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Antique Maps are special pieces of furniture that can be excavated via the Antiquities system.

The leads can be bought for 1,000 gold each from general goods merchants (including innkeepers) in the respective zones, if the Pathfinder achievement for the zone was unlocked.

When excavated, each furnishing includes codex entries from members of the Antiquarian Circle: Amalien, Gabrielle Benele, Reginus Buca, Ugron gro-Thumog and Verita Numida.

Purchasing a lead and excavating the map will unlock the first codex entry only, thus the lead of any given map needs to be purchased three times to unlock all its entries. Expanding this to all available maps, over 80,000 gold must be spent in order to collect every antique map codex entry.

Antique Map of Alik'r Desert[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Alik'r Map 02.png Antique Map of Alik'r Desert
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This map maker's aesthetic depicts the vast desert of Alik'r in gentle flowing lines, representing dunes that have long since shifted. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Alik'r Desert.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout the Alik'r Desert for 1,000 gold. Alik'r Desert Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries An Alik'r nomad tribe's map with a sparse frame of reference and no borders to speak of. Sentinel appears to be the only significant settlement of note. Instead, there is a focus on landmarks and hazards. A giant serpent's body is woven throughout. —Verita Numida
Not unlike the sea serpents scrawled in naval charts, eh? This must be Satakal, the Yokudan serpent god. They believed we all dwell upon the serpent, so it's safe to assume that this is a symbolic representation. —Reginus Buca
I've spoken at length with nomad tribal chieftains. Most claim that the dunerippers we see now are a fraction of the size of those the first Ra Gada encountered. Could be a correlation, but any evidence has long been weathered away by shifting sands. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Antique Map of Auridon[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Auridon Map 02.png Antique Map of Auridon
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One of the Summerset Isles, Auridon is painstakingly rendered on this map to the exacting standard of the College of Sapiarchs. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Auridon.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Auridon for 1,000 gold. Auridon Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Oh! Clearly this is one of the Summerset Isles! Auridon, in fact. Nine Prows Landing is marked on it, too, which makes me think it's an early map. —Amalien
Or perhaps someone chose to note that location on this map since it is culturally significant, Amalien. Haven't I seen you do that yourself when you're sketching out your own maps? —Reginus Buca
Hmmm ... you're right. I definitely do that. And I see that there's a note about potential locations for the Mages Guild, which puts this at around 2E 230, so much later than I had hoped! —Amalien

Antique Map of Bangkorai[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Bangkorai Map 02.png Antique Map of Bangkorai
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The entire region of Bangkorai is shown on this antique map, though much of the detail is focused on the daunting Bangkorai pass. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Bangkorai.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Bangkorai for 1,000 gold. Bangkorai Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries I'd date this around the early to mid First Era. The kingdom of Ojwambu occupies the southern half of Bangkorai. It was sacked by the warlord Mahgzoor Rockhand, likely in retribution for driving the Goblins from their lands in Hammerfell. —Reginus Buca
Attacks like these were used to justify the sacking of Orsinium, despite the fact that Goblins did not occupy the city. According to oral histories, the Orc clans and Goblin tribes maintained a truce within the Dragontail Mountains, but did not mingle. —Ugron gro-Thumog
If it was prior to the Siege of Orsinium, it was probably after the exodus of Orcs and Goblins in 1E 874. That narrows the fall of Ojwambu and establishment of Hallin's Stand to the seventy-four years between! We're close! —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of Blackwood[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Blackwood Map.png Antique Map of Blackwood
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On this heirloom map, the areas populated by Nibenese contain a wealth of details about the terrain, while expanses of wilderness seemingly remain fully unexplored. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Blackwood.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from Innkeepers and General goods merchants in Blackwood for 1,000 gold. Blackwood Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries his is a map of the Blackwood region. The parchment is worn, but it is still detailed, especially along the coast. There is something strange here, though I can't put my finger on it. Still, the map shows caves even I've forgotten about! —Gabrielle Benele
What strikes me about this map is that the lines appear to have been drawn in squid ink. See how it faded to brown, like the parchment, rather than gray or black? The use of squid ink suggests a sailing vessel rather than a cartographer's shop. —Reginus Buca
Regius is right about this map, the focus on waterways shows a sailor's eye. See how the Snake Tail River opens into marshlands instead of carrying on to the Niben itself? That might date the map between the flood off 2E 218 and the Crow's Storm of 2E 255. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Antique Map of Coldharbour[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Coldharbour Map.png Antique Map of Coldharbour
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One might question the sanity of the cartographer of this map, but according to experts in planar travel, it's remarkably accurate. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Coldharbour.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Coldharbour for 1,000 gold. Coldharbour Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries I think we're all in agreement that this is a map of Coldharbour, yes? Take it from someone who knows: Coldharbour is hard to forget. —Gabrielle Benele
Coldharbour is supposed to emulate Nirn itself, but it always surprises me how innocuous it looks when depicted in a map. Those brave enough to document it did so with little bias, it seems. —Reginus Buca
I can't imagine this map will stay accurate for long. Correct me if I'm wrong, Gabrielle, but I believe Daedric realms change as often as their ruling Prince's mood. Who knows what Coldharbour will look like in centuries to come. —Amalien

