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Temple Sewers
# of Zones 9
Undead, Rats, Black Dart Gang
Console Location Code(s)
Old Mournhold: Temple Sewers
Old Mournhold
Old Mournhold, Temple Sewers

The Temple Sewers are an isolated sewer system accessible from the Temple Basement.

Overview of the Temple Sewers

Part of Old Mournhold, the Temple Sewers are mainly neglected and infested with leveled Undead and rats. Accessed through a trapdoor in the Temple basement, there are a number of different areas and catacombs, all with a few enemies and some loot. Some older tombs hold terrible secrets and ancient Liches, that don't take too kindly of being disturbed. The Tribunal Temple has taken a renewed interest in the area. There is a quest that leads to the Shrine of the Dead found here, in which you are to fend off Undead as the priest cleanses the shrine. Rumors state that a dangerous gang is using the sewers as a base.

Areas within the Temple Sewers:

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

Miscellaneous Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Black Dart Adren Male Dark Elf Commoner 40 250 166 0 90 Temple Sewers West
Black Dart Draren Male Dark Elf Commoner 40 277 166 0 90 Temple Sewers East
Black Dart Gilur Male Dark Elf Commoner 40 240 166 0 90 Temple Sewers West
Black Dart Malar Male Dark Elf Commoner 40 250 166 0 90 Temple Sewers West
Black Dart Urvyn Male Dark Elf Commoner 40 277 166 0 90 Temple Sewers West


Temple Sewers[edit]

You can explore the area and find a few things including Variner's Ghost, which is part of a miscellaneous quest. The four deadly members of the Black Dart Gang in the West Temple Sewers (and the one member in the East Temple Sewers) are part of this quest as well. The Abandoned Crypt entrance here appears to be a dead end; although, there is a much larger area beyond the path blocked with rocks (the rocks are cleared at the beginning of the Barilzar's Mazed Band quest.)

Temple Sewers West[edit]

Temple Sewers West
Black Dart hangout

The hideout of the Black Dart gang is in the lowest section on the western end of the sewers near a watery passage.

Abandoned Crypt[edit]

Entrance from temple sewers

Reached through an unlocked door in the Temple Sewers. The crypt is split over two levels joined by a ladder, although it is also possible to jump from one area to another. The area's most powerful inhabitant is Barilzar, a lich who holds a powerful ring.

The entrance to the Abandoned Crypt is blocked by rocks until you're on the quest, Barilzar's Mazed Band.

Temple Sewers East[edit]

Temple Sewers East

Black Dart Draren is hiding at the entrance to the Temple Sewers East and will ambush you on entry. You can continue to the Temple Gardens from the north end of the East Temple Sewers and, from there, to the Temple Shrine at the south end of the Gardens.

Temple Gardens[edit]

Temple Gardens
Entrance to Temple Shrine

Temple Catacombs[edit]

Temple Catacombs
TR-interior-Temple Catacombs 02.jpg

Temple Shrine[edit]

Shrine of the Dead

The Temple Shrine can be accessed through unlocked doors in either the Gardens or Crypt sections of the Temple Sewers. The main feature of the area is the Shrine of the Dead, an altar of the Tribunal that has become corrupted by the Profane Acolytes that now surround it.

Gedna Relvel's Tomb[edit]

Entrance to Gedna Relvel's Tomb

Temple Crypt[edit]


  • An Adamantium cuirass can be found in Temple Sewers West on a ledge in the same room as the boots.
  • A pair of Adamantium boots can be found in Temple Sewers West in a crate marked Malar's Stuff.
  • An Adamantium axe can be found in the Temple Sewers right next to the entrance to the Abandoned Crypt, it's lying in the water behind the rocks next to the door.
  • There are 10 samples of Adamantium ore in the Temple Crypt and 3 samples of Admantium ore in the Temple Catacombs. You should save before mining to maximize the ore you obtain.
  • In the Temple Catacombs, if you levitate to the very top of the chamber near the upper exit, there is a rock you can clip into from above. Once inside it, you'll run up against invisible walls. You'll have to levitate again to get out of the rock the way you came in.


Map of Temple Sewers
Map of Temple Sewers East
Map of Temple Sewers West
Map of Temple Catacombs
Map of Temple Crypt
Map of Temple Gardens