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Help the Evermore guard defend a village from Reachmen raiders.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Murcien's Hamlet — Help the Evermore Troops at Murcien's Hamlet
Quest Giver: Sergeant Eubella Bruhl on the east road;
Kahaba on the west road;
Squire Theo Rocque at the docks
Location(s): Murcien's Hamlet
Reward: Foe-Smasher
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 2985
Save what remains of Murcien's Hamlet
Soldiers from Evermore were defeated at Murcien's Hamlet by a Reachman attack.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Squire Theo Rocque.
  2. Inspect the fortifications.
  3. Find Squire Theo.
  4. Talk to Rolbert Foucher.
  5. Search the houses for Medya Zurric.
  6. Return to Squire Theo.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

There are three ways this quest can be started, you can encounter either Sergeant Eubella Bruhl or Kahaba on the eastern and western outskirts of the Hamlet respectively. If you first speak with Sergeant Eubella, she will mistake you for reinforcements:

"Where are the rest of the reinforcements? Are you all they sent?"
Reinforcements? You're under attack?
"Sharp as a nail! Definitely no raw recruit.
Reachmen swarmed into Murcien's Hamlet. We were overrun, but I thought our leader had sent for reinforcements. Apparently not."
Maybe I could help.
"We could use it. Report to Squire Theo Rocque on the docks. We're taking orders from him for now."
I'll look for Squire Theo.

However, if you meet Kahaba, she will also direct you to Squire Theo:

"You're not from the Reach, are you? Sometimes, it's hard to tell."
Is something wrong?
"Everything's gone wrong since the Reachmen attacked.
I'm waiting for reinforcements. You don't know our plight, either, so I doubt anyone knows what's happened."
Maybe I can help.
"Go to the docks within Murcien's Hamlet. Look for Squire Theo Rocque. If he's still alive, he'll be in charge now.
Whatever you can do for him, you do for us all."
I'll talk with Squire Theo.

The third way to start the quest is head to the docks with Murcien's Hamlet and speak with Squire Theo himself.

On the Docks[edit]

The survivors of settlement and the soldier's counterattack can be found behind barricades on the docks. Squire Theo Rocque will be among them and you can introduce yourself to him and see what he wants.

"Did they send anyone else from the city? No, I can see you're not part of the Evermore's militia."
I hear you're looking for reinforcements.
"Yes, I am. Sir Etienne brought us out here, and when he was wounded, I took command.
I've secured a fallback perimeter, such that it is. The Reachmen are leaving us alone for the moment."
Do you need my help?
"First, I need to listen to the village elder, Medya Zurric. She may have news about Sir Etienne's condition.
And then, yes, I do need help to deal with this situation. Stay right here."
I can wait.

At this, the local healer Medya Zurric will approach with news of Sir Etienne. You can listen to them to learn about the situation.

Squire Theo Rocque: "Medya, what is it? Is Sir Etienne all right?"
Medya Zurric: "He's doing fine. And when he returns, you all will leave?"
Squire Theo Rocque: "We'll stay until Murcien's Hamlet is free, or Sir Etienne and I both fall in the fight."
Medya Zurric: "I see. Well, he'll be resting comfortably soon, don't you fret."
Medya Zurric: "I'll go see to the poor knight now, then."
Squire Theo Rocque: "Good. Good, he's all right. Now, let's go over what we need."

Once they have finished speaking you can find out what Squire Theo needs done. You also have the opportunity to ask about what happened before you arrived and his personal history with the Reachmen.

"Sire Etienne is all right. That puts my mind at ease.
Now I do need your help. This is more of a challenge than I expected."
What exactly happened here?
"We arrived with our horses on those merchant ships, along with Sir Etienne.
Maybe it was rash to go against our orders and come here in defense of simple villagers. I won't presume to judge the actions of the men and women who died for our cause."
What can I do to help now? / I see. What can I do to help now?
"You've the look of an experienced combatant. Hold the line while I check on Sir Etienne at Medya's home.
The witchmen seem content to ransack the village for now, but be ready for anything."
I'll take care of things.