Antique Map of the Deadlands[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-The Reach Map 02.png Antique Map of the Deadlands
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Long ago, several explorers of the Burn and the Sever worked together to map out these areas of the Deadlands, though regrettably not all who started this cartography project lived to see its result. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of the Deadlands.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from Traveling Merchants in The Deadlands for 1,000 gold. Deadlands Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries This appears to be a map of Mehrunes Dagon's realm. Cosmic matters like the width and breadth of a Daedric realm are outside my area of expertise, but I have no reason to doubt its authenticity. The vellum it's made from is unsettling to say the least.—Reginus Buca
This is the work of a Dremora. You see the ragged edges? The parchment was roughly flensed. From what, I'd rather not speculate. Odd that they'd choose this one region to chart. Gabrielle seems to think the Deadlands are broad beyond comprehension. —Verita Numida
Gabrielle is right! I know a reputable Daedrologist who says the Deadlands are spotted with seven hundred and seventy-seven different fortifications. There's only a handful here, so these must be really important! —Amalien

Antique Map of Craglorn[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Craglorn Map.png Antique Map of Craglorn
(view item page)
The cartographer who worked on this antique map detailed the dry wastelands of Lower Craglorn and mountainous regions of Upper Craglorn with a deft hand. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Craglorn.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Craglorn for 1,000 gold. Lower Craglorn Pathfinder and Upper Craglorn Pathfinder achievements required.
Codex Entries Given the relative position of the land to the Dragontail Mountains, this has to be a map of Craglorn. Marvelous! —Reginus Buca
Few places in Tamriel have changed hands more than Craglorn. Just by the sheer amount of different ruins that can be found there, it's hard to tell what perspective this was drawn from. —Gabrielle Benele
Yes. Nedes, Orcs, Yokudans, Ayleids, Dwarves ... the list goes on and on! It's almost comforting to know that despite its tumultuous history, the land itself remains largely unchanged. —Verita Numida

