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First Appearance Core Set
Card Appearance Creatures, Items
Description When a card with Drain deals damage on your turn, you also gain that much health.
Statistics Willpower 4Agility 10Endurance 7Dual Attribute 3Triple Attribute 3
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Drain is a keyword that can be found on Creatures and Items in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Core Set. When a card with Drain deals damage on your turn, you also gain that much health (also referred to as life).
The health gain also works when the creature is given an item or action that adds the ability to do instant damage. This makes Drain an easy way to gain back health when you are on the brink of death and can be used to stabilize your board control in the later stages of the match. To gain back health without destroying the opponent's Rune and possibly trigger their Prophecies, attacking a defending creature can be a better alternative. Drain is predominantly associated with Agility and Endurance and in a lesser extent with Willpower. Creatures with the keyword can be recognized by their Drain icon at the bottom of the card.


  • Battle: All damage dealt in Battle will also be gained in health.
  • Ward: Warded creatures absorb all incoming damage and no health gain will occur.

Cards with Drain[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Ageless Vampire Ageless Vampire Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 5 5 5 2Rare Rare Drain
Apex Wolf Apex Wolf Creature (Wolf) Willpower Willpower 6 4 4 3Epic Epic Breakthrough, Drain
Last Gasp: Draw the top creature of your deck and give it Breakthrough and Drain.
Ayrenn, Dominion Queen Ayrenn, Dominion Queen Creature (High Elf) IntelligenceWillpowerAgility Aldmeri Dominion 8 6 6 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Summon: Draw a random action from your discard pile.
When you draw an action on your turn, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Barrow Stalker Barrow Stalker Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 2 2 3 2Rare Rare Drain, Guard
Black Hand Messenger Black Hand Messenger Creature (Dark Elf) IntelligenceAgility Assassin 3 0 2 3Epic Epic Drain
Summon: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Last Gasp: Deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Blighted Werebat Blighted Werebat Creature (Beast) Agility Agility 5 4 4 3Epic Epic Drain
At the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Brynjolf Brynjolf Creature (Nord) Agility Agility 5 4 5 4Legendary Legendary Drain
When a friendly creature Pilfers or Drains, gain 1 magicka this turn.
Cheydinhal Sapper Cheydinhal Sapper Creature (Imperial) Willpower Willpower 1 1 3 1Common Common Drain
Clockwork Scorpion Clockwork Scorpion Creature (Fabricant) Agility Agility 6 3 7 1Common Common Drain, Lethal
Dagoth Ur Dagoth Ur Creature (God) StrengthIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth 12 8 8 4Legendary Legendary Breakthrough, Charge, Drain, Guard, Lethal, Ward
Dark Seducer Dark Seducer Creature (Daedra) Endurance Endurance 8 7 7 3Epic Epic Drain, Guard
Dark Seducer Drains on both turns.
Death Scythe Death Scythe Action IntelligenceAgilityEndurance House Telvanni 1 3Epic Epic Drain
Deal damage to a creature equal to the number of creatures that died this turn.
Dominion Battlereeve Dominion Battlereeve Creature (High Elf) IntelligenceWillpowerAgility Aldmeri Dominion 3 3 3 2Rare Rare Drain
Summon, Last Gasp, and Slay: Deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Ebonheart Oracle Ebonheart Oracle Creature (Imperial) Willpower Willpower 5 3 5 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Double the amount of health you gain.
Gateslayer Axe Gateslayer Axe Item Neutral Neutral 2 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Last Gasp: Return Gateslayer Axe to your hand.
Giant Bat Giant Bat Creature (Beast) Agility Agility 3 2 2 1Common Common Charge, Drain
Golden Initiate Golden Initiate Creature (Daedra) Willpower Willpower 3 3 3 1Common Common Prophecy, Drain
Grim Shield-Brother Grim Shield-Brother Creature (Werewolf) Endurance Endurance 3 3 4 1Common Common Drain
Hand of Dagoth Hand of Dagoth Creature (Ash Creature) StrengthIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth 5 5 4 3Epic Epic Breakthrough, Drain, Ward
Imbued Khajiit Imbued Khajiit Creature (Khajiit) Willpower Willpower 3 2 4 1Common Common Drain
When Imbued Khajiit is Consumed, give the consuming creature +1/+1 and Drain.
Mehrunes Dagon's Seducer Mehrunes Dagon's Seducer Creature (Daedra) Willpower Willpower 4 3 6 2Rare Rare Breakthrough, Drain
Moonlight Werebat Moonlight Werebat Creature (Beast) Agility Agility 4 4 2 3Epic Epic Prophecy, Drain
Night Shadow Night Shadow Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 6 6 5 3Epic Epic Breakthrough, Drain
Night Talon Lord Night Talon Lord Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 9 8 8 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Slay: Summon the slain creature.
Nix-Hound Fabricant Nix-Hound Fabricant Creature (Fabricant) Agility Agility 4 3 3 1Common Common Drain
Summon: If you have a Neutral card in play, Shackle an enemy creature.
Palace Prowler Palace Prowler Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 1 1 1 1Common Common Drain
Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
Protector of the Mane Protector of the Mane Creature (Khajiit) WillpowerAgility Monk 5 4 4 3Epic Epic Drain, Guard
When you gain health, Protector of the Mane gains +1/+1.
Quarra Clan Bloodkin Quarra Clan Bloodkin Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 2 1 5 1Common Common Drain
Queen Barenziah Queen Barenziah Creature (Dark Elf) IntelligenceAgility Assassin 4 6 3 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Summon: Give all other friendly creatures in this lane Guard.
Quin'rawl Burglar Quin'rawl Burglar Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 6 4 4 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Pilfer: +4/+4
Redoran Forerunner Redoran Forerunner Creature (Dark Elf) StrengthWillpowerEndurance House Redoran 2 1 1 2Rare Rare Charge, Drain, Ward
Risen Fabricant Risen Fabricant Creature (Fabricant) Neutral Neutral 5 5 5 1Common Common Drain
Smuggler Underboss Smuggler Underboss Creature (Breton) StrengthWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu 4 4 3 3Epic Epic Drain
At the end of your turn, if you played three cards this turn, Smuggler Underboss is immune to damage until your next turn.
Undying Dragon Undying Dragon Creature (Dragon) Willpower Willpower 6 5 5 4Legendary Legendary Drain
+5/+5 while you have 30 or more health.
Vivec City Pilgrim Vivec City Pilgrim Creature (Nord) Willpower Willpower 2 2 2 1Common Common Drain
Exalt 3:
Volkihar Lord Volkihar Lord Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 9 7 7 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Voracious Spriggan Voracious Spriggan Creature (Spriggan) Agility Agility 1 2 1 1Common Common Drain
Will-o-the-Wisp Will-o-the-Wisp Creature (Spirit) Agility Agility 2 3 2 1Common Common Drain

