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Manirai (manirai)
Home Town Erabenimsun Camp
House Wise Woman's Yurt
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 16 Class Wise Woman Service
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Gold 75 Mercantile Novice (10)
Other Information
Health 94 Magicka 112
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Essential Yes
Faction(s) Ashlanders Guide(Guide)

Manirai is the Wise Woman for the Erabenimsun Tribe of Ashlanders, and can be found in her yurt in the camp. Of the four Wise Women for the major Ashlander tribes, she seems the most powerless compared to the male leaders of the tribe. Some intervention on your part might change this, as well as getting the tribe to honor you as the Nerevarine. She has a small selection of ingredients and potions for sale, as well as offering spellmaking services (one of the few non-spell-merchants to do so.) There is a Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle in her yurt if your thievery fingers are twitching.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Erabenimsun Nerevarine: Travel to the Erabenimsun camp in order for them to recognize you as the Nerevarine.

Mages Guild[edit]


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty
Ash Salts 2
Crab Meat 1
Marshmerrow 3
Resin 1
Saltrice 2
random_de_cheapfood_01_ne 15
random_ingredient 24
Cheap Restore Health -3
Potion of Cure Blight Disease 2
Potion of Cure Common Disease -1
Standard Disease Resistance -1
Standard Restore Health Potion -1