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SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png This page lists all the Nordic ruins in Skyrim.

Concept art of Nordic Ruins
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Angarvunde — A large Nordic ruin at the foot of the mountains directly west of Riften and slightly northwest of Avanchnzel. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Ansilvund — A medium-sized Nordic ruin northeast of Shor's Stone and north of Riften. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Arcwind Point — A small outdoor Nordic ruin located at the southern edge of Skyrim, south of Ivarstead. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Bleak Falls Barrow — A medium-sized Nordic ruin west of Riverwood. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Blind Cliff Bastion — A medium-sized cave southwest of Karthwasten along the banks of the Karth River occupied by Forsworn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Bloodskal BarrowDB — A small Nordic ruin north of Raven Rock inhabited by reavers. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Bromjunaar Sanctuary — A hidden location that can be reached by equipping the wooden mask while inside a building in Labyrinthian.
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Champion's RestCC — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located in the Rift, east of Shor's Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Dead Men's Respite — A medium-sized Nordic ruin southwest of Morthal containing draugr and frostbite spiders. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Deepwood Redoubt — A large Nordic ruin west of Solitude and far northeast of Markarth containing Forsworn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Dustman's Cairn — A medium-sized Nordic ruin northwest of Whiterun. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Folgunthur — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located southeast of Solitude. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Forelhost — A large Nordic ruin on a peak southeast of Riften which contains a word wall for the Storm Call shout. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Frostmere Crypt — A medium-sized Nordic ruin south-southwest of Dawnstar and north-northeast of the Lord Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Geirmund's Hall — A small Nordic ruin east of Ivarstead containing draugr, frostbite spiders, and skeevers. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Gyldenhul BarrowDB — A small Nordic ruin containing the spirit and treasure of Haknir Death-Brand. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Hag Rock Redoubt — A small Nordic ruin located south of Markarth. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Hag's End — A small Nordic ruin with a few magic users present (witches, hags, and hagravens). (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png High Gate Ruins — A medium-sized Nordic ruin directly west of Dawnstar, a short distance east of the Wreck of the Icerunner. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Hillgrund's Tomb — A small Nordic ruin where the Hillgrund family dead are interred. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Ironbind Barrow — A small Nordic ruin which contains a word wall for the Become Ethereal shout, and the tomb of a long dead warlord. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shrine.png Kilkreath Ruins — A large ruined temple dedicated to Meridia situated below the Statue to Meridia. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Kolbjorn BarrowDB — A medium-sized Nordic ruin southeast of Raven Rock containing draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Korvanjund — A medium-sized Nordic ruin northeast of Whiterun. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Labyrinthian — A sprawling Nordic ruin in Hjaalmarch, containing the entrances to several indoor dungeon areas. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Lost Valley Redoubt — A massive Nordic ruin inhabited by Forsworn and hagravens. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Ragnvald — A medium-sized Nordic ruin north of Markarth containing draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Rannveig's Fast — A small Nordic ruin in the mountain range in northern Whiterun Hold and just south of Morthal. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Saarthal — A medium-sized Nordic ruin southwest of Winterhold. (map)
Shalidor's Maze — A section of Labyrinthian. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Shriekwind Bastion — A small Nordic ruin overlooking Falkreath to the north. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Shroud Hearth Barrow — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located just northeast of Ivarstead. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Silent Moons Camp — A small Nordic ruin located northwest of Whiterun and inhabited by bandits. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Silverdrift Lair — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located east-southeast of Fort Dunstad and northwest of Nightgate Inn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Sivdur's RespiteCC — A Nordic ruin located north of Windhelm. (map)
Skuldafn — A sprawling dragon-infested ruin containing a portal to Sovngarde guarded by a dragon priest.
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Snow Veil Sanctum — A medium-sized Nordic ruin north-northeast of Windhelm containing draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Twilight Sepulcher — The location of the Pilgrim's Path and main entrance to Nocturnal's Ebonmere portal, resting place for the Skeleton Key. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Ustengrav — A medium-sized Nordic ruin northeast of Morthal containing draugr, warlocks, bandits, skeletons, and frostbite spiders. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Vahlok's TombDB — A medium-sized Nordic ruin south-southeast of Thirsk Mead Hall containing corrupted shades and draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Valthume — A large Nordic ruin where ancient knowledge awaits and the restless dead still battle. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Volskygge — A medium-sized Nordic ruin west of Solitude in the coastal mountains, situated between Deepwood Redoubt and Lost Echo Cave. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Volunruud — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located North-northwest of Whiterun. It contains a word wall for the Aura Whisper shout, as well as the treasure and dead body of the Tongue Chieftain Kvenel. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png White Ridge BarrowDB — A medium-sized Nordic ruin in the northern part of Solstheim inhabited by bandits and spiders. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Yngol Barrow — A small Nordic ruin northeast of Windhelm on the south bank of the White River. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Ysgramor's Tomb — A small Nordic ruin northwest of Winterhold containing Companion ghosts and frostbite spiders. (map)