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ON-icon-skill-Nord-Rugged.png Rugged
Line Nord
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 25
Rank II 2 35
Rank III 3 50
Rugged I: Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 866.
Rugged II: Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 1732.
Rugged III: Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 2600.

Rugged increases your Physical and Spell Resistance.


  • Prior to Update 21, this ability reduced your damage taken by a percentage instead of increasing your resistances, which has approximately the same effect.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • This Nord passive has changed from an armor bonus to a damage reduction bonus that grants 2% (Rank I), 4% (Rank II), and 6% (Rank III) reduced damage.
    • Reduce Damage Taken is unaffected by Armor Overcharge and effects spell damage as well.
  • This passive now correctly decreases damage taken instead of increasing damage taken.
  • Gain 6% damage reduction → Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 3960.
    • Developer Comment: Nords, similarly to Imperials, are meant to be one of our sturdier races that focus on defensive power more than offensive; and we wanted to improve that feeling while also having the bonuses affect all playstyles. The Health Recovery bonus didn't really fit in the grand scheme of that, so we changed it to a conditional proc of Ultimate generation to better emphasize their readiness for battle. Additionally we changed their unique damage mitigation into our Resistance equivalent, so that it would not be diminished in the same sense; while allowing for new build paths for those who wish to reach the Resistance cap.
  • Reduced the Armor granted from this passive to 2600, down from 3960.