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Dragons are hostile monsters encountered in the Abyss. As the creatures encountered in the realm are dependent on the level of the character, dragons will start to appear around level 25 along with Dremora Raiders. They may sometimes be encountered alone on a level.


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  • Shulkunaak, a dragon in a secluded grove that helps you defeat Celemaril
  • A fearsome Ancient Dragon from Hammerfell attacks some villages around the Town, though its name is never given. It is involved in its own questline, starting with The Treasure Hunter quest.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Standard dragons are susceptible to slashing frost damage, while ancient dragons are weak to slashing shock damage.

Physical Elemental
Creature BL-icon-stats-Damage Slashing.png Slashing BL-icon-stats-Damage Cleaving.png Cleaving BL-icon-stats-Damage Bashing.png Bashing BL-icon-SkillCategories-Fire.png Fire BL-icon-SkillCategories-Frost.png Frost BL-icon-SkillCategories-Shock.png Shock BL-icon-SkillCategories-Poison.png Poison
Ancient Dragons (Fire) Weak Resist Resist Weak Weak Resist
Ancient Dragons (Frost) Weak Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Dragons Weak Resist Resist Weak Resist
Undead Dragons Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist


High-level Dragons drop the following in the Abyss:

Related Quests[edit]

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