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Tree-Minder Pavu
Home City Bright-Throat Village
House Tree-Minder Pavu's House
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe
Tree-Minder Pavu

Tree-Minder Pavu is an Argonian and Tree-minder for the Bright Throat's Hist, her apprentice is Iskenaaz.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After you enter the Tree-Minder's Hut, you'll hear:

Iskenaaz : "We should leave it to the bog. Surely you agree—oh! Tree-Minder! The ojel! Just as you said!"
Tree-Minder Pavu : "Greetings. I am Tree-Minder Pavu of the Bright-Throat tribe."

If you accepted the quest from Tseedasi:

"The chimes spoke of a visitor's approach. Our Hist welcomes you within its boughs, and so do we.
I regret that you arrive for what should be a joyous occasion to find only worries and troubles."
Tseedasi said you have a lot going on. She's returned safely and will be home soon with supplies.
"That is a load off my mind, beek-ojel. It is good to know that at least one thing is going right amid all the misfortunes looming."


"The chimes spoke of a visitor's approach. Our Hist welcomes you within its boughs, and so do we.
I regret that you arrive for what should be a joyous occasion to find only worries and troubles."
What do you mean?
"We are amidst the preparations for our tribe's most vital ceremony. Now a warped and withered stranger has died at our roots. An ill omen for the arrival of our guests.
I am troubled, ojel, because I do not hear what the Hist is trying to tell me."
You think some misfortune is about to befall the ceremony?
"These past weeks the Hist has been agitated. It has given me signs that I believed were warnings for the bonding to come, but now I feel that I've misinterpreted.
It is this clutch that is in peril … and it is you who can save it."
I'd like to help. What is it you need?
"The chimes speak of pain. Our children are suffering, but they are not hatched. The egg-tenders have brought me no concerns about the clutch's well-being, but the Hist always speaks truth.
Go with Iskenaaz. See what I am blind to."
What do you expect me to find?
"The only thing I am certain of is the Hist's grief. If the Hist tells me our eggs are suffering, then it must be so. The egg-tenders either can't or won't tell me what is wrong, so my hope is you will fair better."
If it can tell you this much, why can't the Hist tell you what's wrong?
"The Hists' wisdom is infinite, but our ability to understand them is limited. To commune with the Hist is to see, to hear, to smell, to feel, and even to taste in a way not your own. Discerning the meaning of these signs is not a simple thing."
Why entrust me with this task?
"The Hist favors you, but there are other reasons. Secrets kept from a tree-minder may be less well hidden from a stranger."
Surely the same would be true of one of your tribe.
"They are not suited to it. Suspicion is not in our nature. I only even consider wrongdoing because I must.
I cannot turn to our allies for aid either. If they begin to view our tribe as untrustworthy or incapable, the ties that bind us would break."
What are those ties, exactly?
"Unlike many tribes, we welcome ojel to join in our bonding ritual. Through this, our tribes become true egg-kin and we enjoy peace and prosperity as one. Who would bond with us if we allowed our clutches to come to harm? In that you see my concern."
What is the bonding ritual?
"It is the time when a new clutch of eggs is conceived. The egg-bearers and sires are chosen and through the bonding ritual renew the tribe. It is a significant time for any tribe, but especially so for the Bright-Throats.
We bond with other tribes."
If your eggs are in danger, why not cancel your ceremony?
"Our bonding ritual is more than a simple ceremony, it is the renewal of our vows. To call it off so abruptly without explanation would invite questions of our commitment to our allies. I must know if my fears are justified first."

Speaking to her after investigating the Egg-Tender's Quarters:

"I have discerned nothing new from the Hist. I hope you and Iskenaaz fare better at the uxith. It may be wise not to keep him waiting. He is prone to rashness when worry gets the better of him."

The Judgment[edit]

After returning to the village from the Blight Bog Sump, you'll hear the following:

Iskenaaz : "Tree-Minder, if you saw what I saw, there would be no question."
Haxara : "If you hadn't run, you might understand!"
Tree-Minder Pavu : "Peace. Here is the one I must hear from."

