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In order to continue playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends you will have to have the latest patch, which is usually installed automatically. As an online game, patches are applied regularly and may be ahead of this page.

Patch History[edit]

Note: This list does not cover closed beta patch history.

Latest Version: 2.9[edit]

Released on April 15, 2019.

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! This release brings with it our highly anticipated Alliance War expansion with over 100 new cards!

Alliance War is Here![edit]

The Alliances are at war and the Ruby Throne sits empty. It's time to battle for the Empire in our latest card pack expansion featuring:

New Mechanics[edit]

Empower: When your opponent takes damage, actions with Empower increase in effect for the turn. Expertise: At the end of your turn, if you played an action, item, or support, creatures with Expertise get a bonus effect. Mobilize: You can play an item with Mobilize to an empty lane. When you do, summon a 1/1 Recruit and equip the item to it. Veteran: After a creature with Veteran first attacks and survives, get a bonus effect.

Arena Updates[edit]

The Alliance War comes to Arena! The class selection choices will always include at least one three-attribute Alliance, cards from Alliance War and Isle of Madness appear at a much higher frequency, and we have updated the list of cards that are curated out of Arena. More details on the Arena updates are available here.

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects[edit]



  • The Android mobile client now contains all game data within the initial app download. After the 1.5 GB app is downloaded and opened, it will appear to download a full set of 1100+ bundles, but this is just the process of cleaning up the bundles that are no longer needed on the user's device. This will affect all Android users, allowing new players to download the entire game in the background instead of requiring the app to remain open for the duration.
  • Permanent shackle VFX no longer cover the cost counters of Haskill or Seducer Darkfire.
  • Keywords re-applied after being removed/stolen are now immediately granted both visually and mechanically.
  • The Guard keyword on Skinned Hound is now bolded and consistent with Guard on other cards.
  • The Slay and Pilfer icons no longer persist on creatures that were given Crusader's Assault while Skooma Underboss and Master of Thieves are in play.
  • Stendarr's Hammer will now display buffs in its card description.
  • Actions that have had their cost reduced by Morag Tong Nightblade's slay ability now receive an appropriate tooltip when hovering over the card.


  • The entire UI has been re-colored and stylized, in preparation for a larger UX overhaul coming in the future.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing chat messages on mobile to overlap each other, becoming impossible to read.
  • It is now possible to view your discard pile when minimizing the "Choose a card" prompt associated with Merchant's Camel, Shadowmarking, and Mudcrab Merchant.
  • Abomination creatures no longer lose their name or text description when destroyed and sent to the discard pile.
  • The Match History now displays attribute icons in the correct order for every match.
  • Card rewards no longer display as a white box or texture map on the Daily Rewards preview window.
  • Murkwater Scourge's art is now properly positioned in Deck view.
  • The collision boxes for all 8 emotes have been enlarged, removing all dead space between each choice.
  • The "All Items Owned" text no longer extends beyond the border in any language.
  • The loading screen tip box now shows tips the moment the screen is visible.
  • The "Kicked by Player" message prompt now has an OK button.
  • The alternate art for Lightning Bolt is now correctly labeled as "Grand Melee – December 2017" in the Collection.
  • The alternate art for Morkul Gatekeeper is now correctly labeled as "Grand Melee – May 2018" in the Collection.
  • Fixed an issue that was temporarily displaying the player's card back as the default one at the beginning of every match.
  • The "New" icon for newly obtained cards is now more visible with a different color treatment.
  • Bangkorai Butcher's card text now contains the word "Orc" in Portuguese.
  • Soul Tear no longer lists all levels of the shout in the card text in Polish and Portuguese.


  • Versus Arena will now award Alliance War packs as a base reward. Additional packs earned no longer have a chance to be Skyrim packs.
  • Three-win victory rewards updated to grant cards from Alliance War instead of Morrowind.