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If you ever need a hand[edit]

Hi Lurlock! I've noticed this sandbox a while ago and checking it a few hours back I noticed several people missing in already existing trees, as well as missing families. While you (or someone else) would've probably added them sooner or later, I'm guessing helping a bit can't hurt! Here's the list of people I can name:

- Roggvir, Greta's brother (killed when entering Solitude)
- Vignar Gray-Mane, Eorlund's brother
- Alexia Vici, Victoria's mother
- Cosnach, Imedhnain's cousin
- Firir (deceased) and Eydis, parents of Skuli
- Leifnarr (deceased) and Grosta, parents of Gralnach
- Mathies and Indara Caerellia, parents of Lavinia (deceased)
- Lord Harkon and Valerica, parents of Serana

As well as characters who are only mentionned in-game:

- Fjotli (deceased), Torsten Cruel-Sea's daughter
- Fura (deceased), Angeline Morrard's daughter
- Logrolf the Bent (fate unknown, may have become Logrolf the Willful), adoptive father/caretaker of Azzada Lylvieve
- Jergen (fate unknown, probably dead at war), (adoptive?) father of Vilkas and Farkas
- Hrolfdir (deceased), brother of Raerek and father of Igmund

There's Vighar, who is a distant ancestor of Dengeir; however, we do not know exactly how many generation separate them.

I also have an idea for a rather odd tree, that is: Lucan Valerius, brother of Camilla Valerius, lover of both Faendal and Sven, son of Hilde. However it might be problematic to make a tree of this, as giving her a brother and two lovers is not possible without modifying your system a bit.

Aaaaand I think that's it. Hope it saved you some time, at least! Elakyn (talk) 08:05, 27 February 2013 (GMT)