Antique Map of Deshaan[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Deshaan Map 02.png Antique Map of Deshaan
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The fertile plain of Deshaan stretches out on this artful map. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Deshaan.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Deshaan for 1,000 gold. Deshaan Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries From the dark shading in the northern region of this map, it seems likely this maps dates to soon after the first eruption of Red Mountain. Sometime very soon after 1E 668. Deshaan experienced significant climate disruption during this period. —Reginus Buca
Ah yes. The Sun's Death! I see several roads leading away from the darkened areas. Perhaps these were Dunmer escape routes, showing the way to new settlements?—Amalien
The idea that a cartographer managed to create a map in these conditions defies credulity. Red Mountain's eruption, the end of the First Council's war, the curse of Azura .... An artist probably rendered this as a historical map a hundred years later. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Antique Map of Eastmarch[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Eastmarch Map 02.png Antique Map of Eastmarch
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A master cartographer lent their skills to the crafting of this map of Eastmarch untold years ago. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Eastmarch.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Eastmarch for 1,000 gold. Eastmarch Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Skyrim, the Old Holds. Eastmarch, specifically--the former heartland of the Nord Empire. —Ugron gro-Thumog
Windhelm in particular is the oldest human settlement in all of Tamriel. One wonders what stories and treasures have been forgotten in this ancient land.—Verita Numida
I'm reminded of one: There's an old Nordic legend about how the hero Wuundig fought a mighty Daedra here and melted it with a flaming hammer. The hot springs of Eastmarch are what's left of the monster. —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of Glenumbra[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Glenumbra Map 02.png Antique Map of Glenumbra
(view item page)
This detailed map highlights the complex topography of Glenumbra thanks to the artistry of the cartographer who crafted it. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Glenumbra.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Glenumbra for 1,000 gold. Glenumbra Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Map of the Direnni Hegemony, circa 1E 484. I note some discrepancies in the topography. There are some, shall we say, natural borders that don't align with the current lay of the land, or maps drawn a mere twenty years after. —Reginus Buca
I concur. These irregularities are taking great liberties with the region. This map from the same year omits Camlorn entirely. This hardly seems like a mere oversight. I believe this was a deliberate attempt to obfuscate their shrinking territories.—Verita Numida
The Direnni had some of the most powerful mages in the world at the height of their reign. Maybe they weren't just changing the maps? What if their Camlorn really did disappear? Like the Dwemer? Or Artaeum? Maybe we'll find it! Wouldn't that be something? —Amalien

Antique Map of the Gold Coast[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Gold Coast Map.png Antique Map of the Gold Coast
(view item page)
Though this antique map doesn't note it, the Gold Coast was once called the Strident Coast. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of the Gold Coast.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Gold Coast for 1,000 gold. Gold Coast Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries I think it's fairly obvious that this is a depiction of the Gold Coast. A beautifully rendered one at that. —Reginus Buca
It's interesting to think about maps drawn before and after the construction of Varen's Wall. Each tell quite a different story about the land and it's people! —Amalien
I'd be curious to see a map of this area from the First Era, if such a thing could ever be found. All that remains of the great Ayleid settlements is broken marble and subterranean dangers. A fitting end for such a terrible people. —Verita Numida

Antique Map of Grahtwood[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Grahtwood Map 02.png Antique Map of Grahtwood
(view item page)
Careful attention was paid to marking the well-trod footpaths through the old growth of Grahtwood. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Grahtwood.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Grahtwood for 1,000 gold. Grahtwood Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Hmm, this is difficult to read, but I believe it's a map of the southeast Valenwood. This region is known as the Grahtwood, after the graht-oaks that are found in great numbers there. —Verita Numida
Curious--Falinesti is marked on the map. I know that the city hasn't been seen in many years, but even in the days when it was accessible, I thought that the Walking City's location was uncertain. —Reginus Buca
Uncertain? No, although I can understand why you might think so. Falinesti moved with the seasons, traveling to different parts of the Valenwood. From year to year, it took root in the same spot during each season--this map marks its winter site. —Amalien

Antique Map of Greenshade[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Greenshade Map 02.png Antique Map of Greenshade
(view item page)
Nearly a work of art in itself, this map of Greenshade provides some insight into what the region might have looked like in an earlier time. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Greenshade.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Greenshade for 1,000 gold. Greenshade Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries This looks like southwestern Valenwood to me. Yes, this must be Greenshade. —Gabrielle Benele
Yes, this seems quite old. Modern maps of the region evince High Elf influence. Remember, the Dominion has tried to influence Greenshade both culturally and architecturally. This map seems to predate their concerted attempts to do so. —Reginus Buca
Yes, the Bosmer only barely tolerate my people. Hard to blame them. Travelers don't know the true layout of the area because they stick to the cities for trade and travel. This is detailed enough that it might be from the Wood Elves themselves! —Amalien

