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This article is about the Pool of Despair enemies. For the boss, see Corrupted Spriggan.

Corrupt Spriggan
Corrupt Spriggan

Level 9-17
Magicka Health Stamina
+3% Magicka Regeneration
+1% Health Regeneration
+3% Stamina Regeneration
Damage Armor Rating Block Rating
24+(1.8*lvl) 3+(16.28*lvl) 25+(9.473*lvl)
AttackAttack Cooldown BlockBlock Cooldown SpellSpell Cooldown AbilityAbility Cooldown
0.4 0.25 1.25 1.25
Base Attack Damage Types
65%Slashing Damage 35%Poison Damage
Resistances and Weaknesses
Resist Slashing Weakness to Cleaving Resist Bashing
0 6.75 6.75
Weakness to Fire Resist Frost Resist Shock Resist Poison
8.4 61.56 61.56 0
Spells Abilities

Resist Elements (1)
Poison Cloud (1)

Skullcrusher (1)
Dodging Strike (1)

Corrupt Spriggans are a unique type of Spriggan with a rotten yellow appearance. They can only be encountered in Pool of Despair.

Corrupt Spriggan are technically not part of the Spriggan creature group and thus explains their overlapping levels.

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