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Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.
Zone: Murkmire
Objective: Bright-Throat Village — Help uncover the source of the Bright-Throat Hist's pain.
Quest Giver: Aliskeeh, Tseedasi or Tree-Minder Pavu
Location(s): Bright-Throat Village
Reward: Tribal Belt Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 3259
Protect the next generation of Bright-Throats
The influential Bright-Throat tribe broker alliances with their neighbors through a complex system of bonding rituals. It is a delicate time for the tribe and it seems that this season's preparations have been plagued by unforeseen complications.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Investigate the egg-tenders' quarters.
  2. Investigate the uxith.
  3. Go to the dragonthorn pavilion.
  4. Find where the aberration came from.
  5. Look for the surviving hatchlings.
  6. Stop Ree-Nakal.
  7. Return to Bright-Throat Village and decide the tribe's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

There are two ways to start this quest. Firstly, you can speak with Aliskeeh can be found sitting outside the village gates.

"Come for the bonding ritual? Not to partake, obviously. You're early either way. You might want to make yourself scarce until it's actually time for the ceremony." Is this line different if you are Argonian
Why is that?
"The bonding ritual is very important to the tribe. Everyone is under a lot of pressure to make sure everything is perfect.
There's some commotion in the village right now. Raised voices, tempers high. Not the best time for visitors."
Maybe I could help?
"I'll just stay out here until things settle down. If anyone asks, I'm hard at work, gathering plants for the ceremony."

After hearing these words, you can enter the village to see what Aliskeeh meant.

The second way to begin is when approach the centre of the village, you may bear witness to an argument. There is what appears to be a malformed Argonian corpse laying on the ground in front of the Tree-Minder's lodge, and several Bright-Throat inhabitants are gathered around it.

Iskenaaz: "What were you thinking, bringing this… this… thing here?"
Kasa-Jas: "Look at it, Iskenaaz! This was Saxhleel. It should rest with the roots of the Hist."
Iskenaaz: "That is an aberration! You'll poison the Hist with its corruption!"
Haxara: "You're heartless!"
Iskenaaz: "I am only thinking of the good of the tribe!"

You can speak with Kasa-Jas to find out what is going on.

"I regret you had to see that. Seekhat Yol is normally a more peaceful, welcoming place to visit.
What's the trouble?
"We found this pitiable soul limping his way to our village. I almost took him for a bog blight at first, but this Saxhleel was alive when I found him, if only barely. I tried to help him, but he lashed out and collapsed. He died shortly after."
Any idea what happened to him?
"I've never seen anything like this. He's like mud packed too wet. Unable to hold its shape.
I hope the Hist guides Tree-Minder Pavu towards an answer."
Where would I find the Tree-Minder?
"She is never far from the Hist, if it can be helped. That is her home, there.
Take no offense if she is concerned with more pressing matters."

Enter Tree-Minder Pavu's hut to speak with her. Inside, she'll be speaking with Iskenaaz, the Argonian from earlier who was fiercely objected to the corpse outside.

Iskenaaz: "We should leave it to the bog. Surely you agree- oh! Tree-Minder! The ojel! Just as you said!"
Tree-Minder Pavu: "Greetings. I am Tree-Minder Pavu of the Bright-Throat tribe."

You can then introduce yourself to the tree-minder and ask her what is happening. She will reveal that in recent weeks she has been getting odd signs from their Hist and she is worried that she misinterpreted their meaning.

"The chimes spoke of a visitor's approach. Our Hist welcomes you within its boughs, and so do we.
I regret that you arrive for what should be a joyous occasion to find only worries and troubles."
What do you mean?
"We are amidst the preparations for our tribe's most vital ceremony. Now a warped and withered stranger has died at our roots. An ill omen for the arrival of our guests.
I am troubled, ojel, because I do not hear what the Hist is trying to tell me."
You think some misfortune is about to befall the ceremony?
"These past weeks the Hist has been agitated. It has given me signs that I believed were warnings for the bonding to come, but now I feel that I've misinterpreted.
It is this clutch that is in peril … and it is you who can save it."
I'd like to help. What is it you need?
"The chimes speak of pain. Our children are suffering, but they are not hatched. The egg-tenders have brought me no concerns about the clutch's well-being, but the Hist always speaks truth.
Go with Iskenaaz. See what I am blind to."

The Egg-Tender's Quarters[edit]

Iskenaaz will then be made your companion, and will escort you to the egg-tender's quarters to begin the investigation.

