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Solve this recent epidemic caused by a number of infected rats in the Temple.
Quest Giver: Mehra Helas in the Temple Courtyard
Location(s): Tribunal Temple, Temple Sewers, Godsreach
Reward: Grace of Almsivi (Restore Health 30 to 80 pts on Self, Restore Fatigue 60 to 100 pts of Self, Cure Common Disease on Self)
Disposition: +50 (Shunari Eye-Fly)
ID: MS_CrimsonPlague
Infected rats infest the temple.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to Gedna Relvel's Tomb.
  2. Talk to Mehra Helas.
  3. Talk to Nerile Andaren.
  4. Deliver a potion of cure common disease to Geon Auline.
  5. Return to Nerile Andaren.
  6. Deliver a potion of cure common disease to Athelyn Malas.
  7. Return to Nerile Andaren.
  8. Attempt to enter the Temple Sewers and talk to Shunari Eye-Fly.
  9. Return to Nerile Andaren and receive a scroll from her.
  10. (Optional) Find Shunari Eye-Fly near the end of the Temple Gardens.
  11. Travel to Gedna Relvel's Tomb in the Temple Gardens.
  12. Kill Gedna Relvel.
  13. Return to Nerile Andaren for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

The quest is initially triggered when you open a locked round metal door and enter Gedna Relvel's Tomb, while exploring the Temple Sewers. Take a few steps forward, and you should see a message pop up that says that you smell something, not quite the smell of death, but of something more. That sets a trigger that allows Mehra Helas to refer you to Nerile Andaren. Ask Mehra Helas in the Temple District about the 'Latest Rumors' and she will tell you of a new disease going around.

Delivering Medicine[edit]

Nerile Andaren, a Temple Healer in the Hall of Ministry, believes that the disease has something do with infected rats. Nerile says that the rumors about the epidemic are greatly exaggerated, but she has a job for you anyway. This is a simple delivery job, where you have to take a potion of cure common disease to Geon Auline in his manor in Godsreach.

When you return to Nerile, however, you find the Hall of Ministry infested with seven infected rats. Kill them all and then talk to Nerile who says that she underestimated recent events and has another favor to ask of you. This time you are to deliver another Cure Disease Potion to Athelyn Malas in the Temple Courtyard. Again, Malas is easily found just outside the temple.

Return to Nerile who has discovered that the recent illnesses are due to the Crimson Plague. The disease was supposedly eradicated in the Second Era, but has reappeared for some reason just now. Something must be done quickly, as the disease spreads and acts rapidly. She asks you to check into the Temple Sewers, to see if you can find where the rats are coming from, and locate the sources of the infection.

Investigating the Source[edit]

When you enter the Temple Basement you'll find Shunari Eye-Fly standing over an unconscious High Ordinator. She will say that she followed you when you previously entered the Gedna Relvel's Tomb. Unfortunately she became sick somehow, and had to knock the guard out when she exited the sewers. Shunari promises to tell you more about the disease, if you cure her and recommends asking Nerile for a spell or a scroll. You can also use any of your Cure Common Disease spells as well. If you talk to Nerile, she will give you a scroll of cure common disease on target. You will meet Shunari again at the end of the Temple Gardens and once she has been cured, Shunari will then tell you about Gedna Relvel, a lich who lives in that tomb. She will also reveal that the true cause of spreading of the disease is you, when you opened that tomb. Shunari tells you that there is a secret entrance to a section of the tomb that Gedna Relvel used, but she does not know how to use it.

The Tomb[edit]

Gedna Relvel

The lich, Relvel, can be found in the area of the same name (Gedna Relvel's Tomb), in the Temple Gardens. If you've explored the area previously during the main quest, you may have discovered a curious set of stone doors in this tomb (opposite the ladder), which couldn't be opened at the time. These doors should be able to be opened, once you've received the journal entry about a Secret Passage with Shunari. The first obstacle is a horde of Skeleton Champions that burst from the room, as it is opened. Once the skeletons have been dispatched, another difficult fight awaits with the Lich that resides deeper in this room. Gedna Relvel is highly magic resistant and casts very powerful spells (in particular, she has one that combines Fire and Frost Damage, and Poison 100-200 pts in 8 ft on Target). Kill her, and loot Robe of the Lich from her corpse. Return to Nerile once the Lich is dead to receive her congratulations and the new power, Grace of Almsivi (Once a day, Restore Health 30 to 80 pts on Self, Restore Fatigue 60 to 100 pts on Self, Cure Common Disease on Self).


