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Location Blight Bog Sump
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly Class Healer
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe
Chukka-Saak preparing to cast her Cure Poison ability

Chukka-Saak is an Argonian who appears in place of Haxara if you enter the rooms of one of Ree-Nakal's experiments and engage in combat with them while the quest Empty Nest is not active in your journal.

She will play Haxara's part in curing you when you are affected by the toxins from the Council Chamber experiments' scales, and the poisons of the Veeskhleel Alchemist's in the Worship Chamber. In order to receive aid, you must run to her side and activate her "Clear Poison" synergy.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.


Council Chamber, while affected by scale toxins:

Chukka-Saak: "Quickly! He's spitting!"
Chukka-Saak: "I've cleared the air here!"
Chukka-Saak: "To me! Over here!"
Chukka-Saak: "This way! Before he spits!"
Chukka-Saak: "This way, you can make it!"

Worship Chamber/Audience Chamber, when you're poisoned:

Chukka-Saak: "Don't fight the poison! I can cure you!"
Chukka-Saak: "You're ill! This way, I can help!"
Chukka-Saak: "Over here! I have an antidote!"
Chukka-Saak: "You're poisonend! Come here! I can help!"
Chukka-Saak: "Fall back, I have a potion for you!"