Blades:Great Wispmother

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Great Wispmother
Great Wispmother
Can be encountered in the Abyss

Level 35-47
Magicka Health Stamina
+9% Magicka Regeneration
452+(18.846*lvl) 120+(2.67*lvl)
+2% Stamina Regeneration
Damage Armor Rating Block Rating
30+(1.725*lvl) 0 0
AttackAttack Cooldown BlockBlock Cooldown SpellSpell Cooldown AbilityAbility Cooldown
0.35 0.25 1 0.8
Base Attack Damage Types
40%Slashing Damage 60%Frost Damage
Resist Slashing Resist Cleaving Resist Bashing
37.1 37.1 37.1
Weakness to Fire Frost Immunity Resist Shock Resist Poison
14.84 Immune 0 169.6
Spells Abilities

Blizzard Armor (1)
Ice Spike (3)
Frostbite (2)

Quick Strikes (2)

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