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"Beek-ojel, I have heard much of the tragedy of our loss, and the part you played in ending it. The Hist chose wisely to entrust our troubles to you.
We owe you much already, but I have one last request for you, if you would hear it."
What is it you need?
"Haxara betrayed us in ways beyond my imagining. Iskenaaz is right to be wary, but when I look upon her and her daughter I feel only pity.
You know the truth of this tragedy better that I ever could. It should be you that decides Haxara's fate."
What does the Hist tell you?
"I can sense its relief, the calm of knowing that its children no longer suffer. What that means for Haxara's daughter is unclear.
Our Hist does not answer me about Haxara. I feel its faith in us, so I put my trust in you."
I need to think about this.
Tree-Minder Pavu : "Speak to the others. Return when you have decided."

If you speak to her again, before speaking to the others, she'll tell you more:

"This is not a simple matter, nor a matter to be rushed. Take all the time you need.
Haxara and Iskenaaz will both want to plead their case to you, but I will understand if you do not wish your judgement to be swayed."
How would you punish Haxara for what she's done?
"I can think of no tribe that has had to weigh such a crime. There are many who would put her to death for far less, but that is not the Bright-Throat way.
If we cannot find it in ourselves to forgive, then we will forget. Exile is my answer."
And if I asked for your mercy?
"It is often easier to clip a withered branch for the sake of the whole tree, but with thought and care a troubled limb can regain its strength.
Haxara and her daughter are broken boughs, but they may yet be mended if we make the effort to heal them."
What did you mean when you said you didn't know what the Hist's relief meant for Haxara's daughter?
"There are many interpretations. Charitably, it may mean that she is not ailing as the other hatchlings were, but it is easy to see that she is not whole.
I must consider the alternatives."
What are the alternatives?
"That our Hist does not feel her pain because she is not of our Tree. When I look at her, I do not see a Bright-Throat, or even a Veeskhleel. She is unmarked, tribeless, and her eyes are as blank as her scales.
She may be of no Tree at all."
Meaning what?
"We are born of the Hist, shaped by the Hist, and when we die we return to the Hist to be born and shaped anew. Can the same be said of this one?
Ree-Nakal gave her life, but can one born beyond the Hists' roots possess a soul? I have no answer."
I'm going to speak with the others.

You can either speak to Haxara and Iskenaaz, or you can tell her right then and there that you've made up your mind:

I'm ready to make my decision.
"Then I will hear you, as I hear our chimes. What is our stream's course?"
They pose too great a risk to the tribe.
"Then I will lean on your strength and do what no Tree-Minder ever wishes to do. Haxara will be cut off from Tree and tribe.
I hope she can find the peace she seeks in the wider world."
As do I.
"This is a sad day for our tribe, but we will endure thanks to you. You are always welcome among the Bright-Throats for the aid and discretion you offered us today.
Please, put aside our troubles and your own. You've earned rest."
You should accept them back to the tribe.
"I feared I was being sentimental, but I am relieved to hear you offer them compassion.
The Bright-Throats have always navigated treacherous waters by linking arms and unifying our strength. Today shall be no different."
I wish you the best.
"There will always be a place among our tribe for these two, and for you, beeko. I would be honored to call you root-kin for what you've done for our tribe.
Make yourself at home here. You have earned a rest."


If you decided to let Haxara and Tlaiuhticah stay in the village, you'll hear:

Tree-Minder Pavu : "Come, Haxara, we have ignored your pain for too long. Now it is our pain, and we will overcome it together."
Haxara : "Come, my love. Let's go home."

After completing the quest, she'll say:

"It will be a long time before the tribe accepts them. Even Bright-Throats have limits to their trust. I am hopeful that we will all grow stronger from this ordeal."


Tree-Minder Pavu: "Haxara, you have done the unthinkable. Whether you intended to or not, you have harmed our Hist and our tribe. For your crimes, I banish you from our land. Go in peace, but never return."
Haxara: "Come, my love. We aren't home yet... but we will be soon."

Speaking with her after the quest:

"It pains me to deny the Hist to one of our own, but the rotting root is a danger to the whole tree.
Haxara will have to find her way in the wider world."
I hope this will be the end to the Bright-Throats [sic] troubles.

Root-Whisper Tribe[edit]

Tree-Minder Pavu will be one of the visitors to Root-Whisper Village to witness the reawakening of the Hist tree.

"A Hist reawakened. What a remarkable event!"