Antique Map of Hew's Bane[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Hew's Bane Map.png Antique Map of Hew's Bane
(view item page)
This rare map depicts Hew's Bane, also once called Khefrem's Boot, a peninsula on the south coast of Hammerfell. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Hew's Bane.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Hew's Bane for 1,000 gold. Hew's Bane Pathfinder achievement required.—Amalien
Codex Entries I believe this is a map of Hew's Bane. It has a very distinctive shape. Does anyone else think it looks like a horse?
Prince Hew set up the first sembalnces of a city near the harbor on the east side of the peninsula. It wasn't much at first, but over time it transformed into a sprawling commercial port, despite the harsh environment.—Reginus Buca
You make it sound so glorious, Reginus! The truth is that Price Hew was a irresponsible clod. This maps don't tell the full tale of his blundering.—Verita Numida

Antique Map of Malabal Tor[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Malabal Tor Map 02.png Antique Map of Malabal Tor
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The cartographer paid special attention to the coast and waterways of Malabal Tor when rendering this map. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Malabal Tor.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Malabal Tor for 1,000 gold. Malabal Tor Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries An old depiction of Malabal Tor, the Bosmeri heartland. See, here's Silvenar, and over here is Falinesti--the summer site, I believe. Of course, no one's seen it in a very long time. —Gabrielle Benele
Interesting. Several Ayleid holds and cities are marked on the map: Abamath, Belarata, Ilayas. This map must have been made early in the First Era, shortly after the Ayleids withdrew to the Valenwood. Some of these sites were lost for centuries. —Reginus Buca
More likely the map was created by a cartographer working from older source material--mapmakers often incorporate the work of their predecessors into new maps, correcting and improving it. This parchment is old, but it's not three thousand years old. —Verita Numida

Antique Map of Murkmire[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Murkmire Map.png Antique Map of Murkmire
(view item page)
The surveyor who succeeded in mapping the impenetrable marshlands of Murkmire made certain to note the migration of swamp leviathans. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Murkmire.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Murkmire for 1,000 gold. Murkmire Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Difficult to say with certainty since its shores change so often, but I'm fairly confident this map depicts southern Black Marsh. Specifically the Murkmire region. —Verita Numida
You're right, Verita. And you certainly weren't exaggerating when you spoke about the shores and terrain shifting. Just look where the cartographer placed Blackrose Prison and Lilmoth. —Ugron gro-Thumog
Black Marsh is virtually impossible to map effectively. Just ask any Imperial cartographer who's tried it. Very few make it back out of that gods-forsaken place alive, and those that do are always disappointed. —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Northern Elsweyr 02.png Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr
(view item page)
The lands of Anequina and its majestic aqueduct are the subject of this skillfully illustrated map. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Northern Elsweyr for 1,000 gold. Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Ah! Hard to mistake this map, given the recent troubles in the region. It's Anequina sure enough. Northern Elsweyr, I mean. —Gabrielle Benele
Hmm. It's clearly quite old, but the cartographer didn't include the boundaries of Elsweyr's sixteen kingdoms. I suppose the artist rendered it shortly after the northern half of the province consolidated under the Anequine banner. —Verita Numida
Yes, this clearly depicts the region just after the Thrassian Flu. It's quite odd to see a fully rendered map of the province. Travel in Elsweyr leans heavily upon word of mouth--mostly to keep Baandari caravaners employed. —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of The Reach[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-The Reach Map 02.png Antique Map of The Reach
(view item page)
Reachfolk have little use for maps, knowing the land as well as they know their own bodies, so an intrepid explorer must have drafted this cartographic wonder—perfect for hanging on your wall or planning your next Reach excursion. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of The Reach.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from Innkeepers and General goods merchants in Markarth for 1,000 gold. The Reach Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries I'm surprised by the thoroughness of this. Authentic maps of the Reach are hard to come by, especially before 1E 1000. I wonder who put this to paper, and how they went about acquiring that information. —Reginus Buca
Safe to assume it wasn't the ancient Reachfolk themselves. This reeks of Imperial pretense. And since there are some pockets of land unlabeled, I'd guess they're the Reachclan strongholds that the Imperials never managed to penetrate. —Ugron gro-Thumog
It looks like both Red Eagle Redoubt and Markarth are accounted for, but rendered by a dismissive hand. I think Ugron is right. I'd place this map around Empress Hestra's reign, and definitely long after the disapperance [sic] of the Dwemer.—Amalien

