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Gedna Relvel (lich_relvel)
Location Old Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb
Species Lich Soul Grand (300)
Level 40 Type Undead
Other Information
Health 700 (but see "Bugs") Magicka 1000
Alarm 0 Fight 100
Gedna Relvel

Gedna Relvel is a lich that can be found in Gedna Relvel's Tomb in Old Mournhold. In life, she was a powerful sorceress, condemned for studying and practicing forbidden magics. She was laid to rest somewhere under Mournhold many years ago, but nobody realized that she had developed the power to cheat death itself.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Gedna actually has a voice file assigned to her in the construction set. This voice file doesn't play because creatures can't talk like NPC's (they have to be scripted to talk through activators). Her Voice over is located among the Female Dunmer voice overs. She was supposed to say "I smell your blood, mortal." at one point but there is no trigger for this voice over to be used. However, the information for the voice over is in the Construction set still.
  • Gedna also appears in ESO.


  • Due to scripting errors, the lich will not have added bonuses for Magicka and Fatigue based on your level. Instead its Health will be fortified by a total of 800× your character's Level, rather than 100x, as was intended. This makes the lich almost unkillable at higher levels.
  • Strategies to work around this:
    • You can try to defeat her using strong, long-lasting, custom Reflect potions, or wearing enchanted items that give you strong Reflect effect overall.
    • It also helps to have a fast weapon that does some real damage on its own (not just from enchantments), and high (perhaps Fortified) skill with that weapon type. Use Fortify Strength and Endurance, then just pound Relvel quick enough to disrupt most of her attempts to lay nasty magic on you, and to overcome her health regeneration.
    • When she's out of Magicka and wants to just hit you, dance out of the way, zip in to strike, and get out of the way again. Have lots of Restore Fatigue available; being hit directly by Relvel is like being punched by a Terminator, and even a level 50-something PC will see their Fatigue bar drop rapidly from this and from their own exertions.
    • Rely on potions and enchanted items to recover and fortify. Direct spellcasting is too slow for this fight.
    • "Specialization is for insects": This is one time that being a spellcaster with a disdain for melee will get you killed, as will being a fighter who eschews defensive and restorative magic. Same goes for strict thief/assassin roleplay with just a jink dagger. While unintentional, this is a "boss monster" that will really test how well you can work your character's various kinds of power, and compensate for weaknesses.