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ON-icon-achievement-No Ground Given.png No Ground Given
ON-icon-achievement-Return to Sender.png Return to Sender
ON-icon-achievement-Stay Out Of Tamriel.png Stay Out Of Tamriel
Type Character Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Complete [1 / 10 / 30] Dark Anchor contracts for Cardea Gallus.

Stay Out Of Tamriel and its preceding achievements are awarded for completing Dark Anchor contracts for Cardea Gallus. You will be given one of the 15 Alliance zones and told to investigate and clear 3 Dolmens there. Note that while there are indeed 3 Dolmens in every zone, it is not necessary to visit all 3 of them. You may complete the same Dolmen 3 times in a row and get credit for this achievement, or do 1 twice and another once. In fact given the number of players likely to be found at any given Dolmen, it's probably easiest to just stay in one place and wait for it to respawn. Since these daily quests were added, it is now very unlikely that you'll be able to solo a Dolmen, not because of the difficulty but because of the number of people likely to be milling around at these locations waiting to get this achievement.

Zone Quest
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Dark Anchors in Auridon
Grahtwood Dark Anchors in Grahtwood
Greenshade Dark Anchors in Greenshade
Malabal Tor Dark Anchors in Malabal Tor
Reaper's March Dark Anchors in Reaper's March
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Dark Anchors in Alik'r Desert
Bangkorai Dark Anchors in Bangkorai
Glenumbra Dark Anchors in Glenumbra
Rivenspire Dark Anchors in Rivenspire
Stormhaven Dark Anchors in Stormhaven
Ebonheart Pact
Deshaan Dark Anchors in Deshaan
Eastmarch Dark Anchors in Eastmarch
Shadowfen Dark Anchors in Shadowfen
Stonefalls Dark Anchors in Stonefalls
The Rift Dark Anchors in the Rift