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ON-icon-furnishing-Trifold Mirror of Alternatives.png
Trifold Mirror of Alternatives
Category Suite (Mirrors)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Traditional Furnishings
Bind Bind on Pickup
Behavior Visual FX= eyes blinking, green aura
"May your wardrobe reflect the dark sophistication of this mirror trio. It's not my style, but when I look deeply into your eyes, I think it suits you more than you may think."—Fairwen of Vulkhel Guard
Trifold Mirror of Alternatives

Available From[edit]

  • After completing this entry in the Antiquity Codex, this furnishing may be purchased from Vasei in Necrom, for 00100000100,000 Gold.
  • Codex Entries required: 9


This antiquity furnishing can be obtained via the Antiquities system. First, you must obtain the following Antiquity leads in the Trifold Mirror of Alternatives set:

Icon Lead Location Source(s) Difficulty Codex
ON-icon-lead-Liminal Glass.png Lead: Liminal Glass Telvanni Peninsula Nightmare Den World Boss Master Amalien Reginus Buca Verita Numida
Quite obvious that we're not dealing with typical glass! I can't determine from this fragment whether it's just an illusion, or if it provides a stable portal. Though, I think a permanent entrance into Oblivion would be quite dangerous. Did you know that glass handicraft goes back into the Merethic era? Early versions used obsidian which gave it a darker hue than what we expect today. Given the inky appearance, I believe this pane to be made of that polished crystal. We've found trinkets made of obsidian glass in the graves of Nedic leaders. It's uncommon for that culture to make a mirror with this swirling decoration, but I know of shrines in northern Hammerfell where this would fit right in.
ON-icon-lead-Runic Legs.png Lead: Runic Legs Telvanni Peninsula Halls of Regulation Delve boss Master Amalien Gabrielle Benele Verita Numida
The stone legs are curious. You commonly see shaped sandstone among Dwarven construction, but the runes are Daedric. Could this be evidence that some Dwemer consorted with creatures from Oblivion? What a find! Many cultures used stone, not just the Dwarves. That said, these were constructed using ancient tools is correct. Look at the curve of each leg - they aren't exact, even if you account for age. The craftsmen did not have the tools for precision. If you compare the stone craftmanship to the etchings in Hositte's From Pebbles to Boulders, you'll see a perfect match with ancient Nedic work. The Daedric runes are uncommon, but not unheard of. A pleasure to see the handiwork up close.
ON-icon-lead-Umbral Frame.png Lead: Umbral Frame Telvanni Peninsula Quires Wind Delve boss Master Verita Numida Gabrielle Benele Amalien
Such roiling darkness should not hold its shape like this, yet here it is. How could one even transport this piece? Based on the shadowy composition, I'd estimate an association with the Daedric Prince Namira. Nice guess! However, the frame holds its shape using coherence energies specific to Namira or Hermaeus Mora. A minor Namira cult in Western Skyrim called the Night Knives rimmed their tables with similar shadows. This frame's composition flows from Apocrypha, no question. The additional decorations make that clear. The energy similarities you noticed could mean Mora and Namira have a closer relationship than I realized!

Release Notes

Update 38 (Necrom - June 2023)

  • Released