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The Erabenimsun Tribe banner
"The Erabenimsun are quite war-loving. They are seen as greedy and cruel by their fellow Ashlanders and are believed to not have respect for many Ashlander customs. They care little about prophecy, history, and lore, so the Wise Woman has little power in this tribe. Erabenimsun is also typically the most heavily armed and armored. They are warriors first and foremost, valuing strength above all else." — Ulran Releth, "Ashlander Tribes and Customs"

The Erabenimsun Tribe is one of the four distinct tribes of the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. The Erabenimsun are very war-like and intolerant to outlanders and even other Ashlanders. They are brutal and hardened warriors that historically live in the region of Molag Amur, in southeast Vvardenfell, which is a very harsh environment.[1] In the rough ashlands, the tribe lives in the Erabenimsun Camp, which is commonly found around the ruined Dwarven city of Nchuleftingth, in narrow canyons. They live in the now and have little care for history and prophecy, and their wise women have little power among them.[1] The Erabenimsun Tribe are known to slaughter banished Dark Elves on sight.[2]


The Erabenimsun Tribe was founded by Shadar Erabenimsun many years ago as one of the First Ashkhans. Shadar's cairn was established just southeast of Ald'ruhn. To gain his blessing, one must offer the weapon of a fallen exile.[2] The Erabenimsun Tribe are the first to make the Nix-Ox into the domestic animal they are today. The legendary Ashkhan, Ashu-Ammu rode one into battle.[3]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Erabenimsun Camp was found south of Nchulefingth, and northeast of Suran. It was on the northern base of Mount Kand. The tribe would occasionally gather at the encampment of Ald'ruhn. The blessing of Shadar Erabenimsun, along with the other First Ashkhans, was what allowed House Dunmer to mingle with the Ashlanders, which would subsequently lead to the founding of the city of Ald'ruhn.[4]

During the Blight outbreak in 3E 427, the Erabenimsun Camp was found near the Zafirbel Bay, near the region of Azura's Coast. The Ashkhan of the Erabenimsun was Ulath-Pal, whose circle of Gulakhans brought fear and violence to the Erabenimsun, seeking to instigate war with the other tribes. The previous Ashkhan, Airan-Ammu made the tribe more arrogant and bold.[5] At the time, the Nerevarine had appeared on Vvardenfell, working with the Urshilaku Tribe in fulfilling the Nerevarine Prophecy. However, because of Ulath-Pal, and his council's arrogance, the Nerevarine would not be able to receive the tribe's blessing. With no other choice, the Nerevarine defeated Ulath-Pal, and the Gulakhan, Han-Ammu, the more peaceful one, became the new Ashkhan. In the end, the Nerevarine was acknowledged by the Erabenimsun, and awarded the Seizing of the Erabenimsun.[6]

Known Ashkhans[edit]

  • Shadar Erabenimsun
  • Ashu-Ammu
  • Airan-Ammu
  • Ulath-Pal
  • Han-Ammu


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