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The Actors Guild[1] (also called the Guild of Playwrites, Actors, and Dramatists)[2] is an officially sanctioned guild that operated in the Third Empire. Authors and writers come to the Actors Guild to organize performances of their works, such as the case with Baloth-Kul and his creation, the Legend of Krately House.[1]

The book, Fools' Ebony, written by the playwright, Frincheps in the Third Era was scrutinized by the Actors Guild. The prologue in the first part explains that if the audience is unsatisfied by the performance that they should leave the theater immediately and their gold would not be refunded.[2] At the beginning of part six, the prologue leaves a disclaimer that the guild abbreviated scene one out of common decency and that it contained little relevant information. Later in scene one, the guild heavily edited the playwright's speech and had the prologue fill in any information.[3]


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