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ON-icon-skill-Wood Elf-Y'ffre's Endurance.png Y'ffre's Endurance
Line Wood Elf
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 10
Rank II 2 20
Rank III 3 40
Y'ffre's Endurance I: Increases your Stamina Recovery by 86.
Y'ffre's Endurance II: Increases your Stamina Recovery by 127.
Y'ffre's Endurance III: Increases your Stamina Recovery by 258.

Y'ffre's Endurance increases your Stamina Recovery while in combat.


  • Y'ffre's Endurance was added in Update 6, when it replaced Vigor (no relation to the Assault skill of the same name), which had a lower value Stamina recovery effect. Vigor remained as a Redguard skill after Update 6, and was renamed Exhilaration, currently known as Martial Training. Update 21 changed the bonus from percentage-based to flat values, and changed the level requirements from 5, 15, and 30 to 10, 20, and 40.

Patch Notes[edit]

* Vigor: This Wood Elf racial passive's effectiveness has been increased by 50%.
* Y'ffre's Endurance: The Wood Elf racial skill Exhilaration (formerly Vigor) has been replaced with Y'ffre's Endurance, which grants an increase of 7%/14%/21% to Stamina Regeneration while in combat.
* Gain 21% Stamina Recovery → Increases your Stamina Recovery by 258.