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This article is about the furnishing. For the achievement, see Telvanni Alchemy Station (achievement).

ON-icon-furnishing-Telvanni Alchemy Station.png
Telvanni Alchemy Station
Category Services (Crafting Stations)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Traditional Furnishings
Bind Bind on Pickup
Behavior Light, Interactable, Crafting Station
With components inspired by a variety of cultures, this alchemy station not only helps you mix all manner of ingredients into useful potions, but also adds a touch of all things Tamriel to your home.
Telvanni Alchemy Station

Available From[edit]

  • After completing this entry in the Antiquity Codex, this furnishing may be purchased from Vasei in Necrom for 00150000150,000 Gold.
  • Codex Entries required: 10
(Completing this antiquity just one time gives 10 Codex Entries.)


This antiquity furnishing can be obtained via the Antiquities system. First, you must obtain the following Antiquity leads:

Icon Lead Location Source(s) Difficulty Codex
ON-icon-stolen-Marbles.png Lead: Enchanted Mixing Stones Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Runic Rock' lower righthand side of bridge, heading to Kemel Ze
Ultimate Amalien
A bit of a misnomer--these are made from hard metals, not stone. Rotation speed is indicated in Old Aldmeris, and the runework is like nothing I've ever seen. So delicate and precise, still working after all these years! I used one to stir my tea.
ON-icon-lead-Glass Desiccator.png Lead: Glass Desiccator Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Shattered Desiccator' inside Alavelis, directly between the Alavelis icon and the Sanity's Edge icon
Ultimate Verita Numida
Impurities make this easily traceable to Azura's Coast, early second era. Useful in storing and preserving certain low-humidity solvents and reagents--it keeps dry things dry. I've owned one myself for many years. It's where I keep my sense of humor.
ON-icon-furnishing-Mortar and Pestle.png Lead: Igneous Mortar and Pestle Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Unusual Mortar' directly south of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine, along the cliff
Ultimate Amalien
Fascinating. This is Ashlander in origin! Only Ashlanders know how to properly season and enchant this porous rock to eliminate cross-contamination between use. Cleaning it wrong could spell disaster. Best of luck with it!
ON-icon-lead-Lustrous Metal Funnel.png Lead: Lustrous Metal Funnel Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Damaged Funneling Mechanism' on the north bank of the river directly above Sailenmora in the Telvanni Peninsula
Ultimate Reginus Buca
My alchemist consult said the metal is practically non-reactive, but my jeweler friend reacted quite strongly upon examining it. If this funnel were any more luxurious, it'd be crusted with rubies. It's pure platinum, late first era.
ON-icon-furnishing-Alchemical Apparatus, Master.png Lead: Malachite Burette and Stand Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Questionable Burette' on the south bank of the river directly above Sailenmora
Ultimate Verita Numida
Very sturdy material. No surprise how this has remained intact after all these years. It's used for precise titration of extremely potent mixtures, but unfortunately, residue trapped in the stopcock suggests that it was last used to manufacture skooma.
ON-icon-furnishing-Alchemy Shelves, Filled.png Lead: Reagent Drying Rack Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Damaged Reagent Rack' along the rocks behind the northeastern house in Ald Isra
Ultimate Gabrielle Benele
The Telvanni that used this weren't the type to throw bundles of foraged reagents in, say, a craft bag or something. The dividers indicate every precaution taken to prevent cross-contamination of reagents. Very focused on high potency and yield.
ON-icon-furnishing-Nord Pot 01.png Lead: Sturdy Crucible Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Leaky Crucible' on a small island east of Kemel-Ze
Ultimate Reginus Buca
This is an ancient Nord design from early first era, likely reclaimed when Nords were driven from present-day Morrowind. Sturdy, dependable piece. The only alteration made by subsequent users is an added spout for pouring.
ON-icon-lead-Tempered Brass Retort.png Lead: Tempered Brass Retort Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Clogged Retort' on the biggest island just south of Ald Isra
Ultimate Gabrielle Benele
Incredibly common sublimation tool, similar to an alembic. I suspect this one is Dwemer in origin from the choice in brass over copper, a superior heat conductor. A tempered retort, on the other hand, is something one hears form Verita on a daily basis.
ON-icon-furnishing-Alchemical Apparatus, Condenser.png Lead: Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Vacuum Filtration Apparatus' just north of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine, hidden among the rocks right off the south side shore
Ultimate Ugron gro-Thumog
Remarkably useful for filtering out alchemical impurities. I've read historical accounts of the ancient vacuum bellows being operated by lowly assistants or slaves. Better a bellows than being asked to use one's own breath, I suppose.
ON-icon-style material-Ferrous Salts.png Lead: Volcanic Sand Bath Telvanni Peninsula
  • Ground Spawn - 'Sizzling Rocks' - Between the Alavelis Wayshrine and the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine, on the south side of the lavapool
Ultimate Ugron gro-Thumog
This provides quick, even heating for large-batch mixtures. The sand is from Morrowind, but I would guess Saint Vorys brought this method back following his march on Elsweyr. Baandari have used sand baths to make tea and coffee since the late first era.

Release Notes

Update 38 (Necrom - June 2023)

  • Released