Iskenaaz: "Perhaps a tour of the egg-tender's quarters is of interest? It is just up the way."
Iskenaaz: "Our visit should not arouse suspicion, we host many guests, but your discretion would be appreciated."

Once inside the quarters, Iskenaaz will announce your visit.

Iskenaaz: "Ah, Keenam. Mimme. We have a guest very interested in our customs. Please, show them the utmost courtesy."

You can now begin talking to the egg-tenders and poking around for clues. You can speak with both egg-tenders as well as search the place for physical evidence.

Keenem is closest to the door, so you can talk with him first, if you prefer.

"Have you come to learn all you can about egg-tending before you witness our bonding ritual? I'm sure Mimme would be happy to help you. I am soon to begin my watch of the nests and I wish to enjoy the peace and quiet a while longer."
Is egg-tending that demanding?
"It is normally quite pleasant, but before the bonding ritual it becomes insufferable. Suddenly the village is full of experts, if you take my meaning. The sooner it's back to just me and the eggs, the better."
Could all the activity affect the eggs?
"No, no. Just dries my scales. The eggs are blissfully unaware of all the scrutiny. I think. I don't remember all the gawking and complaining, certainly.
Now, if you don't mind. I think Mimme would make better company right now."

Speak to Mimme and see if she has anything to say, she is more forthcoming than Keenem.

"You really want to talk to me? Visitors never want to talk to the egg-tenders! Did you know that we are the only tribe that bonds with other tribes? It may not seem so from the luster of our scales, but it's true!""
Does bonding with other tribes ever go badly?
"Well, my egg-sister, Meena, had to lay her first clutch with a Copper-Eye that didn't know which direction his tail should face … but no.
We care for our eggs, but the Hist guides their development. Not all eggs are destined to hatch though."
What happens to them?
"They return to the Hist. There are signs to look for: dry shells, lacking luster, thin membrane, an empty shadow. Inevitably they sink into the roots and fade away.
Those that remain are always healthy members of the tribe."
Why haven't I seen any Bright-Throats with the markings of the other tribes?
"Because they are Bright-Throats. We are shaped the way our Hist desires."
All right, thanks for sharing.
"You sure? I could tell you about egg rotation …?
Well, come back any time. I only ever get to talk to the other egg-tenders and it's not like they need me to tell them about what it's like."

Now that you've spoken with the egg-tenders, start poking around a bit. A particular point of interest you might want to look at is the basket of fruit on the floor, which appears to have some sort of herb in it. Take the Wilting Dragonthorn and show it to egg-tenders for their thoughts. Mimme is closest:

"Oh! You're back! You wanted to know something else? I could talk all day, if you wanted."
I found these herbs mixed in with the apples over there. Is that normal?
"Strange. Let me see them ... oh, these are just dragonthorn. Nothing to be concerned about! Don't know how they got mixed in with the fruit, unless someone's feeling superstitious."
What do you mean?
"Well, it has many uses, but we mostly grow it for potions to aid in fruitful bonding. Our ancestors believed chewing the leaves helps the body prepare healthy eggs. Nobody really does that anymore."
What are some of the other uses?
"We trade it to the Dead-Water for their warriors. To give them vigor in battle, but I hear they've been having problems with reproduction, so…
I'm told there are some other—unsavory—uses, but I wouldn't know anything about that."

Try talking to Keenem about the Dragonthorn:

"I don't mean to be rude but, what?"
I found this plant mixed in with the fruit. Is it supposed to be there?
"Some herb. Smells sharp as the thorns. Wouldn't use it to season fruit, that's for certain.
Must be one of the others. Just put it back with the rest of the food. Maybe under glass."
You've never see this before?
"I'm no herbalist. If you're worried someone's trying to poison us, I promise I'm not going to eat it.
I am going to get back to my drink though."

With the visit to the egg-tender's quarters finished, you should speak to Iskenaaz and tell him of your findings.

"Satisfied with your visit here? There is no rush.
Anything in particular that caught your interest?"
Nothing out of the ordinary other than these herbs. I found them buried in a fruit basket.
Oh, this is dragonthorn. We mostly trade it to the Dead-Water tribe, but it's a fairly ordinary medicinal plant. Several of the egg-tenders are skilled herbalists. I don't see any reason it would be hidden intentionally."
I think we should move on.
"You should visit the uxith, our nest among the roots of the Hist. Perhaps the egg-tenders on duty will provide something more useful."
Mimme said it has some unsavory uses, but she didn't have specifics.
"Then perhaps we have a traitor to the tribe! To think … it is beyond imagining!
Quickly, let us check on the eggs. I pray we will find the truth before something terrible happens!"
Iskenaaz: "I will meet you at the uxith. The nesting beds."

