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Map of Skyrim
Map of Skyrim (German)
A map of SolstheimDB

This page provides information on various maps concerning The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

General Maps[edit]

Skyrim Satellite Map — Our high resolution Skyrim map using the Google Maps API.
Old Skyrim Satellite Map — An older version of our map, compatible with the Steam Overlay, with semi-reliable resource markers not present in the newer map
Dragonborn Satellite Map — Our high resolution Solstheim map using the Google Maps API.
UESP Skyrim roadmap — A simplified guide to Skyrim's many paths and tracks, as a flat image. Select locations are marked.
GameBanshee's Skyrim Map
Skyrim Interactive Map with all locations
Modmapper: interactive map of all Skyrim SE mods
Concept Map — Planned map layout before production
Early Development Map — Progress map with notes early in development
Late Development Map — Progress map with different notes later in development


These are the icons used on the in-game map.
On the compass and map, white locations are places you have previously visited (and therefore may fast travel to), and those in black are undiscovered. Only the icons of places you've been to or you've heard about will show up on your map.






Icon Description
Camp Camp
Cave Cave
Clearing Clearing
Docks Dock
Doomstone Standing Stone
Dragon Lair Dragon Lair
Dwemer Dwarven Ruin
Farm Farm
Fort Fort
Giant Camp Giant Camp
Icon Description
Grove Grove
Imperial Camp Imperial Camp
Imperial Tower Imperial Tower
Landmark Landmark
Lighthouse Lighthouse
Mine Mine
Nordic Dwelling Ruin
Nordic Ruin Nordic Ruin
Nordic Tower Nordic Tower
Orc Stronghold Orc Stronghold
Icon Description
Pass Pass
Settlement Settlement
Shack Shack
Shipwreck Ships/Shipwrecks
Shrine Daedric Shrine
Stable Stable
Stormcloak Camp Stormcloak Camp
Town Town
Wheat Mill Wheat Mill
Wood Mill Wood Mill
Icon Description
Dawnstar Dawnstar
Falkreath Falkreath
Markarth Markarth
Morthal Morthal
Riften Riften
Solitude Solitude
Whiterun Whiterun
Windhelm Windhelm
Winterhold Winterhold
Icon Description
Blue Palace Blue Palace
College of Winterhold College of Winterhold
Dragonsreach Dragonsreach
Mistveil Keep Mistveil Keep
Palace of the Kings Palace of the Kings
Understone Keep Understone Keep
Hendraheim HendraheimCC
Icon Description
SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png All-Maker Stones
SR-mapicon-Raven Rock.png Raven Rock
SR-mapicon-Telvanni Tower.png Tel Mithryn
SR-mapicon-Temple of Miraak.png Temple of Miraak
Icon Description
SR-mapicon-To Skyrim.png To Skyrim
SR-mapicon-To Solstheim.png To Solstheim


  • In each Longhouse or Palace used by the Jarls there is a map depicting the present political climate in Skyrim. The red icons mark the current Imperial Legion-aligned settlements and forts, while the blue flags mark Stormcloak-aligned areas. The flags are meant to update when a hold changes hands, but occasionally they do not change.
    • Pressing "Activate" on any interactable part of this map will show its location on your map if you haven't discovered it yet.
    • An additional map without any map markers can be found in the basement of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.


  • Your current area will occasionally be shown as a blue rectangle when zooming out to the world map.
  • Areas of the local map that were previously mapped may unmap themselves. The unmapped areas will be in rectangular shapes.

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