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Captain Caudex
Home City Imperial City
Location Improvised Garrison, Nobles District
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Imperial Legion
Captain Caudex

Captain Anatolius Caudex is an Imperial soldier of the Imperial Legion found in the Nobles District of the Imperial City. He leads the Immortal Eight, a group of Imperial soldiers who remain loyal to the Empire and have been granted a form of immortality by an Ancient Scroll.

Related Quests[edit]


If you speak to him in the Nobles District after completing the Sublime Brazier, he will say:

"Ah! It's good to see you again. That business in the Cathedral... it makes for quite a story. Too bad we have to take it to the grave.
Feel free to stay here as long as you like. We can always use the help."
What have you been doing since we left the Cathedral?
"Defending the garrison, what else? Protecting the Brazier was a significant victory, but Molag Bal has no intention of leaving quietly. I intend to stay here until every one of these Daedra, cultists, and traitors are dead and buried."
Is the scroll's enchantment still working?
"Couldn't tell you. We haven't suffered any mortal injuries yet―hopefully we keep that streak. Can't afford any losses if we expect to hold this place.
With any luck, Akatosh saved a little favor for us. I guess we'll find out eventually."
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