Head on over to the Bright-Throat's nesting beds and continue your investigation.

Investigation at the Uxith[edit]

Iskenaaz: "This is the uxith. The nest where our eggs are cared for."
Iskenaaz: "The egg-tenders take every care to ensure that our offspring are healthy and safe."
Egg-Tender Meena: "Can you do this another time, Iskenaaz? We're already behind."

Speak with Egg-Tender Meena and see if she can tell you anything relevant.

"It's premature for a tour. We still have a lot of preparations to make."
The Bright-Throats are known for their egg tending.
"True. We're also known for our social savvy, so quit trying to blow bubbles up my bog and tell me why you're here.
That busybody Iskenaaz ask you to spy on us now? I swear he'll go running to the tree-minder over the littlest thing."
Actually, it was the tree-minder. Something is upsetting the Hist. She said the eggs are suffering.
"What? No, that's not true! Look for yourself. These eggs are as healthy as any I've ever seen."
What about the empty nest beds?
"They returned to the Hist. It happens to a few eggs in almost every clutch. Sometimes the Hist just doesn't believe it's time for a soul to return. The Hist takes them back and we focus our efforts on nurturing those intended to hatch."
So there's been nothing abnormal, nothing at all?
I can't believe even the tree-minder is being paranoid about the upcoming bonding ritual. These eggs are going to shine like gems when the envoys arrive. If everyone would stop fussing over us!"
I'll let you get back to your work.

Now you should speak with Haxara, the other egg-tender. She looks upset.

"I'm sorry. Did you need something?"
Are you alright?
"It's nothing. I'm just upset from an argument earlier. Forgive me."
I thought I saw you when I arrived, the commotion over the dead stranger.
"I just felt so sorry for him. The idea of leaving him to rot—I...
I'm sorry, can we talk about something else?"
Has there been anything else strange going on around here?
"I—no. Why would you think there's something wrong?"
The tree-minder believes there's something wrong with the eggs. They're suffering.
"What …? No. No, no, no, no. That can't be. It can't!
I—I have to go."

Haxara will then abruptly break from the conversation and run off.

Haxara: "I'm sorry—I'm sorry! Excuse me!"
Egg-Tender Meena: "Haxara …! Kaoc! That's the second time today."

You can try speaking to Meena after the outburst, if you think she'll have anything helpful.

"What did you say to her? You just doubled my work load."
I told her the Hist thinks the eggs are suffering and she broke down.
"Ugh, that woman. All the tenders treat these eggs like their own clutches, but for someone who's never bonded she's the most doting mother I've ever met."
You're saying she's never borne children?
"She gets her hopes up every time the bonding ritual approaches, but she's never selected. She'd be a good mother—I think—if she ever got the chance, but I'm no tree-minder."
Do you think she resents having to take care of other people's children?
"Are you kidding? I think it's the only thing that keeps her going. She's mopey for about a month and then she's back to being the most caring person you've ever seen."

After learning that interesting bit of information, you can investigating the empty nest-beds, you'll find some Mashed Dragonthorn Leaves.

Once you have completed your investigation of the Uxith, talk to Iskenaaz.

"Oh, my, Haxara … she's not still angry with me, is she?"
I found more dragonthorn in that empty egg bed.
"The empty nest? Those eggs were returned to the Hist! Were the eggs poisoned, or was the poisoner's intent to harm the Hist?
This is terrible!"
We don't know that for certain, but there is a connection here. Where is this trail leading?
"You are right, of course. Let me think. Think. Think …!
This dragonthorn looks fresh, so it must have been picked recently. We cultivate ours in a small glade near to the village. That would be the easiest place to gather this much of the herb."
It's worth checking out. Whoever gathered the dragonthorn may have left something behind.
"Forgive me, but I must report your findings to the Tree-Minder. I will return to your side with all the swiftness of a strangler vine."
All right. I'll head to the glade myself.

The Dragonthorn Glade[edit]

With your investigation of the uxith complete, Iskenaaz runs off to find the Tree-Minder, and you begin the trek over to the glade.

Egg-Tender Meena: "Be mindful where you step when passing through the uxith."

When you arrive at the glade, you'll find Iskenaaz calling out to you.

Iskenaaz: "Over here! Look! A body in our drying hut!"

