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Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Millenith is a Bosmer and a master craftsman. She will help train you in blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking to earn a certification.

She can be found in several cities around Tamriel, the following places are the current known locations of Millenith; near the Fighters Guild Branches in Daggerfall CovenantDaggerfall, Ebonheart PactDavon's Watch, Aldmeri DominionVulkhel Guard, the Canton of St. Delyn the Wise in Vivec City, the Riverside Market in Alinor and the Artisans District in Rimmen.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Crafting Certification[edit]

Once you are eligible to earn your certification, you can approach her to begin.

"You here for crafting certification? Don't worry, there's no cost involved—your alliance covers all my fees.
Once you're certified, they'll let you fulfill the crafting writs. Everyone wins!"
What are crafting writs?
"They're daily requests for crafted goods, but they're only available to certified crafters. If you can show me you know your craft, I'll get you certified."'

Blacksmith Certification[edit]

Clothier Certification[edit]

Woodworker Certification[edit]

After learning all three crafts from her:

"I have nothing left to teach. Have you spoken with Danel Telleno? He can certify you in enchanting, alchemy, and provisioning.
Last I heard, he was in the local Mages Guild."
I have a few questions.


When you speak to her, she can be asked about herself as well as tips on crafting:

"Truly, I never expected to master three crafts."
I have a few questions. / I have some other questions.
"Of course. What do you want to know?"
Is there anything else I should know about crafting?
"I can explain how to craft stronger items with more materials, tell you about the improvement of existing items, or discuss research and traits."
Tell me about crafting with more materials.
"You can easily create more powerful weapons, armor, and shields. Simply increase the amount of refined material during an item's creation.
Of course, each material has its own limits. At some point, it's just waste."
I want to know more about improvement.
"You can greatly improve weapons, armor, and shields with certain rare materials. These materials are unique to each craft."
How does a blacksmith improve weapons and heavy armor?
"Bring any tempers you find to a blacksmithing station. You can improve the quality of forged weapons or heavy armor.
A word of warning—unless you have enough tempers, you can lose your item while improving it. Be sure you know the risks."
How would a clothier improve light and medium armor?
"If you bring tannins to a clothing station, you can improve the quality of light or medium armor.
Be sure you bring enough tannins, or you could lose your item instead of improving it. There's always a risk."'
How can a woodworker improve bows, staves, and shields?
"You'll want to bring resins to a woodworking station and use them to improve the quality of a bow, staff, or shield.
But without enough resins, you risk losing the item in the process. Taking a chance can be very expensive, if you aren't careful."
What can you tell me about research and traits?
"Some weapons, armor, and shields possess rare traits that distinguish them from others. Every kind of item has its own unique set of traits.
Once you research a trait, you will always be able to craft an item of that kind with that particular trait."
How do I research an item's trait?
"Bring any item with a trait to the appropriate crafting station and research it. You'll lose the item in the process, but you'll learn the trait.
The more traits you already know for an item, the longer new traits take to research. Plan accordingly!"
How did you become a master crafter?
"Fair question! I was an apprentice clothier in the Imperial City, but my old fusspot of a master had no plans to retire.
So I joined the Seventh Legion's baggage train. Years of mending battlemage armor helped me perfect my craft."
How did you learn blacksmithing and woodworking?
"Armies need all kinds of weapons and armor. You learn to pick up a few skills along the way.
Also … enemies who capture the baggage train are far more likely to ransom an exceptionally talented crafter. Four times, for me. Don't plan on a fifth."