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Sergeant Eubella Bruhl
Location Outside Murcien's Hamlet
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Sergeant Eubella Bruhl

Sergeant Eubella Bruhl is a Breton member of the Evermore City Guard found north of Murcien's Hamlet, near the crossroads to the Merchant's Gate. She's conspicuously hiding behind a boulder from the invading Reachmen.

Related Quests[edit]


When you first speak with her she will mistake you for reinforcements.

"Where are the rest of the reinforcements? Are you all they sent?"
Reinforcements? You're under attack?
"Sharp as a nail! Definitely no raw recruit.
Reachmen swarmed into Murcien's Hamlet. We were overrun, but I thought our leader had sent for reinforcements. Apparently not."
Maybe I could help.
"We could use it. Report to Squire Theo Rocque on the docks. We're taking orders from him for now."
I'll look for Squire Theo.

After agreeing to help she will say:

"I should be fine to head back soon. I just need to … figure out how I'm going to skirt the witchmen on my way back through to the docks."
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