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Danel Telleno
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Danel Telleno

Danel Telleno is a Dunmer and a master craftsman. He will help train you in enchanting, alchemy, and provisioning to earn a certification. You must go to the Danel Telleno that is in your character's faction.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Crafting Certification[edit]

"You must be here to learn a craft, yes? Your alliance covers my considerable fees, allowing me to impart my knowledge at no cost to you.
If you prove yourself, I'll certify you as competent to fulfill crafting writs."
Crafting writs? What are they?
"There is much more I can teach you. What else do you hope to learn from me?"
What can you tell me about provisioning certification?
"A provisioner condenses the essence of ingredients into food or drink. A true artist balances palate with nutrition.
I can share this noble profession, but I can only certify one craft at a time. Understood?"
I want to be certifed [sic] as a provisioner.
"Provisioning is a rewarding, yet grueling profession. "Gruel," you see? I am capable of levity … on occasion.
First, you'll need a recipe and some ingredients. Then, you shall roast a pig."
Do I have to cook roast pig? I'm already a skilled provisioner.
"I know who you are. I know every competitor. I merely wondered if you were humble enough to learn from a master.
Well? Are you?"
No. Certify me as a provisioner.
"Hmph. I had hoped to learn the secret to your trotter pie.
No matter, I'll certify you immediately. You may now fulfill provisioning writs. Try not to poison anyone."
All right, but I know that recipe and have the ingredients to make it.
You'll certify me if I roast a pig?
I'm interested in enchanting certification.
"Enchanters harness the possibility of runes, transforming them into the certainty of glyphs.
I'll teach you, but I can only focus on one certification at a time. Is this agreeable?"
I want to be certifed [sic] as an enchanter.
"Potency, essence, and aspect. All beneath the stars bear these component concepts. When combined they form glyphs, which add enchantments to items.
First, you'll find these component runes. Then, I will have you create a glyph."
I need to create a glyph to be certified?
"Absolutely, for such is the essence of enchanting.
Runes of potency, essence, and aspect are the fundamental components of glyphs. Collect one of each variety before you return."
I already have the runes you're talking about.
"We begin at the enchanting table. There, you will combine a rune of potency, essence, and aspect. This simple puzzle forms a glyph.
Now go, piece them together."
I'll go craft that rune, then.
"Craft a glyph using a rune of potency, essence, and aspect. Return when you have forged intent into form."
Form accomplished. I have the glyph here.
"You should attach it to an item, so you can see the enchantment's effects.
You are now certified to fulfill enchanting writs. May you unravel the secrets of Nirn."
Tell me more about alchemy certification.
"Alchemists are masters of the elixir. They trap magic in a bottle for later use.
But I can only certify you in one discipline at a time. If this is agreeable, we can begin your training."
I want to be certified as an alchemist.
"As with master chefs, every alchemist must assemble the right components before crafting a special concoction. Are you so capable? We shall see.
I require you to locate a solvent and some reagents. Then, you shall craft me a potion."
I need to create a potion to be certified?
"Yes. Every alchemical mixture requires a solvent—a pure liquid base—and reagents, such as herbs and flowers.
Now go, find a solvent and some reagents. Once you have what you need, return to me."
I believe I already have those ingredients.
"Good. Now, go to an alchemy station. Use a solvent and two differing reagents to craft a potion. The reagents must possess common traits, or you'll waste all components.
You see? Alchemy is as simple as pairing like with like."
I'll go craft that potion, then.
"Blend the solvent's purity with the reagents' traits. Return to me when you've crafted a potion."
The ingredients were a good blend. I have the potion here.
"Your potions have a slight fizz to them, but your skill with admixtures is unquestioned … far better than my former apprentice.
You are now authorized to obtain and fulfill alchemy writs. May your elixirs remain potent and your reagents fresh."


If you talk him after completing all of your certifications, you can ask him about himself:

"Mastery of three crafts is its own reward."
I have a few questions.
"Certainly. Please specify."
How did you become a master crafter?
"Decades ago, before all the trouble, I was a renowned chef in Cyrodiil. I had engaged an exclusive contract to provide the Mages Guild in their travels, providing food and drink that wouldn't spoil when carried through portals."
How did you learn enchanting and alchemy?
"Broiling fish, forging glyphs, or mixing potions—it's all recipes and ingredients. I proved the theory when I joined the ranks of the Mages Guild. Mastered both crafts within three years. Not that I'm bragging."
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