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For the game mode, see Story.

Card Effect
First Appearance Houses of Morrowind
Card Appearance Creatures
Description When you play a card with a Plot ability and you have previously played another card on the same turn, a bonus effect is triggered.
Statistics Strength 4Willpower 4Agility 3Triple Attribute 1
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Plot is a card effect that can be found on Creatures in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Houses of Morrowind expansion. When you play a card with a Plot ability and you have previously played another card on the same turn, a bonus effect is triggered.

Cards with Plot[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Balmora Puppeteer Balmora Puppeteer Creature (Dark Elf) StrengthWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu 2 2 2 2Rare Rare Plot: +1/+1 for each other card you've played this turn.
Camonna Tong Heavy Camonna Tong Heavy Creature (Orc) Strength Strength 5 4 3 2Rare Rare Plot: Unsummon a creature in this lane with less power than Camonna Tong Heavy.
Chodala's Treachery Chodala's Treachery Action Willpower Willpower 9 4Legendary Legendary Destroy a creature.
Plot: Steal the creature instead.
Crassius' Favor Crassius' Favor Action Willpower Willpower 2 2Rare Rare Summon two 1/1 Imperial Grunts to a lane.
Plot: Gain 1 health for each friendly creature in that lane.
Glass Greaves Glass Greaves Item Agility Agility 1 1Common Common +1/+1
Plot: Reduce the cost of a random card in your hand by 1.
Hlaalu Sharpshooter Hlaalu Sharpshooter Creature (Nord) Strength Strength 3 2 3 3Epic Epic Plot: Silence a creature, then deal 1 damage to it.
Kwama Queen Kwama Queen Creature (Kwama) Willpower Willpower 5 4 4 3Epic Epic Plot: Summon a 1/1 Kwama Forager in each lane.
Other friendly Kwama have +1/+0.
Lower Canton Smith Lower Canton Smith Creature (Dark Elf) Strength Strength 3 2 2 1Common Common Plot: Equip a friendly creature with a +2/+2 Steel Scimitar.
Moonmoth Castellan Moonmoth Castellan Creature (Imperial) Willpower Willpower 4 4 3 1Common Common Guard
Put a random Guard into your hand.
Sharp-Eyed Ashkhan Sharp-Eyed Ashkhan Creature (Dark Elf) Strength Strength 6 6 6 4Legendary Legendary Plot: Discard your hand, then draw three cards.
Suran Pawnbroker Suran Pawnbroker Creature (Dark Elf) Agility Agility 2 2 3 2Rare Rare Plot: Put a random 0-cost card into your hand.
Twin Lamps Consul Twin Lamps Consul Creature (Argonian) Agility Agility 3 2 4 1Common Common Plot: Lethal and Guard.