Skyrim:Fallowstone Cave

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Fallowstone Cave
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 2
Bears, Frostbite Spiders, Giants, Trolls
Console Location Code(s)
FallowstoneCaveExterior01, FallowstoneCaveExterior02, FallowstoneCaveOrigin, FallowstoneCaveStartNew, FallowstoneCave, FallowstoneCaveEnd, FallowstoneCaveExit
The Rift
Northeast of Riften along the eastern border
Ore Veins
# of Iron 1
# of Silver 2
Fallowstone Cave

Fallowstone Cave is a massive cavern with an exit to Giant's Grove, located in the Velothi Mountains northeast of Riften and a short way north of Lost Prospect Mine.

There is one massive cavern with a couple of small caves and tunnels, one leading to Giant's Grove and the other the way back up from the bottom of the main cavern. Trolls and cave bears typically inhabit the place.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.



Prior to progressing The Cursed Tribe quest, there are many bones including a mammoth rib cage littering the area and blood splatters on the ground around the entrance and along the approach. There are a few red and purple mountain flowers around the entrance. Once you are sent here during the quest a number of the larger rocks around the entrance become painted with typical designs for giants, along with bone chimes hanging from the overhang by the entrance.

Fallowstone Cave[edit]

The interior of the cave

If you are not here during the related quest: When you first enter there is a tunnel heading east before turning to the south and opening up into a massive cavern. In front of you is a large stream formed by a waterfall to the west. It then falls in two steps to the very bottom in great waterfalls. There is another waterfall to the east that joins the stream after the first drop, forming a powerful surge by the time it get to the lowest level. As you emerge from the entrance tunnel there are a couple of piles of rock near a mammoth rib cage. There are a couple of leveled animals and maybe a frostbite spider, one on either side of the stream. Behind the ribs is an earthen bridge that crosses the stream. Around the cavern there are several rock pillars supporting the ceiling, vegetation that obscures some of the risks posed by this cavern and a variety of fungi and flora as listed below. Descending one level to the east you will see a small tunnel ahead which contains the body of a dead orc bandit and another frostbite spider.

If you are here during the related quest: Giants will have moved in, killing a large number of the animals present and also adding several large painted rocks and strings of bones etc. There is also a dead Orc leaning against one of the large rocks, next to the first rib cage of a mammoth, with blood splattered on the ground. In either case the way forward lies to the southeast. There are several "steps" down formed by ledges that are small enough drops to avoid damage. You may see a chest on a ledge, don't worry about trying to reach it as you will pass it by on your way back towards the exit. Keep heading southeast and after a few drops there is a tunnel opening in the east wall, with cobwebs all around it. The tunnel only extends a few paces before it comes to a dead end with a dead Orc bandit lying there, with a random healing and stamina potion lying next to them.

Head northeast from here until you reach one of the last ledges where you can see the bottom of the cavern and across the far side of the stream. There are more animals and/or trolls in this area, although some of them may already be dead if they have fought. As you reach the stream you will see it splits with one fork turning and flowing southwest to northeast with the other traveling from the west to the east. Crossing the stream, but keeping the first fork on your right there are two silver ore veins next to each other, against the west wall of the cavern. Following the cavern wall around there is a naturally lit section from a hole in the ceiling, with a couple more rib cages among some trees. Heading southeast from here there is an iron ore vein, against the cavern wall, with a tunnel carved by the stream farther to the right. Once the giants have moved in there is a small camp with a single giant where the rib cages are, with a large fire in the middle as well as a novice locked chest, a wolf pelt and a random healing potion next to a cart beside the fire.

Following the stream down the tunnel leads to another cave, where the stream broadens and flows straight across the cave before disappearing underground near the exit to the southeast. During the quest a giant will be standing near a small flooded alcove by the northeast wall; the alcove contains a random helmet and a random potion. If you're not here during the quest, there are two more leveled animals at this point, with a couple more not far away that may be alerted to any fighting. There will only be the random potion under the water. Opposite, the cave rises to the southwest wall, which has another small alcove; this one is dry and contains a dead Orc Bandit who is holding a random shield and a random enchanted weapon.

The exit is to the southeast which rises sharply before turning to the southwest, after the giants move in there will be a couple of bone chimes hanging from the ceiling, by the entrance to this tunnel, but they are set too high for you to trigger accidentally. After the tunnel turns to the southwest it continues to rise. At the top it turns to the northwest before opening out into a small cave containing two leveled animals (normally bears or trolls), unless they heard and came to investigate fighting earlier. This area is covered in bones, both human and animal and the body of an Orc. Just past this there is a tunnel rising to the southwest this is the exit leading to Giant's Grove.

Straight ahead is a narrow tunnel that rises again quite steeply. It leads back out into the massive cavern you started in, on a narrow ledge that follows the wall of the cavern west until you reach a trio of small trees, here the ledge turns to the southwest. Just past this there is a rock sticking out slightly with an apprentice locked chest, that is easily missed. It's the chest that could be seen, but not reached to from the first ledge. Continue following the ledge until you have passed a mammoth skull, after this point it is safe to drop off the edge and land on the top ledge where you entered.

2 Bleeding Crown
7 Blisterwort
4 Fly Amanita
1 Imp Stool
1 Mora Tapinella
1 Namira's Rot
1 Red Mountain Flower
5 White Cap


  • Prior to you beginning the quest, the tunnel leading to the exit to Giant's Grove will be blocked.
  • A third silver ore vein is located outside, 320 ft northwest of the cave entrance, at the foot of the mountains.
  • Two orichalcum ore veins are located outside the cave. One is northwest at the foot of the mountains and the other is near the silver ore vein mentioned above.
  • Shortly northwest of Fallowstone Cave, under a tree north of the road, is a copy of the Illusion skill book Incident at Necrom.
  • A Fallowstone Hall appears in ESO, although it bears no apparent relation to Fallowstone Cave, and is located in a different place.