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Medya Zurric
Home Settlement Murcien's Hamlet
House Medya Zurric's House
Race Reachman Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dark Witnesses
Medya Zurric

Medya Zurric is a Reachman healer and hedgewitch living in Murcien's Hamlet. She is the closest thing they have to a leader. When the Reachmen invaded the hamlet, Medya risked her life to aid the survivors and volunteered to look after Sir Etienne when he was injured in the fighting.

However, it will eventually be discovered that she was working with the leader of the Dark Witnesses forces attacking the village. Though it is implied that it was her influence that stopped witchmen attacks in the interim time between the Black Drake's invasion and now, as well as warning the villagers with Reachmen ancestry.

Related Quests[edit]


She can be found on the docks, when approach before starting the related quest, she will be quite talkative:

"I'm afraid you've come to our little hamlet during quite a rough patch. Keep a watchful eye on everything around you, my dear."
Is this hamlet your home?
"Yes, it is. I've been taking care of scrapes and broken bones for as long as babes have been born here.
Things were pleasant before all of these outsiders came blundering in and ruining our way of life."
What can you tell me about Murcien's Hamlet?
"It's a humble place with more fish than intrigue and secrets.
We had a beautiful community, like a tree with deep roots … but one that has become wild and corrupted as you can see now."
You're the local healer?
"I'm a simple hedgewitch, I suppose you might say. The boy in the boathouse is my apprentice.
I mend both injuries of the body and the mind for my people, and keep records of the births and deaths of our kind."
Seems like you'll have a lot of recording to do after this attack.
"It's true, though if the community is like a tree … sometimes pruning can encourage new growth."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

At the Docks[edit]

Once you have started the quest, you won't be able to ask her questions:

"I'm afraid you've come to our little hamlet during quite a rough patch. Keep a watchful eye on everything around you, my dear."

After you have introduced yourself to Squire Theo Rocque, she will come over update him on Sir Etienne's condition as well as to inquire if the remnants of the Evermore forces will be leaving soon.

Squire Theo Rocque: "Medya, what is it? Is Sir Etienne all right?"
Medya Zurric: "He's doing fine. And when he returns, you all will leave?"
Squire Theo Rocque: "We'll stay until Murcien's Hamlet is free, or Sir Etienne and I both fall in the fight."
Medya Zurric: "I see. Well, he'll be resting comfortably soon, don't you fret."
Medya Zurric: "I'll go see to the poor knight now, then."
Squire Theo Rocque: "Good. Good, he's all right. Now, let's go over what we need."

The truth about Medya[edit]

"What gives you the right to come here and contest our ways?"

You will re-encounter Medya after searching for her when she went missing when Sir Etienne was murdered and she will be dressed quite differently. During your search you will discover that she is a Reachman herself, and her son, Labhraidh is leading the Dark Witnesses forces in the village. She let her son kill Sir Etienne after learning the soldiers wouldn't leave until he and Squire Theo were dead.

Speak to her before killing Labhriaidh and she'll remark:

"I'm afraid you've come to our little hamlet during quite a rough patch. Keep a watchful eye on everything around you, my dear."

After you kill Labhraidh and save Squire Theo, she will be distraught though unrepentant.

Medya Zurric: "My son! No, you've killed him!"
<He walks up to Medya Zurric with his weapon drawn.>
Squire Theo Rocque: "You killed him, didn't you?"

Speaking to her:

"You killed him! How could you?
What gives you the right to come here and contest our ways?"

Once you help Squire Theo decide what should be done with her, two things can happen.

If you choose to have her go through a trial before turning in the quest, you can speak to her:

"How am I different from you, deciding who is spared and who dies?
What gives you the right to judge me?"
I want to understand why you did this.
"You can't understand. How could you?"
Why did you kill Sir Etienne? You had already treated his injuries, you could have let him go.
"You heard it from the squire's lips when you first arrived here!
The only way to excise the outsiders was over their dead bodies. What choice did I have?"
You could have left the hamlet and lived with the witchmen if you didn't want to be near outsiders.
"This is our land, our place!
The Nords, the Bretons, everyone takes and takes from the people."
Why would you and the witchmen destroy the hamlet?/ Is that why you and the witchmen were willing to destroy the hamlet?
"I am a healer and so I know when it is time to cut away the diseased flesh from the healthy, it was time for the outsiders to leave!"
The people who died were your neighbors.
"No! They were thieves, every single one of them!
This land isn't theirs to live on, it belongs to the people!"
[Intimidate] Healers don't kill innocent villagers.
"I did what needed to be done!
The old families would have been saved, the ones who belong here!"
You're right you know, I don't understand you…but I was willing to try. (After you hear all of her reasons)
"You can judge me all you want, outsider. I know what I did was right."

After the quest if she is left alive for a trial in Evermore, she will be determined to die before she reaches the city.

"If you think I will let them parade me down the streets of Evermore, you're mistaken.
All I need is a sharp stone and for him to look away, then it will end. You've gained nothing! And I … I have nothing left."

However, if you decide that she should die, Squire Theo will agree with your decision and consequently run Medya through with his sword, executing her immediately.