Antique Map of Reaper's March[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Reaper's March Map 02.png Antique Map of Reaper's March
(view item page)
Skillful strokes create the boundaries and landmarks of Reaper's March on this map. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Reaper's March.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Reaper's March for 1,000 gold. Reaper's March Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries A map of the March. This land I know well. Bosmer, Khajiit, Colovians, and Imperials have fought over this place for centuries uncounted. The battles I could tell you of! —Ugron gro-Thumog
The region's history of conflict no doubt shaped the warrior cultures of the nomadic Khajiit tribes. The rest of Tamriel knows the Khajiit as traveling merchants, but Anequina--the northern Khajiit realm--has always been a martial kingdom. —Verita Numida
Despite the name, the Reaper's March is more than just a battlefield. It's a melting pot of cultures. Yes, the Khajiit fought bloody wars here, but they also traded with other peoples and prospered in peaceful times. —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of The Rift[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-The Rift Map 02.png Antique Map of The Rift
(view item page)
Despite its name, the sweeping temperate zone called the Rift is a hospitable place for Nords to come together, and this map points the way. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of The Rift.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout The Rift for 1,000 gold. The Rift Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Oh, this seems to be a map of the Rift! It's hard to miss Lake Honrich and the Treva River. A much more temperate climate than the rest of Skyrim, really. —Gabrielle Benele
And Giant territory, too! I wonder if any Giant burial grounds are marked on this map? I've heard that Giants seek out their ancestral burial grounds when they feel death drawing near. —Amalien
Giant burial grounds are less interesting than you might think. They take few belongings to the grave, and their kin do not tend the place where they are laid. You'll find little more than large bones and scraps of mammoth leather. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Antique Map of Rivenspire[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Rivenspire Map 02.png Antique Map of Rivenspire
(view item page)
Somehow the cartographer behind this map accurately rendered Rivenspire in great detail through all its gloom and fog. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Rivenspire.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Rivenspire for 1,000 gold. Rivenspire Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries An annotated draft of the political map of the kingdom of Rivenspire once belonging to the royal cartographer of Shornhelm. The lines have been redrawn numerous times in varying colors of ink. It seems the nobility was quite divided on the matter. —Reginus Buca
If they were anything like their descendants, then I'd say that's an understatement. The three major houses are constantly vying for control. It's a miracle that the kingdom isn't in a constant state of civil war, especially without a king on the throne. —Gabrielle Benele
The stewardship of these assorted baronies and counties was at the pleasure of the king. Holdings of the nobility would have shifted constantly as individuals gained or fell out of favor. These drafts may be as close to final as was possible. —Reginus Buca

Antique Map of Shadowfen[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Shadowfen Map 02.png Antique Map of Shadowfen
(view item page)
On this aged map, someone took great pains to depict the common paths and hazardous areas of the mire called Shadowfen. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Shadowfen.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Shadowfen for 1,000 gold. Shadowfen Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries This is a treat! An Ayleid map of the Shadowfen region from very early in the First Era. The rendering of Stormhold looks almost aspirational. Several marks on here imply they had planned several locations for settlment. —Amalien
These marks don 't necessarily imply settlement locations. I suggest they could be warnings. The Argonian population would not take kindly to encroachment in this era. They were much more isolated then. —Ugron gro-Thumog
You may be right. There are stories of an enormous battle between local Argonians and the Barsaebic Ayleids for control of the land where they'd construct Silyanorn. A shame that they could not live together in peace. —Amalien

Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Southern Elsweyr Map 02.png Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr
(view item page)
The kingdom of Pellitine stretches out like a lazing senche on this artistically rendered map. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Southern Elsweyr for 1,000 gold. Pellitine Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Ah, the wonders of Pellitine committed to history in genuine Elsweyr ink! Just glorious! —Reginus Buca
Things certainly looked cleaner when this cartographer set paint to parchment. Look at these brush strokes. I doubt even Archmagister Vanus Galerion could match this Khajiit's artistry with the brush and pen. —Gabrielle Benele
I couldn't agree more. The world could use a return to classical penmanship and painting. Alas, I doubt we'll find much high culture in Southern Elsweyr nowadays. —Verita Numida

