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A Nord warrior

The following is a list of all known wars and conflicts during the Merethic Era. Due to the limitation of sources, the order of events is approximate and should not be taken as necessarily chronological.

Nedic/Iron Orc Wars[edit]

Late Merethic Era

During periods of rapid Nedic advancement in metal and stonecraft, conflicts between the Iron Orcs and Nedes of Craglorn became more common and intense. This resulted in a fundamental rearrangement of Iron Orc civilization. From a largely peaceful, shamanistic society into a community of miners, smiths, and warriors.

The Return[edit]

Late Merethic Era - 2nd Century 1E

The Return refers to the Atmoran conquest of Skyrim following the Night of Tears.

Major Battles[edit]

  • Night of Tears — Also known as the Crying Night) is the night an Elven force attacked and burned the first human city of Skyrim, Saarthal, built by the first Nordic inhabitants. In retaliation, Ysgramor, the leader of the human colonization effort and the founder of the Companions, drove the elves out of Solstheim and Skyrim.
  • Battle of Lake Honrich — 13th Suns Dusk 1E 139, Nordic forces push out the Snow Elves from Lake Honrich, which is more sparsely populated than other areas.
  • Battle of the Moesring — The final stand between the Nords and the Snow Elves which took place in the Moesring Mountains of Solstheim.
  • Sinmur's Defeat — Ysgramor and the Five Hundred Companions fought a large-scale war with the Giant chieftain Sinmur and his kin. Both sides suffered severe casualties and the conflict culminated in a final battle between the two leaders in Sinmur's barrow. As they dueled, Ysgramor shattered Sinmur's club and finally slayed him with his legendary battleaxe, Wuuthrad.

Dragon War[edit]

Alduin's Wall depicting the Dragon War

Late Merethic Era

The dragon priests in Tamriel became more tyrannical and the populace eventually rebelled some time in the Merethic Era, leading to the Dragon War. Some dragons turned against their own kind and taught the Nords powerful magic that allowed them to turn the tide of the war in their favor. After a long and bloody campaign, the rule of the dragons was ended, and the remaining wyrms fled to remote areas.

However remnants of the Dragon Cult would persist into the First Era, the last known holdout being in Forelhost Monastary, which was discovered in 1E 139 during the reign of High King Harald. The armies of Skyrim laid siege, taking the Monastary in 1E 140 after having used the Thu'um to knock down the walls, however the cultists had committed mass suicide by poisoning the water source, killing many of the besiegers who drank without realizing this. This is the last known sighting of the Dragon Cult in life, however for siding with the dragons many of it's followers would be re-animated as draugr as they were denied entry into Sovngarde, menacing nordic ruins.

Major Events[edit]

  • Conquest of ElsweyrKaalgrontiid and his dragon horde conquer Elsweyr's sixteen kingdoms. The dragons were later tricked into imprisonment in the Halls of Colossus by the Khajiit hero Khunzar-ri and his companions, Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, Anequina Sharp-Tongue, and Cadwell the Betrayer.
  • Alduin's Banishment — The Ancient Nord Heroes use an Elder Scroll to eject Alduin from their time, propelling him into the future.
  • Seige of Forelhost — The last known event in the Dragon War, the armies of Skyrim seiged the Monastary for a year before shouting down the walls with the Thu'um. However the cultists committed mass suicide rather that be captured or die in battle.

War of the Pines[edit]

Merethic Era

A little-known war in ancient Skyrim. Arnvid the Unbound received a fatal war-wound during the conflict.[1]

Wars of Yokuda[edit]

Late Merethic Era

The Na-Totambu, the royalty of the Yokudans, fight to a standstill among themselves to decide who will lead the charge against the Lefthanded Elves. Leki intervenes and a victor emerges. Diagna, an avatar of the HoonDing, brings orichalc weapons to the Yokudans, which prove instrumental in defeating the elves.[2]

The Narfinsel Schism[edit]

Narfinsel circa 2E 582

Late Merethic Era1E 198

A centuries long civil war between the more conservative Aedra-worshiping Ayleid clans and the more decadent, vigorous clans that had adopted Daedra-worship begins.[3]

The Aedra worshipping Barsaebics were driven out of the Heartland into northwest Argonia, and thereafter organized opposition to Daedra-worship in Cyrodiil was effectively over, ending the conflict.

Major Events[edit]

  • Scouring of Wendelbek — The conflict reached its climax in 1E 198 when King Glinferen of Atatar led a combined force of Daedraphile warriors against the traditionalist Barsaebics of Ayleidoon, with the Barsaebics losing and sent into exile in Argonia.


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