Inspecting the Fortifications[edit]

While he goes to check on Sir Etienne, your job is to inspect the eastern and western fortifications in front of the docks and deal with any problems they may have. The barricades can be checked in either order.

As you approach the fortification on the east side, you will find that it is on fire. Luckily for you, the settlement's well is just north of your position and probably has a bucket that can be used. Fight your way through any nearby Dark Witnesses to the well and grab the full Water Bucket. Return to the burning barricade and put out the fires by interacting with them.

Soon after you near the fortification on the west side, Dark Witnesses will start attacking. The guard posted there, Davyd Admand will assist in fighting off the three[verification needed — two?] waves of Reachmen. Once they are dealt with, the western fortification will be deemed secure for now.

After you have inspected both fortifications, you may hear Squire Theo shout out.

missing line?

Head to place where he said was going to— Medya Zurric's home. The house is on the northern side of the village, atop a small hill.

Investigating Medya Zurric's Home[edit]

Investigate Sir Etienne's murder.

Once you enter, you will find Squire Theo crouched next to a dead man in Breton armor —Sir Etienne Hu. Speak with the shaken squire to see what he knows.

"How could this be? All he needed was a splint for his leg after his horse fell on him, and now he's dead! Why would someone kill him?"
That's not a Reachman's weapon, either.
"It's his own sword. I shouldn't have left him alone.
Please, look around to see if there are any traces of his killer?"
Wasn't the local woman, Medya Zurric, looking after him?
"Yes, but she wasn't here when I arrived. She may have gone out to find a poultice, or herbs, or whatever she needed to treat his pain.
I hope she's all right, though she should've waited for me to get here before leaving Sir Etienne alone."
I'll take a look around.

After agreeing to look for clues, search the nearby area near Sir Etienne's body. There are four possible clues to find.

Firstly, you can examine the body itself:

<Sir Etienne was stabbed through his armor, and his skin is still slightly warm. Sir Etienne's leg is splinted, leaving one of his greaves slightly askew atop the bandages.>

On the table there will three place settings where a meal was seemingly interrupted.

<Blood is scattered in tiny droplets all over the surface. There are three bowls near the table. It appears as though Sir Etienne has his broken leg propped on the extra chair on his side of the table.>

There will be a bloody wash basin which was recently used:

<The basin's interior is damp, and its edges are smudged with fresh blood stains.>

Lastly, there will be an open book lying next to the bookcase. Reading it will reveal it to be the Hamlet's records for the years 2E 541—2E 542. The text will mention that Medya was a survivor of Black Drake's invasion of Bangkorai and that she had a son the year after.

Once you have found the clues, you can speak with Theo who will act as sounding board for the evidence you have found.

"Have you found something? Anything to indicate who killed Sir Etienne?"
I've found some possible clues.
"I could help you figure out what happened here, if you tell me what you've found.
I might not have your eye for detail, but I knew Sir Etienne well."

Though you can go through the evidence in any order, this walkthrough will go through them in the order they appear.

First is the murder scene itself. He was stabbed right through his breastplate with his own sword which suggests his assailant was very strong and that his guard was down. The latter is corroborated by the fact he was eating a meal with at least two other people before he was attacked.

Let's talk about the murder scene.
"Sir Etienne doesn't look like he put up a fight. That's not like him, even if he was hit from behind.
His leg's been tended to. Looks like he was attacked while eating. What else?"
There were two other people with him, based on the dishes. He trusted the people he was with.
"He didn't know anyone here, that I know of. Who could he possibly trust enough to lower his guard?"
I don't know. He was also stabbed through his breastplate.
"That would take a lot of force, all things considered.
Sir Etienne's armor was in fine shape. His squire would see to that."

The second point is the evidence Sir Etienne was receiving treatment and the bloody washbowl. The killer cleaned themselves after killing Sir Etienne but didn't go out of their way to hide evidence they were there.

