nesmyt in the late Third Era, although it had existed for hundreds of years before he took command.[1]

The Scenarist Guild offers guided tours in the cities, and helps people traverse the provinces physically, interactively, spiritually, and historically. It also answers riddles and puzzles.[1] The notes and observations made by the Scenarists have been compiled into a thousand impressive volumes.[2] A neutral guild member not associated with any geographic entity acts as an observer, keeping others' accounts honest and free from inborn or regional bias.[1] In 3E 370, Nesmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charged with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn in 3E 399.[2] Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Daggerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine to the Oracle of Hammerfell. The guild possesses a Monster Watch Grid, which was used to locate the thousands of dark minions which were released by the Underking in the events leading up to the Warp in the West.[1]


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