Investigate the drying hut. Inside the hut, you will find the body of an Argonian with sickly-pale scales and milky eyes. You'll also find two interesting pieced of writing, an Egg-Tender's Journal and a set of Orders. Reading the journal will reveal Haxara's private misery over her want for children, her developing kinship with someone named Ree-Nakal. This friendship eventually became a scheme of taking the unfit eggs to see if they could be saved. However when you read the orders, it will reveal that this Ree-Nakal was prepared to have her killed which puts their "friendship" in a different context.

Once you have read the orders, Iskenaaz will call out from a distance.

Iskenaaz: "He's really dead? He looks to be Veeskhleel. You can never be certain with the Ghost People."

Talk to Iskenaaz and show him your findings so you can further assess the situation.

"What happened here? That dead man is one of the Veeskhleel, the Ghost People tribe! Are they responsible for our troubles?"
This Veeskhleel was sent to kill Haxara.
"Who would want to kill Haxara? That makes no sense … and who killed the Veeskhleel?
Don't tell me you think Haxara killed this ojel. She averts her gaze from our cookfires for pity of the creatures on the spits. She could never have done this."
Look for yourself. She was definitely here and definitely involved with the Veeskhleel.
"As mud is my mother, it's true …! How could she? Giving our eggs to the Veeskhleel, of all people!
I don't care if they were not meant to hatch. The Ghost People should never have been allowed to lay a hand on our eggs! We must tell Pavu."
What about Haxara?
"What about Haxara? Let the Veeskhleel take her for what she's done …! I'm sorry. I did not mean that. They'll kill her, or worse. Haxara will have to face judgement for her actions, but it should be the tribe's judgement.
Do you hear that?"
Someone's coming.

An Aberration will lurch forth, frightening Iskenaaz, before it falls over dead.

Iskenaaz: "Ah! It's alive! Don't let it get me …! Oh."

Examine the body and take some of the Malformed Scales it has shed, then speak with Iskenaaz again.

"Another of these twisted branches dies among our roots. This is no coincidence. These things must be the work of the Veeskhleel! Sent to poison our Hist with their corruption!"
Who are the Veeskhleel?
"The Ghost People tribe. They make their home in the lightless corners of the deep swamp. Veeskhleel only leave their lands to creep through the night and steal the dead!"
They steal the dead?
"Even the brutal Root-House People will return Saxhleel dead to their tribes so they may return to the Hist. Not the Ghost People. They keep those lost souls for themselves. Burying the bodies in the roots of their Hist, or worse."
Worse how?
"Profaning them in strange rituals that keep souls from the Hist, or giving the dead legs to wander through the murk as dreadful watchmen. They mean to poison the whole village and steal our dead!
We must find where these monstrosities come from!"
That one's lost nearly all its scales. It had to have left them somewhere.
"We mustn't let this trail go cold. This may be our only chance to find the vile den of the Veeskhleel before they unleash more foulness upon us."
We still don't know what happened to Haxara.
"All the more reason to keep on the path before us. She may have bested the attacker we found, but perhaps there were others? The only thing certain is that she will not be safe until the Veeskhleel are dealt with."
All right, let's go.

Follow the scale trail until you reach the Blight Bog Sump. Enter the cave.

Blight Bog Sump[edit]

"I tried… I tried to save them. It all went wrong."

Once you have entered the caverns, you may hear someone weeping. It will will be Haxara weeping over another of the malformed aberrations.

Iskenaaz: "Haxara!"
Haxara: "I tried… I tried to save them. It all went wrong."

Speak to Haxara to see what she has to say for herself. She will be convinced that these sickly Argonians are the hatchlings from the eggs that were taken.

"She promised me she could save them. She promised me! We were going to care for them and they'd live.
I just wanted them to live!"
We know the Veeskhleel used you, Haxara. We just don't know why.
"I don't know. She convinced me to bring her these eggs only to poison them. Look what she's done to my babies!
How could anyone do something so cruel?"
Haxara, these can't be your children. They look almost fully grown.
"I know! A mother knows!
Ree-Nakal's poison did this to them."
Iskenaaz and I will look around, try to understand what Ree-Nekal is doing here.

Talk to Iskenaaz, who will give you the idea to look for signs of what has been happening within this place.

"We are in the den of the Veeskhleel now. My spines quake at the thought of what we will find in this place."
What do you think the Veeskhleel have been doing in here?
"Nothing good. This place reeks of death and foulness. Saxhleel have a strong constitution, but the air here makes me ill."
I'll keep an eye out for clues.

Investigate the room. There will be laboratory equipment and scattered Abberations dead or dying on the floor. There are a couple of clues you can find within the room and Iskenaaz will comment on them once they are found.

A Hatched Egg Shell:

Iskenaaz : "Xuth! More of these creatures among broken eggs. Piled up like refuse."