Antique Map of Stonefalls[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Stonefalls Map 02.png Antique Map of Stonefalls
(view item page)
Though the ashfall may obscure the features of Stonefalls, the clear lines of this map are an able guide. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Stonefalls.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Stonefalls for 1,000 gold. Stonefalls Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Stonefall's early history is replete with tales of struggle and invasion. The borders shifted a lot during the Merethic and First Eras. This map displays a fleetiong moment in time when ancient borders resembled those of the present day. —Amalien
Indeed. Only a cartographer in service to the First Empire of the Nords would draft such a map. I'd date this to around the year 400 in the First Era. —Ugron gro-Thumog
If that's true, then pity the poor cartographer who needed to redraw this map only a few years later. Morrowind pushed hard to expel the Nords. Empires based on brutality rarely last long. —Verita Numida

Antique Map of Stormhaven[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Stormhaven Map 02.png Antique Map of Stormhaven
(view item page)
Even early maps of Stormhaven like this one show population centers, making the map a window into the past. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Stormhaven.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Stormhaven for 1,000 gold. Stormhaven Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries This is an Orcish map. Hard to believe it's real. Hardly anything from the time of first Orsinium survived the war that broke it. This map outlines the territory claimed around the Bjoulsae River. There's a settlement marked: Golkarr. —Ugron gro-Thumog
Wasn't that the name of the Orc king from the thirty-year siege? I'd read that he invaded Stormhaven and blockaded Wayrest's trade lanes. There wasn't any mention of an Orc settlement. Was Golkarr an early casualty of the war? —Gabrielle Benele
It may never have been built. I doubt a treacherous ruler like Jolie would have tolerated Orcs for neighbors even if Golkarr was established peacefully. The justification for the razing of Orsinium was likely just the first of Jolie's many betrayals. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Antique Map of Summerset[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Summerset Map.png Antique Map of Summerset
(view item page)
While one wouldn't want to use this map for navigation, given its age, it makes for excellent wall art. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Summerset.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Summerset for 1,000 gold. Summerset Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries I'd recognize this map anywhere. Home. Summerset Isle. This map is old, but it's not too old. I've seen maps drafted by the Aldmer, and honestly, the landmarks are barely recognizable. —Amalien
Amalien has the right of it. This map seems more utilitarian than strictly decorative. Something belonging to a ship's captain or a trader perhaps. —Ugron gro-Thumog
Odd that it doesn't include Auridon or Artaeum. I guess the cartographer wanted to express Summerset's primacy in the region. —Gabrielle Benele

Antique Map of Vvardenfell[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Vvardenfell Map 02.png Antique Map of Vvardenfell
(view item page)
The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Vvardenfell.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Vvardenfell for 1,000 gold. Morrowind Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries Vvardenfell's unique, volcanic geography make Vvardenfell one of the most difficult places in Tamriel to map. The island's silhouette, however, is unmistakable. —Reginus Buca
Ha! Tribunal priests are the true impediments to cartography in the region. I can scarcely believe how often the island is locked away, reopened, and so on. Travel to the island is quite simple nowadays, but you'll find many doors closed to outsiders. —Verita Numida
As you well know, few maps are original works. I'd wager this is a composite of several different maps -- perhaps even Dwemer ones! —Amalien

Antique Map of Wrothgar[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Wrothgar Map 02.png Antique Map of Wrothgar
(view item page)
The treacherous mountains of Wrothgar are expertly depicted on this map, though safe passage through them is anyone's guess. ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Wrothgar.jpg
Lead Location The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Wrothgar for 1,000 gold. Wrothgar Pathfinder achievement required.
Codex Entries An aged depiction of Wrothgar if my eyes aren't mistaken. —Reginus Buca
I don's see any references to the original thirteen strongholds. Of course, Imperial cartographers never spent much time digging into the details of Orcish stronghold-law. —Ugron gro-Thumog
Not Imperial, Ugron. I detect a Breton influence on this. It seems overwrought to me--almost florid. A High Rock artist likely designed this as a commemoration of the first sack of Orsinium. —Verita Numida