There are signs Sir Etienne had received treatment.
"If that proves anything, I think it shows that the only person who didn't kill him was Medya.
Why treat someone if you expected to kill them?"
I also found signs that whoever killed him must have washed up here before leaving.
"So they were comfortable, or in no hurry. Perhaps Medya washed her hands before going outside. They say the witchmen lust after the scent of blood."
The murderer didn't hide anything here.
"So they weren't concerned that Medya or I would discover what happened?
Either that of they just didn't care if anyone found the scene, assuming that it would blend in with the carnage outside."

The third point of evidence is village records, though Squire Theo will not see how they are important.

I found the village records from the time of the Black Drake's attacks.
"I'm sorry, but I don't see how that could be related."
The rest of the records are on the shelf. This was on the floor, as though someone had just read it.
"Do you think Sir Etienne was reading the book when he was killed?
That's a pretty dry topic to just pick up for no reason."
Maybe. It showed Medya has a son named Labhraidh after Black Drake's push through here.
"She hadn't mentioned having a son. Hardly damning evidence, though."

Once you have gone over the three pieces of evidence, you can sum up your conclusion to Squire Theo.

I think there's only one thing we can be certain of here.
"What is it?"
We need to find Medya. Either she's dead too, or she knows who did this.
"I find it hard to believe that a goodly old midwife would have anything to do with this heartless slaughter.
Her apprentice Rolbert Foucher is down by the docks. I imagine he would be a good place to start asking questions."
We'll find out when I track her down.

Finding Medya Zurric[edit]

After concluding that Medya is likely a witness to the crime, it is imperative that you find her. Your initial lead is Rolbert Foucher, her apprentice in healing. He can be found down at the docks, treating the wounded. Rolbert will be annoyed at being interrupted.

"I'm nearly out of supplies, treating all these wounded guards.
If you have something to ask, be quick about it."
I want to speak to you about Medya.
"Kynareth's tears, she's been taking too many risks in trying to treat the wounded who haven't fled here!
You didn't find her dead out there, did you?"
I haven't found her dead. I'm looking for her.
"That's a relief, I think. What did you want to ask me about, then?"

There are two different questions you can ask him, both will need to asked before he provides you with another lead. Firstly, you can ask him about Medya herself.

Tell me about Medya.
"In all the years I've been her apprentice, more than three years now, I've never heard her say an unkind thing.
She's the closest thing this dumpy little fishing hamlet has to a leader!"
Does Medya have family here, a son?
"A son? It would be the first I've heard of it.
Medya is like a mother to a lot of us, but she's never raised any children that I know of."
She's out there alone, treating people? Isn't she afraid of the witchmen?
"She hasn't lived to be as old as she is without being careful. I'm sure—I hope she's all right.
She lived here when the Reachmen came down the hills before, with the Black Drake.

He has only nice things to say about her but he didn't know she had a son. He also reiterates the fact that she was around the last time the Reachmen came down in mass from the hills.

Secondly, you can ask him about the history of the village.

Tell me about Murcien's Hamlet
"There's not much to tell. Most of the people here as fishermen.
The longest journey most of us have ever taken is to cross the Bjoulsae River to sell our fish to merchants in Evermore."
The Reachmen attacked Murcien's Hamlet during the Black Drake's war, didn't they?
"They did, but they didn't kill everyone. Medya and a few others lived through it, but she's the last one still alive here.
She's been a pillar for the community since then, even though the witchmen haven't raided us since—until now I mean."
The witchmen haven't attacked here since then?
"Yes—No. I mean, that's correct. They raid other places, but they don't raid here. Well, until now.
I'd always just assumed that we were under the benevolent protection of the gods."

Interestingly, he notes that the Reachmen avoided raiding Murcien's Hamlet after the Black Drake's invasion.

Once you have asked the above questions, you can ask Rolbert if he knows where Medya could be.

I need to find Medya, do you know where she might be?
"She's been trying to treat the wounded on the field.
If you don't see her outside, she's probably inside one of the homes. Some of the other people are still out there!"
I'll keep looking, then.
Search the houses for clues to Medya's whereabouts.

