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This page provides a list of all creature types in the Elder Scrolls Blades.

Enemy NPCs
BanditsMercenariesNecromancersThalmor AgentsWarmasters
Flame AtronachFrost AtronachStorm Atronach
Black BearBrown BearCave Bear
DragonAncient Dragon (fire)Ancient Dragon (frost)Undead Dragon
Dremora RaiderDremora Warlock
Duelists – Duelists are Arena NPC fighters. Most of them fall in one of the following groups and have the corresponding stats of their level.
Duelist AvengerDuelist BarbarianDuelist FighterDuelist Swordmage
Goblin Casters – Goblins are small humanoid creatures that are weak to bashing damage.
Goblin ApprenticeGoblin ShamanGoblin WizardGoblin Witch DoctorGoblin Fire MageGoblin SorcererGoblin Spirit MasterGoblin Spell Fiend
Quest Specific: Iron Skull ShamanWhite Ghost Shaman
Goblin Warriors – Goblins are small humanoid creatures that are weak to bashing damage.
Goblin SkirmisherGoblin BerserkerGoblin VeteranGoblin Elite
Quest Specific: Iron Skull WarriorRed Fang WarriorWhite Ghost WarriorWhite Ghost Clan Chieftain
Nether LichOutcastLich
Skeevers – Skeevers are giant rat-like creatures that are weak to fire damage, but resist shock and poison damage.
SkeeverVenomfang SkeeverGiant Skeever
SkeletonSkeleton GuardianSkeleton HeroSkeleton KnightSkeleton SentinelSkeleton ChampionSkeleton FiendSkeleton Death Knight
Spiders – Spiders are giant arachnids weak to cleaving and frost damage, but resist slashing, shock, and poison damage.
Forest SpiderGiant Forest SpiderCave SpiderGiant Cave Spider
Quest Specific: The Web Mother
SprigganSpriggan MatronSpriggan Earth MotherSpriggan Forest SpeakerSpriggan Timber CroneSpriggan Moss WitchSpriggan Matriarch
Quest Specific: Corrupt Spriggan
Forest TrollCave TrollAncient TrollSavage TrollBerserker TrollAbyssal TrollPrimeval Troll
Quest Specific: The Troll MotherThe Beast of Gorrham
WightCrypt WightWight LordGravecall WightWight ExalterDread WightWight Reckoner
WispGreat WispMystic WispGrand WispArcane WispSovereign Wisp
WispmotherGreat WispmotherMystic WispmotherGrand WispmotherArcane WispmotherSovereign Wispmother
WolfTimber WolfDire Wolf

Only Found in Quests[edit]

Animated Statues
Animated Goblin StatueAnimated Skeever StatueAnimated Troll StatueAnimated Wolf Statue
Manor GhostTower GhostGhost Wolf

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Physical Elemental
Creature BL-icon-stats-Damage Slashing.png Slashing BL-icon-stats-Damage Cleaving.png Cleaving BL-icon-stats-Damage Bashing.png Bashing BL-icon-SkillCategories-Fire.png Fire BL-icon-SkillCategories-Frost.png Frost BL-icon-SkillCategories-Shock.png Shock BL-icon-SkillCategories-Poison.png Poison
Ancient Dragons (Fire) Weak Resist Resist Weak Weak Resist
Ancient Dragons (Frost) Weak Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Animated Statues Resist Weak Resist Weak Immune
Bandits Resist Resist Weak
Bears Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Dragons Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Dremora Raiders Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Dremora Warlocks Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Duelist Avenger Weak Resist Resist
Duelist Barbarian Resist Resist Weak
Duelist Fighter Resist Resist Weak
Duelist Swordmage Weak Resist Resist
Flame Atronachs Weak Immune Weak Immune
Frost Atronachs Weak Weak Immune Immune
Ghosts Resist Resist Resist Immune Weak Immune
Goblin Casters Weak Resist Weak Resist
Goblin Warriors Weak Weak/Resist Weak/Resist Resist
Liches Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist Resist Resist
Mercenaries Resist Resist Resist Weak
Necromancers Resist Resist Weak
Nether Liches Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist Resist Resist
Outcasts Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Skeevers Weak Resist Resist
Skeletons Resist Weak Resist Weak Immune
Spiders Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist
Spriggans Weak Resist Weak Resist Resist
Storm Atronachs Weak Immune Immune
Thalmor Agents Resist Resist Resist Weak
Trolls Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist
Undead Dragons Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist
Warmasters Weak Resist Resist Weak
Wights Weak Resist Weak Resist Resist
Wisps and Wispmothers Resist Resist Resist Weak Immune Resist
Wolves Weak Resist Resist Resist Weak
Based on their level, Goblin Warriors can resist shock and are weak to frost or vice versa.


Fire Frost Shock Poison
Bashing Trolls Goblin Casters Skeletons Mercenaries Goblin Warriors
Cleaving Spriggans, Wights Spiders Outcasts Warmasters
Slashing Nether Liches Dragons Ancient Dragons, Bears, Dremora, Wolves Mercenaries
Skeevers, Wisps Bandits, Necromancers, Thalmor Agents