The green Xochipalli Extract

Iskenaaz : "Ugh—don't breathe it! My nose burns from here."

Some orange Xochipalli Extract:

Iskenaaz : "Pee-yew. A terrible odor. It sticks in my throat."

There will also be Ree-Nakal's Writings which are records of the experiments Ree-Nakal performed on the eggs. Additionally there are other pieces of writing which provide further insight into what Ree-Nakal has been doing and her plans.

Once you have found the various clues you can speak with Iskenaaz.

"We should take Haxara and go. Surely you've gathered enough to prove how dire the situation is?"
I found some of Ree-Nakal's writings. She's been experimenting on these eggs.
"No, no, no. You're telling me these creatures … they came from our eggs? I thought I was prepared for the worst, but this—this is abomination!
I must warn Pavu! She will know what to do."
What about stopping the Veeskhleel?
"We are a peaceful tribe! Our village is not prepared to face monsters made from their own flesh and blood! I must warn them.
If you wish to wade deeper into foul waters, I will ask the Hist to watch over you."
Go on. I'll stop Ree-Nakal.

Iskenaaz will then leave to find Tree-Minder Pavu:

Iskenaaz: "Pavu will know what to do. She must!"

Once he is gone, you can talk to Haxara and show her the records of the experiments. This will convince her to find the surviving hatchlings with your help.

"It was all a lie, wasn't it? She never intended to help my children live."
That might be the only honest thing she told you. See for yourself.
"She doesn't even care that she's hurting them. She's using them. Twisting them.
She's a monster! She's made my babies monsters!"
Her notes mentioned other matured hatchlings being sequestered. I don't think these are them.
"You think they're alive? Please, we have to find them! They need me! I can't let Ree-Nakal keep hurting them!"
They sound dangerous, Haxara.
"Please. Just let me love them, even for a moment. I don't—I don't want them to be alone in the end."
I won't stop you. Do you have any idea where Ree-Nakal could be keeping your children?
"No, but if my children are tainted by these vile poisons, we may be able to follow their trail … if it doesn't kill us.
The air is still down here. The fumes will linger a long time."
Do you know any way to counteract it?
"Ree-Nakal's poisons shouldn't exist. I don't know how, but I'll make sure they never hurt anyone again."

Finding the Hatchlings[edit]

Haxara: "I need to find my children. I failed them once. I can't fail them again."

From this point on, Haxara will accompany you into the Bog Blight Sump. There are two lingering fumes you can follow, green and orange through the ruins, beware of the various Veeskhleel tribe members that will attack you.

Following the green trail will lead you to the Worship Chamber, where you will find Ojei, a vibrant green-scaled hatchling, along with some Veeskhleel Alchemists. Haxara will attempt to connect with him.

Haxara: "I found you. I finally found you. Please. Let us help you."

However, this will not work and Ojei will attack you. He has the ability to produce toxins from his scales. While you fight Ojei, the alchemists will also be throwing vile substances at you. If you are poisoned, Haxara will be able to help you. In the end, you have to kill Ojei, and Haxara expresses remorse, and apologizes to the hatchling.

Haxara : "I'm sorry. I just wanted to take the pain away."

Once you have left the chamber, you can speak with Haxara:

"He was suffering, wasn't he? This is all we could do for him."
There's no way you could have fixed what Ree-Nakal had done. We've spared him a life of pain.
"I should have let the Hist take him. I should have let the Hist take all of them. It's all my fault and I can't even make it right."
No, but you can stop it. That will have to be enough.
"I know... I know. We must find the rest."

If you the orange fumes will lead you to the Xuat-Matun Council Chamber. Within the chamber, you'll find Xul-Mot. He has bright orange scales and is found gnawing on broken egg shells, surrounded by the bodies of Veeskhleel Alchemists that he's killed. He too has the ability to shed toxins from his scales. He will also spit poison at you, which Haxara can help you with. This fight is similar to the battle against Ojei, and when it's over, Haxara will once again express her sorrow.

Speak with Haxara outside the Council Chamber.

"We can't let Ree-Nakal do this to anyone else.
No one should have to feel this kind of pain."
Ree-Nakal's notes mentioned another experiment.
"I'm ready. I don't care what it takes. I won't let her hurt my children anymore."
I'll handle Ree-Nakal. Just try to keep out of harms way.
"It'll be enough to be there and know it's over. I don't want to hurt anyone ever again."
Stay close.
Confront Ree-Nakal and her finest creation.