  • If you use or lose by mistake one of the potions Nerile Andaren gives to you, you can simply buy or use any other potion of cure common disease. Nerile Andaren herself sell them.
  • Due to a bug, Gedna Relvel will be virtually unkillable at higher levels. See her page for more information, and strategies.
  • In the unpatched version, you must speak with Mehra Helas about Latest Rumors before the An Attack on Mournhold quest. Afterwards, she will only mention the Attack on Plaza Brindisi Dorom and that you were there.
  • Besides a shattered conscience, there are absolutely no negative consequences to you other than a complaint from Shunari Eye-Fly if you finish off the unconscious guard and take his armor and his, otherwise hard to get, Ebony Scimitar (you can get the armor easily from The Thief quest).
  • If you already have a spell of Cure Common Disease on Other, you can cure Shunari Eye-Fly in the basement; this also revives the guard. Shunari Eye-Fly will then give you the information about Gedna Relvel, however you will not get the scroll of cure common disease from Nerile
  • If you kill Athelyn Malas or Geon Auline, Nerile Andaren's disposition towards you drops 50 points.
  • Queststage 70 cannot be obtained, and may be bugged considering its reference to Goval Ralen who is not related to this quest.[verification needed]
  • You can skip all the tedious busywork of Crimson Plague, by completing Crimson Plague's main objective in the course of doing The Shrine of the Dead quest first. The safest way (for your NPC follower, the cowardly Urvel Dulni) is to :
    • Go without Urvel into the sewer system under the Temple and kill everything that moves, with an eye to eliminating Liches and Profane Acolytes in particular (and any members of the Black Dart Gang you may have missed). Clear out every space you can get into. Despatch any Rats while you're down there, and be on the lookout for Infected Rats (they look dead at first, but are lying down, with labored breathing).
    • Identify the location of Relvel's tomb while you're at it. With Urvel in tow after your slaughter-fest (very few things in there respawn, so he should be safe now), the mechanism to open the tomb will now work, even if you have not started the Crimson Plague quest. Tell Urvel to wait outside (Relvel is tough). Kill Relvel, then go cleanse the Shrine of the Dead with Urvel while you're down there. Or you can do that first, then have him help open Relvel's tomb and stay out of the way.
    • Regardless, after Relvel is eliminated and the Shrine is cleansed, you need to A) talk to Mehra, then Nerile, to start then complete the Crimson Plague quest and get the Grace of Almsivi reward (without having to ferry emergency medicine back and forth, or fight rats in the Temple halls); and B) lead Urvel back to Gavas Drin and talk to the latter, to complete The Shrine of the Dead. These conversations can happen in B then A order, if you like.
    • Now proceed to Fedris Hler then back to Gavas Drin to start the Barilzar's Mazed Band quest, which takes you right back into the sewer, to a newly reopened section. The Mazed Band quest must be performed after Crimson Plague, or Crimson Plague cannot be triggered (Mazed Band itself will not trigger until Shrine of the Dead is complete).
    • This exploit/workaround comes at the "cost" of not being able to murder the unconscious Her Hand guard for his gear, since you'll skip that part, too (and the guard will remain conscious). The NPC Shunari Eye-Fly from this quest segment will not appear (and cannot even be consoled in) if you follow the shortcut outlined here (this has no consequences, since the NPC's sole purpose is to provide a quest-related clue). If you badly want the Her Hand armor (a Heavy-class version of Ordinator armor), you'll can get a free set, with a clearer conscience, off an already-dead guard in another Tribunal quest, The Thief, without even facing that quest's "boss".

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Crimson Plague (MS_CrimsonPlague)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I should find Nerile Andaren at the Temple in Mournhold and ask her about the recent outbreak of a disease.
20 Nerile Andaren has asked me to deliver a potion of Cure Disease to Geon Auline at his house in Godsreach.
30 I have delivered the potion to Geon Auline, and should report back to Nerile Andaren.
40 Upon returning to the Hall of Ministry, I found it over-run with infected rats. They have all been killed.
50 Nerile Andaren thanked me for helping to get rid of the rats, and asked that I please deliver a potion of Cure Disease to Athelyn Malas in the Temple Courtyard.
60 I have delivered the potion to Athelyn Malas, and should report back to Nerile Andaren.
70 Nerile thanked me for delivering the potion to Goval Ralen.
80 Nerile Andaren has informed me that the rats are coming into the Temple through the basement. While guards have been posted to deal with them, she would like me to look into it. The rats are infected with a disease called the "Crimson Plague", supposedly wiped out during Tamriel's Second Age.
100 I spoke with a Khajiit named Shunari Eye-Fly. She claims to have information about the disease, but will only give it to me once she has been cured. I must find either a spell or a scroll to cure her disease; I should consult with Nerile Andaren and then meet Shunari in the Temple Gardens of Old Mournhold.
110 I have cured Shunari Eye-Fly.
120 Shunari told me the source of the Crimson Plague in Mournhold is Gedna Relvel, a lich entombed underneath the Temple. I have inadvertently caused the spread of the disease by opening her tomb.
130 Shunari told me of a secret passage within Gedna Relvel's tomb; I must find a rock wall in the bottom chamber and stand in front of it, but I am unsure how to actually open the passage.
140 I have opened the secret passage in Gedna Relvel's tomb; there was a hidden trigger for it in the floor.
150 I have killed Gedna Relvel.
160 Shunari Eye-Fly thanked me for killing Gedna Relvel. I doubt I will see her again.
170 ☑Finishes quest Nerile Andaren thanked me for killing Gedna Relvel, and stopping the Crimson Plague before it could spread further. She has given me the power to heal once a day in exchange for the help I've given her.
200 ☑Finishes quest I have killed Nerile Andaren.