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"Simply looking upon the vertices formed by durable curves and lines makes me feel easy with my thoughts. Perhaps, to Dwarves, wearing this helm helped provide greater insight into whatever puzzle confounded them."—Mathinn Palard, University of Gwylim
Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud
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Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud
Type Hat
Acquired From Searching for Antiquities in The Reach

The Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud is a hat available via the Antiquities system. The Lead is looted from an Inactive Construct across the broken bridge south of the Library of Arkthzand in Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern (map). A Void Anomaly must be used to cross the bridge.


Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

(The (?) is/are not dyeable)

Codex Entry[edit]

Dwarven arms and armor are crafted from alloys whose secrets vanished with the Dwemer, but even after centuries upon centuries they remain stronger than anything we can make today. This particular helm reminds me of an ant with prominent antennas. Hardly the sort of emblem to strike fear into one's enemies, but then again, ants show fearlessness and unity of purpose in their tiny wars. Or perhaps Amalien's habit of unfounded speculation is rubbing off on me. — Urgon gro-Thumog