Once you enter the Audience Chamber, Ree-Nakal will be out of reach on a higher platform. She will proceed to mock Haxara:

Ree-Nakal: "Haxara. You wanted to be here when they hatched so badly. Now's your chance."
Ree-Nakal: "I'm so close! Can't you see that? You can have your children!"
Haxara: "These were supposed to be our children!"
Haxara: "I don't deserve them!"
Ree-Nakal: "You never did. Kill them!"

Ree-Nakal is accompanied by the last of her experiments, Krona. He has many abilities involving fire and poison, much like in the other fights, Haxara will heal and cure you when needed. Once they are both defeat, Haxara will run off into the next room where you can find her.


Haxara and Tlaiuhticah

When you enter the room, you will be greeted by the sight of what looks to be another Aberration. This one, however, doesn't seem quite as dead as the others. In fact, she looks far from it. Haxara will plea with you to stay your hand.

Haxara: "Wait! Wait! She's not like the others!"
Haxara: "See? She's no danger to anyone. She doesn't have to be like the others."

Speak with Haxara to see what she wants to do.

"Isn't she beautiful? My little girl."
What's the matter with her?
"Nothing's wrong with her! She's just a child, that's all. She needs someone to care for her. She needs her mother."
She's not really a child, is she?
"I know she looks grown up, but that was Ree-Nakal's doing! She made her grow, but she never cared for her. She never raised her. That's why she's like this. I can fix that."
We can't just leave her here, that much is true.
"I'll take her home. I can care for her there. Being part of the tribe will help her."
You think they'll accept her?
"She's a Bright-Throat. She belongs with our Hist."
It might not be that simple.
"They can punish me. I don't care. I deserve it, but this one has suffered enough. Pavu will understand. She will."
I'll escort you back to the village.
"No. She isn't ready yet. Can't you see she's scared? When I've calmed her down I'll bring her home.
You go back to Pavu. Tell them it's over now... I want some time with my little girl."

Return to Tree-Minder Pavu in Bright-Throat Village.

The Tree Minder's Judgement[edit]

"Peace. Here is the one I must hear from." — Help the Tree-Minder come to a decision.

Upon returning to the Tree-Minder's home, you will be greeted by the sound of yelling.

Iskenaaz: "Tree-Minder, if you saw what I saw, there would be no question."
Haxara: "If you hadn't run, you might understand!"
Tree-Minder Pavu: "Peace. Here is the one I must hear from."

As you told Haxara previously, simply returning to the village with Tlaiuhticah in tow is not that simple. Some like Iskenaaz see Tlaiuhticah's strange nature as a threat to the Hist. Tree-Minder Pavu for her part wants your input before making a judgement, speak with her.

"Beek-ojel, I have heard much of the tragedy of our loss, and the part you played in ending it. The Hist chose wisely to entrust our troubles to you.
We owe you much already, but I have one last request for you, if you would hear it."
What is it you need?
"Haxara betrayed us in ways beyond my imagining. Iskenaaz is right to be wary, but when I look upon her and her daughter I feel only pity.
You know the truth of this tragedy better that I ever could. It should be you that decides Haxara's fate."
What does the Hist tell you?
"I can sense its relief, the calm of knowing that its children no longer suffer. What that means for Haxara's daughter is unclear.
Our Hist does not answer me about Haxara. I feel its faith in us, so I put my trust in you."
I need to think about this.

Tree-Minder Pavu will ask you to speak with both Iskenaaz and Haxara before making a decision.

Tree-Minder Pavu: "Speak to the others. Return when you have decided."

Iskenaaz will insist that both mother and child leave the village.

"Please, you have seen the horrors that Ree-Nakal wrought. She soaked that corruption into the very essence of her creations. We cannot allow her poisons to seep into our roots. I beg you."
You really think she's that much of a danger to your tribe?
"You think me cruel to believe so? I swear to you, it gives me no joy. One day I might even forgive Haxara for what she's done, but if there is even the smallest chance that showing her pity will harm the tribe, I will close my heart a thousand times."
What do you propose we do with them?
"They should go. Far away from our tribe and our Hist—from any Hist—never to trouble us again."
What if I decide she should stay?
"If the Hist believes you are right, then you are right. I will have to hope we did not misjudge its intentions."

You can now speak with Haxara to hear her side, she say that the Hist can help her daughter though she does not fear exile if she has Tlaiuhticah with her.