As you may have noticed while walking through Murcien's Hamlet, most of the buildings have been burnt down. Only three are still standing, while Medya hasn't been seen in her own home, the other two houses are a good place as any to start looking. While both houses are called the Abandoned House, they are located on different sides of the village and both contain leads to finding Medya. Inside the abandoned house on the east side of the village, you can find a letter on the table. Likewise, in the abandoned house on the west side, a similar note can be found.

Though they are by different authors, the letters make the same points. Medya told the house's residents that they would be spared during the impending Dark Witnesses raid due to their "old family roots" — Reachmen ancestry. Secondly, both letters mention that she visited a particular spot at night. To get to the bottom of this, you will need to find this site, both letters provide a clue for this location. The letter from the western abandoned house says she goes to the shoreline to the east, while letter from the eastern house mentions that the spot is behind their house.

Medya's Shrine

Following the above clues, head to the shoreline behind the eastern abandoned house—dealing with Dark Witnesses along the way— and keep an eye out for anything that stands out. It won't be long until you come across a Reachmen shrine with familiar looking vines and skulls. At this point, it is evident that Medya follows the Reachmen ways and her involvement in Sir Etienne's death is likely. Especially after Sir Theo made the point of saying that the soldiers wouldn't pull out of Murcien's Hamlet until both he and Sir Etienne were dead. With this in mind, you should find Squire Theo and tell him what you discovered as well as to protect him as it is clear that he is in danger.

Confronting Medya Zurric[edit]

As you approach Medya Zurric's home, it will appear that you are too late as Theo calls out a warning to you.

Squire Theo Rocque: "Medya's here! Come quickly, she's not—"

After this, you can run into the house to find Labhraidh standing over a prone Squire Theo. Medya will be standing off to the side, dressed in Reachmen clothing and paints. It will be necessary to fight Labhraidh as he refuses to stand down, he will fight with dual axes and use Berserker abilities.

Once the Labhraidh is dead, Squire Theo will come to and approach a distraught Medya with a drawn weapon.

Squire Theo Rocque: "What happened?"
Squire Theo Rocque: "You killed him, didn't you."

When you speak with Squire Theo, he will ask you to help him make a choice.

"I cannot trust myself to make this choice, the loss of Sir Etienne is too near to my heart."
"She was in league with them! Her own son led them here to Murcien's Hamlet, and she let Sir Etienne die!
What choice do you think I ask you to make?"
¹ Let's consider what we know that she's responsible for.
"The woman is the Hamlet's only healer, she volunteered to take care of Sir Etienne.
She knew how to save him and she chose not to. Her son was with the Reachmen that raided Murcien's Hamlet."
I don't want to make this choice.
"Then the choice will be mine, and I think she should die for what she has done."
I'm not sure that's right. Let's discuss this.
"I see. It's good to consider all choices before such a grave decision." (back to choice¹)
It's your decision. [Medya dies.]
"You're right, of course. It's what she deserves! Afterall all of the death and destruction her actions have brought, it would be an insult to the dead to let her living."
It's what she deserves. [Medya dies.] (This is a last chance to change your mind. Squire Theo stabs Medya - Vengeance Dialogue)
I'm not sure that's right.

At this point you now have a choice, you can either have Squire Theo spare her so she can go on trial in Evermore, or let him kill her then and there.


She should stand trial for what she's done.
"Yes … yes. You're right.
Of course she should stand trial, so that the people of Evermore can know what happened here."
It's what she deserves.
"I will. Once I've made arrangements, we will return to the city with our captive.
She was a good woman once, and in many ways still is. Whatever her fate, as it comes through my decisions, she deserves to look me in the eyes as it happens."
Perhaps she should suffer the same fate as Sir Etienne. [Medya dies.] (This is a last chance to change your mind. Squire Theo stabs Medya - Vengeance Dialogue)

You will then receive your reward.


