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Lich king Barilzar

Description: A creature which once was a wizard attempting to gain immortality by capturing his soul in an object, turning him undead. A lich can cast powerful magic and resists various attacks. Liches are rare, but extremely dangerous.
Quote: -
Found: Mournhold underground.
Drops: Iron Shield, Bonemeal and Random Iron Weapon.
Resistant against: Various resistances.
Disease: -

Creature Drops Health Resist Frost Resist Poison Resist Shock Resist Magicka Resist Paralyze Resist Normal Weapons Resist Common Disease Attacks Soul
Iron Shield
Random Iron Weapon
280 100 100 50 - - - 100
  • 20-50 pts melee plus weapon
  • Dire Shockball - Shock Damage 40-50 pts on Target
  • Dread Curse: Health - Damage Health 5-12 pts on Touch
Profane Acolyte
(Old Mournhold: Temple Shrine during The Shrine of the Dead quest)
Gedna Relvel
(Old Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb during the Crimson Plague quest)
Robe of the Lich
700 600*
* This effect (called Gedna's Barrier ability) does not provide any additional benefit beyond 100. Weakness to Magicka is useless in this case, but no more so than at 100, since the spell itself would be resisted by the Resist Magicka.
(Old Mournhold: Abandoned Crypt during the Barilzar's Mazed Band quest)
Daedric Claymore
Barilzar's Mazed Band
500 100 100 50 - 100 100 100
  • 40-60 pts melee plus weapon
  • Harthoon's Heavy Eyes - Blind 100 pts for 10s on Target, Burden 100 pts for 10s on Target
  • Grave Curse: Health - Damage Health 1-4 pts for 10s on Target


These new creatures use models found without the expansion, but with different IDs.

Ancestor Ghost[edit]

Variner's Ghost
Creature Drops Health Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Shock Resist Poison Resist Normal Weapons Resist Common Disease Attacks Soul
Greater Ancestor Ghost
(Old Mournhold)
Ectoplasm 150 100 100 100 100 100 100
  • 1-10 pts melee
Variner's Ghost
(Old Mournhold: Temple Sewers)
nothing 220 - - - - - -
  • 1-10 pts melee

* Variner's Ghost is not hostile. Rather, he gives you a helpful tip during The Black Dart Gang quest.

Dwarven Spectre[edit]

Radac Stungnthumz
Creature Drops Health Resist Normal Weapons Reflect Attacks Soul
Radac Stungnthumz
dwarven ghost_radac
(Bamz-Amschend, Radac's Forge)
Ectoplasm 60 100 20
  • 1-5 pts melee
  • Grave Curse: Luck - Drain Luck 2-4 pts for 60s on Target
  • Grave Curse: Willpower - Drain Willpower 2-4 pts for 60s on Target

* Radac is not hostile, and is in fact required for The Blade of Nerevar quest. Killing him before completing this quest will make it impossible to finish the Main Quest.