"You know it's not true, what Iskenaaz is saying about her. You know it. He's a coward.
She needs the Hist. It can help her."
What if your daughter really is a threat to the Hist? You've caused a lot of harm already.
"She can't be! She just can't ….
If they won't accept us, I'll take her somewhere else. We'll have each other. That's all we need."
Even if you stay, there's no guarantee that your daughter will change for the better.
"That doesn't matter. I'll love her however she is. If I have to care for her until my dying day, I will."

Once you have spoken with the pait of them, return to Tree-Minder Pavu and make your decision.

"This is not a simple matter, nor a matter to be rushed. Take all the time you need.
Haxara and Iskenaaz will both want to plead their case to you, but I will understand if you do not wish your judgement to be swayed."
How would you punish Haxara for what she's done?
"I can think of no tribe that has had to weigh such a crime. There are many who would put her to death for far less, but that is not the Bright-Throat way.
If we cannot find it in ourselves to forgive, then we will forget. Exile is my answer."
And if I asked for your mercy?
"It is often easier to clip a withered branch for the sake of the whole tree, but with thought and care a troubled limb can regain its strength.
Haxara and her daughter are broken boughs, but they may yet be mended if we make the effort to heal them."
What did you mean when you said you didn't know what the Hist's relief meant for Haxara's daughter?
"There are many interpretations. Charitably, it may mean that she is not ailing as the other hatchlings were, but it is easy to see that she is not whole.
I must consider the alternatives."
What are the alternatives?
"That our Hist does not feel her pain because she is not of our Tree. When I look at her, I do not see a Bright-Throat, or even a Veeskhleel. She is unmarked, tribeless, and her eyes are as blank as her scales.
She may be of no Tree at all."
Meaning what?
"We are born of the Hist, shaped by the Hist, and when we die we return to the Hist to be born and shaped anew. Can the same be said of this one?
Ree-Nakal gave her life, but can one born beyond the Hists' roots possess a soul? I have no answer."
I'm ready to make my decision.
"Then I will hear you, as I hear our chimes. What is our stream's course?"

You now have a choice to make.


They pose too great a risk to the tribe.
"Then I will lean on your strength and do what no Tree-Minder ever wishes to do. Haxara will be cut off from Tree and tribe.
I hope she can find the peace she seeks in the wider world."
As do I.
"This is a sad day for our tribe, but we will endure thanks to you. You are always welcome among the Bright-Throats for the aid and discretion you offered us today.
Please, put aside our troubles and your own. You've earned rest."
Tree-Minder Pavu: "Haxara, you have done the unthinkable. Whether you intended to or not, you have harmed our Hist and our tribe. For your crimes, I banish you from our land. Go in peace, but never return."
Haxara: "Come, my love. We aren't home yet... but we will be soon."


You should accept them back to the tribe.
"I feared I was being sentimental, but I am relieved to hear you offer them compassion.
The Bright-Throats have always navigated treacherous waters by linking arms and unifying our strength. Today shall be no different."
I wish you the best.
"There will always be a place among our tribe for these two, and for you, beeko. I would be honored to call you root-kin for what you've done for our tribe.
Make yourself at home here. You have earned a rest."

If you decided they should stay, the following will happen after speaking with Pavu:

Tree-Minder Pavu: "Come, Haxara, we have ignored your pain for too long. Now it is our pain, and we will overcome it together."
Haxara: "Come, my love. Let's go home."

Quest Stages[edit]

