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Skyrim:Sivdur's Respite

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Nordic Ruin:
Sivdur's Respite
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North of Windhelm, southeast of Stillborn Cave
Sivdur's Respite

Sivdur's Respite is a Nordic ruin located north of Windhelm. The ruins are inhabited by Boethiah cultists. To fully enter the ruins you will need to have Sivdur's Amulet and Magrathi's Skull.

Related Quests[edit]


The two tablets and holders.

The entrance of this area is a cave, with a Nordic ruin entrance being found further in. This Nordic entrance has three Boethiah cultists guarding it, once they are dispatched with, you can read the two etched tablets, with the left etched tablet stating:

"I, Sivdur, warrior and defender of dragons, lie in rest here
My amulet, the symbol of my valor
Place it here so that I may have proof of my deeds in Sovngarde"

The right etched tablet states:

"Forever my nemesis, Magrathi, high priest and slayer of my brother
His skull, the symbol of his betrayal
Place it here, away from his kinsman, so that he may never find peace"

Place Sivdur's amulet on the pedestal to the left of the door and Magrathi's skull on the pedestal to the right of the door in order to proceed. Before leaving the room look to the right of the pedestals for a knapsack and apothecary's satchel to loot.

Head down the stairs to a small room with a set of double doors, two unopened sarcophagi, and some draugr in it. Once they are defeated ignore the double doors for now and pull the chain to open the portcullis on the left side of the room. Directly across from the hall there is a burial urn. Take the hall to the left and you’ll find an alcove with an ancient Nord bow and some arrows, another alcove with some potions, gems, a soul gem, and alchemical ingredients and at the end of the hall you’ll find an expert-level locked chest; the hall to the right leads to another small room with some more draugr in it. You’ll find an urn and a random Spell Tome. Go back up to the previous room and beware the firetrap as you go through the set of double doors. Head down a short flight of stairs and go until you reach a dead end. Pull the chain to open the portcullis on your right to enter a room with a draugr to defeat. You’ll find a soul gem and potion and another urn to loot. Head back across the hall and descend a spiral stairway until you reach a set of iron doors. Don’t forget to check the alcoves for a potion and burial urn to loot along the way. The iron doors lead to Sivdur's Tomb.

Enter the room and take the Goldbrand Katana from the table. Doing this will cause two of Sivdur's honor guards to attack you. Once they are defeated the sword is yours. Loot the boss level chest and urns in the room. There is no shortcut out of the cave so you will need to retrace your steps to leave. Be aware as you leave that when you reach the room with the two unopened sarcophagi they will open and you will need to fight a final two draugr in order to escape the tomb.

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