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Maybe now that I'm an admin, I might want to tell a bit about myself. I am fascinated by biology (plants, animals, diseases, etc) in and outside the fictional world. I've been lurking the UESP forums for many years before I made an account. It took me even longer to finally help out with editing when I saw that the Legends namespace was far from up-to-date. And after a couple of hundred edits, I fell in love with editing, datamining, guidelines, maintenance, and many other wiki activities.


High Priority[edit]

New Gauntlet rules and rewards
Add location and avatar images to RtCC and IoM quest pages. Add strategy and other info + basic cleanup for all story pages.
Decklists (Practice, Solo Arena, TFH, FotDB, RtCC, IoM)
Add sub-cards to the card database (e.g. Experimental Scroll, Very Experimental Scroll, Archcanon Saryoni, Barbas, Aspect of Hircine).

Low Priority[edit]

Redo creature pages (including the race pages).
Revamp character page.
Completing the individual Card Effects pages.
Premium cards from new client
Concept arts

Small Projects[edit]

Sorting out playmats


Expansion updates (see this checklist)
Patch pages for Legends and Blades
Change the Elder Scrolls Legends to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Needed pages:[edit]

Music (see sandbox 1)
ARG (several out-of-game puzzles that could be completed to find clues for the next expansions: puzzle 1 and puzzle 2. Includes the new lore book The Demon Weapon is Within My Grasp...
Books (just one at the moment)


  1. Legends Music (Got the gamefiles now!) --> HoS added new music
  2. Potential important audio files
  3. Alt hover images
  4. Graph test
  5. Flowchart test
  6. Deck codes
  7. Solo Arena overhaul
  8. Character overhaul
  9. Template tests
  10. Attribute and Class list
  11. Imagemap test
  12. Quest format test
  13. Building a template
  14. To test my own templates
  15. Building a template 2.0
  16. Card Art
  17. Daggerfall Misc Item tests

Templates and Links:[edit]

My Templates[edit]

Legends Audio
Legends Audio 2
Legends Table
Incomplete Decklist
Legends Card Data 2
Legends Opponent Summary
Legends Deck Summary

Templates to remember[edit]

LG Attribute Icon
Legends Set Summary
Legends Sets
Legends Effect Summary
Legends Quest Header
Legends Character
Legends Card Summary
Legends Card Data
Legends NPC Summary
Legends Opponent Entry
Legends Patches

Important Links[edit]

Legends Card Data
Legends Raw Data
Legends Namespace Completion Project
Category:Incomplete Decklist Pages
Category:Legends Pages Needing Images
Card Templates for GIMP
Content3 Upload

Card Effects in Legends[edit]

Other Effects:
ActivateBattleBeast FormChangeCoverEquipIndestructibleHealLast GaspMovePilferProphecySacrificeShackleShoutSilenceSlaySummonTransformUnsummonWoundedAssembleTreasure HuntRallyBetrayPlotExalt