Empty Nest
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tseedasi, one of the Bright-Throats, asked me to give word to Tree-Minder Pavu that she will arrive soon with needed supplies. I should head to Bright-Throat Village and speak with the tree-minder.
Objective: Head to Bright-Throat Village
Latest start There seems to be some sort of commotion in town. I should speak to Tree-Minder Pavu and see what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Pavu
Pavu says the Hist tells her that the tribe's latest clutch of eggs is in peril, but the egg-tenders have not spoken of any troubles. She has asked me to discreetly look into matters with the help of her assistant, Iskenaaz.
Objective: Investigate the Egg-Tenders' Quarters
Hidden Objective: Talk to Keenem
Hidden Objective: Leaf 1
Hidden Objective: Talk to Mimme
Hidden Objective: Find Letter
I didn't find anything unusual in the egg-tenders' quarters other than a hidden parcel of a common herb. I should show it to Iskenaaz and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Iskenaaz
The herbs I found in the egg-tenders' quarters are suspicious, but not enough to form any conclusions about. Iskenaaz suggested we head to the uxith, the nest, to check on the eggs.
Objective: Investigate the Uxith
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Egg Nursery and Speak to Egg-Mind
I found more of the dragonthorn plants among an empty nest. The egg-tenders claim that the eggs were unwell and returned to the Hist. Both seemed agitated at the idea that something is wrong with the clutch. I should speak to Iskenaaz about this.
Objective: Talk to Iskenaaz
The egg-tenders are acting oddly, but my only real lead is some suspicious dragonthorn plants found at the uxith and the egg-tenders' quarters. Iskenaaz says the tribe cultivates it at a dry glade nearby. We should head there to see what we can find.
Objective: Search the Herb Glade
Hidden Objective: Journal
Hidden Objective: Check the Body
We found the body of an Argonian in the drying hut at the glade. He possessed a note instructing him to kill Haxara. I also found her journal. This is proof she's been helping steal eggs. I should show Iskenaaz what I found.
Objective: Talk to Iskenaaz
Another sick Argonian, like the one brought to Bright-Throat Village, stumbled into the glade and died as Iskenaaz and I were talking. I should examine it.
Objective: Examine the Dead Aberration
The misshapen creature was missing most of its scales. They come off at the slightest touch. It likely lost a lot of them trekking through the swamp. I should see what Iskenaaz thinks of all this.
Objective: Talk to Iskenaaz
Iskenaaz believes that the creatures are being sent by the Veeskhleel to poison his tribe and Hist. He suggests we try to follow the creature's trail back to its origin and root out the Veeskhleel.
Objective: Follow the Scales to the Aberration's Origin
Iskenaaz and I were able to follow the shed scales back to a swampy, foul-smelling cavern. We should head inside and see what lurks within.
Objective: Search the Blight Bog Sump
Hidden Objective: Enter Cavern
We found Haxara with more of the deceased aberrations. She seems distraught. I should speak to her and try to make sense of what's going on here.
Objective: Talk to Haxara
Haxara is inconsolable. She claims that the creatures are her children. That seems unlikely, but the room reeks of alchemical odors. We should look around for clues about what the Veeskhleel are doing in here.
Objective: Investigate the Veeskhleel Laboratory
Hidden Objective: Bad Egg
Hidden Objective: Green Poison
Hidden Objective: Orange Poison
Hidden Objective: Ree-Nakal's Writings
I found evidence that Ree-Nakal, the Veeskhleel leader, has been experimenting on stolen eggs to try and give them life, resulting in the creatures we've encountered so far. I should let Iskenaaz and Haxara know the ugly truth.
Objective: Talk to Iskenaaz
Objective: Talk to Haxara
Iskenaaz left to warn his tribe about what we discovered in this cavern, but Haxara insists on staying while I deal with the Veeskhleel and their creations. She said we may be able to follow the poison fumes given off by her children to locate them.
Objective: Follow the Green Fumes to Their Origin
Hidden Objective: Follow Green Fumes
Objective Hint: Kill Ojei
Objective: Follow the Orange Fumes to Their Origin
Hidden Objective: Follow Orange Fumes
Objective Hint: Kill Xul-Mot
Haxara tried to reason with the tortured creatures, but they responded only by attacking us. I was forced to kill them. I should check on Haxara. That couldn't have been easy for her.
Objective: Talk to Haxara
Haxara is hanging on by a thread, but she insists that she has to see this through. We need to find Ree-Nakal and the last experiment she's hatching to end this once and for all.
Objective: Kill Ree-Nakal
Ree-Nakal is dead along with almost all her experiments. Haxara has found one remaining child that appears to be healthy and docile. I should speak to her about this discovery.
Objective: Talk to Haxara
Haxara begged me not to kill the last of her children and I see no reason to do so. She wants to take the girl back to the Bright-Throat Village. I should head back there as well.
Objective: Return to Bright-Throat Village
The arrival of Haxara and her strange child has stirred up a commotion for the tree-minder. She's called for quiet and invited me to speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Pavu
Tree-Minder Pavu will defer to my judgment concerning what should be done about Haxara and her child. Iskenaaz and Haxara seem to have more to say on the matter. I could hear them out, or give Pavu my decision based on what I already know.
Objective: Decide Haxara's Fate
Objective Hint: Hear Both Sides of the Argument
☑Finishes quest (One of the below options appears depending on whether you decide that Haxara and her child should stay or be exiled)

I decided that Haxara and her child should remain with the Bright-Throats. They need the care of a peaceful tribe to recover from the trauma they experienced. I should say my goodbyes to Tree-Minder Pavu, she will want to thank me for my help.
I decided that Haxara and her child don't belong among the Bright-Throats. They have been exiled and will have to make a new life for themselves elsewhere. I should say my goodbyes to Tree-Minder Pavu, she will want to thank me for my help.

Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Pavu