Cards associated with Drain[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Auridon Paladin Auridon Paladin Creature (High Elf) Willpower Willpower 4 4 4 1Common Common When you play an action, Auridon Paladin gains Drain this turn.
Bloodline Outcast Bloodline Outcast Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 7 7 7 1Common Common When a creature dies, Bloodline Outcast gains Drain this turn.
Clockwork Dragon Clockwork Dragon Creature (Dragon) Neutral Neutral 5 4 4 3Epic Epic Summon: If Clockwork Dragon is in the left lane, +2/+0 and Drain. Otherwise, +0/+2 and Guard.
Daedric Titan Daedric Titan Creature (Daedra) Agility Agility 5 6 4 3Epic Epic While you have another creature in each line, Daedric Titan has Drain and your opponent can't target it with actions.
Dark Mane Dark Mane Creature (Khajiit) WillpowerAgility Monk 2 2 3 3Epic Epic When you summon a creature in this lane, if it's full, Dark Mane moves.
When Dark Mane moves, it gains +2/+0 and Drain this turn.
Dominion Oathman Dominion Oathman Creature (High Elf) Agility Agility 1 2 2 1Common Common Summon: If you have a...
Willpower card in play, Drain.
Intelligence card in play, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Doomfang Ally Doomfang Ally Creature (Reachman) Neutral Neutral 3 3 3 2Rare Rare Summon: If the top card of your deck is...
Strength: +2/+0
Intelligence: Ward
Willpower: Drain
Agility: Lethal
Endurance: +0/+2
Monk's Strike Monk's Strike Action WillpowerAgility Monk 4 2Rare Rare Move a friendly creature and give it +3/+0 and Drain this turn.
Moonphase Suthay Moonphase Suthay Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 3 2 2 1Common Common Wax: +1/+1 and Drain.
Wane: Draw a card.
Pillaging Tribune Pillaging Tribune Creature (Imperial) Willpower Willpower 5 5 4 3Epic Epic Summon: Give a friendly creature Drain this turn.
Ravenous Hunger Ravenous Hunger Creature (Daedra) Willpower Willpower 2 4 1 3Epic Epic Summon: Gains Drain if there is an enemy creature in this lane.
Ruthless Freebooter Ruthless Freebooter Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 2 2 2 1Common Common Treasure HuntDrain: +1/+1 and Drain.
Treasure HuntLethal: +1/+1 and Lethal.
Snake Tooth Necklace Snake Tooth Necklace Item Agility Agility 2 2Rare Rare +1/+1
Summon: Give the wielder Drain this turn.
The Ultimate Heist The Ultimate Heist Action Agility Agility 12 3Epic Epic Costs 3 less for each time you've Pilfered or Drained this turn.
Deal damage to your opponent destroying their front rune. Steal the card drawn from the rune. If it's a Prophecy, you may play it for free.