She should suffer the same fate as Sir Etienne. [Medya dies.]
(Squire Theo stabs Medya)
When you speak with Squire Theo.
Squire Theo Rocque: "Medya needed to die for all that she's done here. The people of Evermore need not hear whatever lies she would use to defend herself at a trial."
You: "What happens now?"
Squire Theo Rocque: "I don't know, but I can't put a price on your aid to me in this. Your actions make it clear to me thay my choice to eschew responisibility and remain a squire wasn't the right one. i will never forget this lesson."

You will then receive a reward.


  • Although it is accessible beforehand, Etienne won't appear inside the house before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The book on the floor of the house that must be examined lacks the usual yellow glow.


  • Theo's dialogue audio that triggers from outside the house after finding the totem won't play to match the subtitles when returning to him. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Charge of Evermore
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to locate Squire Theo at the docks to learn how I can help the village.
Objective: Talk to Squire Theo Rocque
I have arrived at Murcien's Hamlet to find Squire Theo Rocque in charge. He's asked me to wait a moment while he speaks with one of the village elders.
Objective: Learn What Happened in Murcien's Hamlet

Squire Theo Rocque is speaking to a village elder by the name of Medya Zurric. I should let them finish speaking.

Objective Hint: Listen to Theo and Medya Zurric

(Appears once Theo and Medya have finished speaking.)
Squire Theo Rocque is done speaking with Medya Zurric and I should speak with him.

Objective Hint: Talk to Theo
I should inspect the fortifications at Murcien's Hamlet to make sure they are reasonably intact while Theo checks on Sir Etienne Hu.
Objective: Check the Fortifications: 0/2
I should visit the fortifications on the west side.
Objective Hint: Check the Western Fortifications

Reachmen are attacking the fortifications on the west side. I should keep them from breaking through the defenses.

Objective Hint: Defend the Western Fortifications
I should visit the fortifications on the east side.
Objective Hint: Check the Eastern Fortifications

I should look nearby the fortifications for some water to put the fire out with.

Objective Hint: Grab a Bucket of Water

I should put the fire out at the fortifications now that I have a bucket of water.

Objective: Put out the fire
Squire Theo called for my help. He mentioned that he would be at Medya Zurric's home checking on Sir Etienne Hu. I should look for him there.
Objective: Talk to Theo
Squire Theo Rocque asked me to search Medya Zurric's home to see what has happened to Sir Etienne. I should look around for clues.
Objective: Investigate Sir Etienne's Fate

Sir Etienne has been murdered. I should investigate Medya Zurric's home for clues.

Objective Hint: Search Medya Zurric's Home for Clues
Hidden Objective: Check on Sir Etienne Hu
Hidden Objective: Examine Disrupted Dining Area
Hidden Objective: Examine Fallen Book
Hidden Objective: Examine Bloody Wash Basin
Now that I've searched Medya Zurric's home, I should speak with Squire Theo Rocque.
Objective: Talk to Theo
Medya's no longer in her home. I should speak to Medya's apprentice, Rolbert Foucher. He's on the docks with the others.
Objective: Talk to Rolbert Foucher
I need to search the Hamlet for Medya as she may be in danger, just as Sir Etienne was. I should search inside the homes for her or for any clues which might help me find her.
Objective: Search Inside Houses
A letter inside one of the homes indicated that Medya goes to a specific site at night, but that nobody knows what she does there. I should look for her there.
Objective: Find the Site Medya Visits
I should return to Squire Theo Rocque at Medya Zurric's house. I've been gone long enough, and he may be in danger himself.
Objective: Talk to Theo
Medya Zurric's son Labhraidh has come to her defense. I must defeat him before she can be brought to justice for allowing Sir Etienne Hu to die.
Objective: Defeat Labhraidh
When confronted about her Reachman son, Medya Zurric refused to treat Sir Etienne Hu, allowing him to die. Now her fate must be decided.
Objective: Bring Medya Zurric to Justice
Finishes quest☑ Medya Zurric will stand trial in Evermore for her actions. I should speak to Squire Theo to find out what will happen next to Murcien's Hamlet.
Objective: Talk to Theo
Finishes quest☑ (Stage if you decided that Medya needed to die.)
Objective: Talk to Theo
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